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Charles Dunstone against ‘bullying’ on Big Brother

So, whilst TTH was in Madrid, apparently Charles Dunstone decided to regale the British public with yet more CEO nonsense.

“Our concern has rapidly mounted about the broadcast behaviour of individuals within the Big Brother house.

“We are totally against all forms of racism and bullying and indeed this behaviour is entirely at odds with the brand values of The Carphone Warehouse.

“As a result, we feel that as long as this continues, we are unable to associate our brand with the programme.”

So, what about the bullying tactics of your accounts payable department? Or how your staff simply ignore their customers? How about the telemarketer harassment your company subjected people to just a few months ago? Come on Chuck. Even Caitlan Moran the Independent thought you were trying to shine up your company’s dreadful reputation.

Taken from Everything’s Gone Green

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Charles Dunstone to answer questions in Manchester

It appears Charley is going to be at the GMEX in March. Oddly, I pass the GMEX every day on my way to work….

CARPHONE Warehouse boss Charles Dunstone is expected to be quizzed about his firm’s decision to withdraw sponsorship from Big Brother when he attends Greater Manchester Chamber’s annual dinner, in March.

The company is now the UK’s leading independent communications specialist retailer and has an annual turnover in excess of £2.3 billion.

The Chamber’s annual dinner will be held at the Manchester International Convention Centre. Speakers in previous years have included Ex-Mirror boss, Piers Morgan, Tony Blair’s former spin doctor Alistair Campbell, Mo Mowlam, David Blunkett and TV political commentator John Sergeant.

Sadly it’s unlikely I can afford a ticket. Any of you city councillor types?

Big Brother sponsor is to talk to Chamber

Apologies for the lack of updates guys, Talk Talk Hell was in Spain.

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Charles blog breakdown from Christmas

Did any of you read Candide in high school? It’s about a guy who believes, despite his horrible life, that this is the best of all possible worlds. I can’t help but think perhaps Charles Dunstone is the real life Candide.

As I write, we have well over 500,000 people enjoying free broadband

I’m not sure if ‘enjoying’ is the right term here Charles.

we were unprepared for just how many people wanted to join the revolution. We have therefore spent the summer and autumn scaling up the business and improving our customer service. We undoubtedly still have some way to go until we become best in class, but we have made enormous strides during this time. Most notably, we now have no queues for connection and easy access to our call centres with little waiting to be answered.

This directly contradicts something he wrote to Ian Dewhirst in an e-mail: I would advise you to contact the number in the mornings as we do have peak times where the number may become busy and difficult for you to contact the store.

The process of transferring the lines is done in partnership with BT and does lead to a temporary interruption in service whilst the work is done.

Like, about a month’s interruption. Click the LLU tag for more info.

Thank you for reading this, if you are already a TalkTalk customer, thanks for your patience and support. If you haven’t joined us yet, its really worth thinking about. We still remain the best value telecom and broadband product on the market, and in the past 8 months have learnt a great deal about coping with demand and supporting free broadband.

We had patience with you about 6 months ago. That patience has long been drained. And new customers? It’s a crock, read this blog to see how much their service is ‘improving.’

Read the drivel here

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No Talking with Talk Talk (this is a long ‘un)

Sophia wanted a divert put on to her mobile. Seems simple enough right? I think a lot of people have diverts put on. For example, if I want to divert calls to my land line I use my mobile’s menu. Easy-peasy.

For Sophia, however, it’s been a comedy of terrible errors and possibly… bald lies. Possibly (legal team.) Remember, if all else fails, blame someone else!

I have enough from Talktalk. Yesterday, Talktalk
promised divert my telephone to my mobile, but I
checked many time before I write this email.The call
divert hasn’t been done at all. Talktalk said they
have asked Opal(the telephone engineering company to
re-investigte again the fault). But when my friend
rang Opal, they said Talktalk hadn’t asked them or
given them new ticket to re-investigate my telephone
fault problem. Your so-called manager Pravin M
said he would call me in a couple of days time on 2nd
Jan 2007 to tell me the progress of the problem
solving, but he didn’t call at all. Instead, he bans
my number,
so that I completely can’t get through.
Talktalk is a layer, layer, and layer!!! Talktalk only
knows how to swindle money from its customers.
Talktalk charged me to pay other people’s bill, to pay
a modern which I had returned on Oct 2006, and even I
have no telephone and internet service, talktalk still
charged me money. Talktalk has broken the contract
with me. So, Talktalk has to compensate to me. If I
can’t get compensation as Pravin M agree over the
phone ( I have record). I will take Talktalk to court.

I am here to inform you that close my account and I
will no longer a talktalk customer!

It gets worse than the divert issue.

The horrible timeline:
* 7 December Sophia e-mails customer service regarding her bill stating that:
y November telephone bill has a lot of call to Nigeria,Italy, Belgium,and Germany which I have
never ever called. All those strange calls make the bill from normally £20ish/month to £105/month.
Please check. I think talktalk make a mistake or somebody stole my telephone line. My flatmates and I never did those call

* The response, (no date) from Nasreen M says:
have checked your account and November bill. I can confirm these calls were made from your line as I contacted an internal department to have that investigated into. All the calls displayed on your bill are extracted from your Local exchange and is therefore accurate details.

Like Talk Talk can’t make any mistakes right?

And then later on:
I can see that you have called to report a cross connection on the line and I would advise you to
contact our LLU Team on 0870 0873 527 for further assistance. If you have any further quires, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on the number provided below.

Beyond the spelling mistakes and dreadful grasp of grammar, does anyone think perhaps the crossed line Sophia reported may have something to do with those calls? I could be wrong. Please let me know if I am.

Oh, I get my evidence on December 15th when she replies to the lovely Nasreen. Sophia reported that someone with a number that her and her housemates were receiving calls from a number about 4 digits off from hers. Her theory (probably correct) is that other person, the one with the crossed line, was making the calls. I think that sounds reasonable. She’s also been without phone AND broadband for 7 days at this point.

One more e-mail I don’t have the headers for but was probably recent, says the fault was reported and wait. I’m horrified for Sophia, what a dreadful, awful example of customer service. You know how I asked the question before regarding ‘improvements?’ Well, I have my answer.

Can anyone help Sophia?

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Potential legal action against the Carphone Warehouse?

Would anyone be interested in the below?

Hi, is any Talktalk victims wants to raise legal action against Talktalk? I would like to join. The only thing Talktalk does is swindling money from its customers. They charged me for other people’s telephone bill, a modem which I returned on Oct 2006, and even when I don’t have telephone and internet service because they do nothing to resolve my telephone fault, they still take money from my account! They are cheating !

Any lovely lawyers willing to point us/them in the right direction?

Talk to Sylvia

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Magically disappearing e-mails?

Anyone else have this problem?

Has anyone else logged on today to find they have no emails in their email account?

Not only do I have no emails left in my inbox, but people trying to email me get a “Mail Delivery Failed” message.

Talk to Avril

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Talk Talk’s service improving?

What’s your opinion on this claim?

Remember, as of about 6 months ago the most common complaints were:

1. Billing mistakes
2. Long waits for service (or non-existent service)
3. Trouble cancelling/moving service
4. Frequent connection drops
5. Extremely long hold times
6. Uninformed staff

Carphone Warehouse is to push for more broadband business after claiming a “significant” improvement in its customer services.

The group has been the subject of many complaints after struggling to deal with “unprecedented” levels of demand for its TalkTalk broadband offer, which provided free internet to customers paying £20 a month for a landline phone.

Is this true or more BS?

Carphone Warehouse: pushes TalkTalk service

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More customer service monkeys to service you…. in Irlam

As much as I’m ever so wary regarding any slightly positive moves the Carphone Warehouse may make, this seems promising.

THREE HUNDRED jobs will be created in Greater Manchester with an £8.5m investment by telecoms giant Carphone Warehouse.

Opal Telecom its network operations division will build a new centre at Irlam which will be its national engineering headquarters.

The company already has an office on the Northbank Industrial Park in Irlam, where 200 staff are based. The new building will go up nearby and will be for 500 workers.

Should I apply?

New Carphone centre will create 300 jobs

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More software to solve customer service fiasco

It appears the Carphone Warehouse IT department has a significant budget for purchasing software to help ‘manage’ their ‘relationships’ with their ‘customers.’ Instead of addressing a culture of inaction, or their inadequate communications infrastructure, they buy more software.

TIBCO Software Inc. today announced that The Carphone Warehouse, Europe’s leading independent retailer of mobile phones and services, has chosen TIBCO’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM) solutions to serve as its foundation for an agile and flexible order management and fulfillment platform. This next-generation order fulfillment platform is designed to improve The Carphone Warehouse’s fixed-mobile converged (FMC) services offering and better meet consumer needs while remaining competitive in the fast-paced communications market.

How about actually learning to troubleshoot? Or fulfilling promises made to long suffering customers?

That would be a good start and it wouldn’t cost you a fortune in licenses.

The Carphone Warehouse Dials Up TIBCO for Next-Generation Order Fulfillment Platform

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For some reason, people not taking up their broadband.

Hi guys!

With the exception of moderating comments, Talk Talk Hell was on a bit of a hiatus for a few weeks. Part of that was Christmas excitement and bloat, leaving one only capable of watching various films on Channel 4. Part was ascertaining direction and need. The latter hiatus inducing thought was quickly ruled out by your comments and e-mails. So, I’m back and it looks like things will stay the same… for now.

Any ideas, beyond a petition and the wonderful Observer campaign, to get our message across clearly are appreciated. Just comment or

First, some rather amusing news:

LONDON (Reuters) – Carphone Warehouse (CPW.L: Quote, Profile , Research), Europe’s biggest mobile phone retailer, gave mixed signals on Friday as mobile phone contract sales impressed but fewer people were on its broadband offering than most analysts had expected.

Carphone said it was on track to meet analysts’ full-year forecasts and had connected 540,000 users to its TalkTalk UK broadband offering by the end of the third quarter, of which 132,000 were on its own “unbundled” lines.

I sincerely hope not Dunstone, you delusional person you. One can only hope that potential customers will run for the hills full of fury and fear regarding your service.

Reuters: Carphone gets mixed reception as broadband stalls

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