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E-mail problems round up

Mornin’ guys!

No solutions yet, or at least that I know of. I did a little ping test to last night. Lots of dropped packets and some time outs. That could be indicative of a network problem but could also just mean there was a lot of traffic.

But here’s a rundown of what we’ve received so far.

From Jim: is at

It Pings ok but receiving mail is very spasmodic.

Also tonight the webmail interface seems to be down too ( 0n which can also be pinged)

Better in the mornings? Could it just be the mail servers are suffering under the weight of their customers?

From redman

We too have just started (this week) having a problem receiving email through talktalk. I have found we have been able to receive this morning ( but not tonight) perhaps this is because it is less busy or perhaps it was just a lucky connection!

If it wasn’t so damned expected that Talk Talk would blame the user, it would be tragic.

From tillyann

I, like quite a lot of people by the looks of it, have had awful problems recieving mail this week. To start with it just seemed to be post 4pm (funnily enough about the time most school kids get home and check their mail) but today it has been down most of the day. I have tried through my mail client and also directly through a browser and when I try to connect on the browser I am told I am using the wrong username or password I AM NOT, ITS A PROBLEM WITH TALK TALK’S SERVER!!! I am at the end of my tether after 6 months of TalkTalk hell, I just wish my husband hadn’t just painted his van and used his talk talk email address!

More confirmation of AM: Ok, PM: Not so good.


The Talktalk mail servers have been up at best intermittently in the last few weeks. After midday it always gets worse. The last couple of days however it has been impossible to contact Talktalk’s webservers at any time in the evening. They really are the most incompetent company I have ever come across, with the worst customer service. Dunstone should be ashamed of himself.

Ahhh, this is sad :(. Now is a bad time of year for e-mail to go on the fritz.

From Brian

I have having the same trouble with talktalk email.

Ok through day evening not a chance.

It use to be no trouble at all till this last week now its every night.

Very annoying at this time of the year when i use email to contact the kids regarding mother christmas box.

Possible Solutions

From SteveF

I had similar problems until I did what the screen says: send an email to yourself – BUT not those spanking new accounts you create – the overall account based on your phone number –

Power cycling the router helps?

From Dave

Yes I would like to echo the comments of these other people.

I have found that most times I can’t get my mail, powering down my router and the rebooting will often let me connect.

The only difference I can see is I generally get a new Gateway address.

I’m not sure it will help you guys now, but if you’re new to this whole troubleshooting thing, have a read through the e-mail primer.

More as I get it!

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Definitely e-mail problems at Talk Talk

Hey guys,

Not sure what the resolution is just yet. My guess is there’s some kind of outage. There’s an insane amount of you coming here from Google looking for a solution. Employees, you out there?

Here are the search terms for today:

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To possibly help, here’s a link to the e-mail tag with everything that’s been posted here.

If any of you have addresses for Talk Talk’s servers I can try and run some diagnostics.

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News about Sunday!

Hey guys,

I’m hoping to do a spate of updates tomorrow. Especially considering their mail servers seem to be dying slow and painful deaths. But, there’s good news for Sunday. A lovely woman from the Observer contacted me this week. There may even be a photo of yours truely looking disgruntled.

Pick it up! I think you guys might like what it has to say.

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Kevin provides a couple useful tools

One day I came home from work to discover a massive pole sitting just to the right of my front door. On it was a memo from BT saying that if we had problems with this new pole, to let them know and they would address our concerns within 90 days. For some reason their ability to plant a massive structure, put a poster on it and then make a token concilliatory gesture made me laugh. Shortly after I discovered that my phone line had exceeded 512kbps and could now handle 1MB. Amazing! The pole was good for something after all.

Kevin of commented with some useful links for checking your exchange and potential line speed.

To see how fast your line should be see

Enter your phone number in the “See how fast you can go” box in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

You might also find interesting as well as it gives detailed information about your exchange.

Talk to Kevin


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Linking policy at Talk Talk Hell.

Just another quick admin update. I check every day to see if there are new incoming links to this site. Sadly WordPress only turns up Google blog search results and actual click throughs. If you’ve linked to us (on a website or blog) and I haven’t linked back, it’s because I don’t know about it. Drop me a comment, let me know and I’ll add you to the ‘mentions’ part of the side bar.

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Magda maddened by international prefix woes

I am a Talk Talk phone customer but don’t use any of their international prefixes. Can anyone help Magda?

I’m one of TalkTalk unfotunate customers. Obviously I have had great
difficulties with getting promised broadband, I have been waiting since
5th of October. But it is last of my worries at the moment, main problem
is with unfair bill which I got from them on nearly110 pounds. They
charged me for international calls, which supposed to be free. From the
9 of NOvember TalkTalk has had obvious problem with their international
prefix 18418, which stopped to work. I’ve been adviced to use additional
one 1840, and they reasured me that it will be absolutely free. Well…
what else you can TalkTalk. They want me to pay this bill, what I’m not
going to do, but they put the bar on line. I JUST WANT TO GET RID OF
THEM. I wonder, whether thera are some other people who had same bad
experiance with international prefix. How to terminate the contract?
Will I need to pay res montly payment, which mean in my case montly
payment timed by 16. Could you please let me know as soon as possible?
My situation is rather difficult now, as I do expect to have a babby in
couple of days. And English is my second language, what make contact
with TalkTalk customer service. This story with Talk Talk is really too
much for me.

Please comment if you know if any tips or help you can provide.


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Some Shifty Sheep want to help!

Here’s a rundown of a manual installation using the Talk Talk Connect and Go CD. Let me know if it helps!

Manual install of talk talk broadband using the connect & go cd. (For windows xp users)

1. Place driver cd in the cd drive and wait for it to auto run when it do’s cancel it off it will ask if your sure click yes.

2. Then click on the start button, click my computer, right click the cd drive (usually the D drive) and select explore.

3. Double click on the file named smacarphone, double click modem, double click on the type on modem you were sent (ST330, Fast800 or MT882), then double click driver, look for a setup.exe file with a icon.

4. It will install the usb drivers needed you must not have you modem plug in to your pc at this point!

5. Once the drivers are installed remove the connect & go cd (place somewhere safe) restart your system ( if you are reinstalling the drivers you should repeat steps 1 to 5 as it will only uninstall them the 1st time round).

6. Once you have restarted your system (and everything has loaded up) plug the USB modem in and wait for the little yellow ballon message in the right corner says “new hardware installed and ready to use”.

Note: To uninstall the usb drivers for the Smartax MT882 you will need to do so through

Then once the drivers are installed we can set up the connection so we can access the internet.

1. Click start, control panel, internet options (if you can’t find internet options look on the left handside for “switch to classic view” click it and the control panel will change to display internet options).

2. Once in internet options click on the connections tab and delete all old ISP connections by single clicking on it to highlight it then click remove and it will ask if your sure you want to delete click yes (repeat till the box containing the connection list is empty).

3. Click setup in the top right hand corner of the connection tab and a wizard will open (connection wizard) on the 1st page just click on next as it is just a welcome screen.

4. Then select connect to the internet & click next, setup my connection manually & click next , connect using a dial-up modem & click next.

5. Then it should ask what device you want to use for the connection select usb modem or isatin channel 1 modem avoid anything that says 56k once you have selected the modem to use click next (it will always ask for a device to use unless theres only one modem installed i.e no internal 56k modem or the unless the usb drivers have not installed properly).

6. It will ask for a ISP name this is going to be the name of the connection so name it something like internet, my connection or broad band then click next.

7. When it asked for a phone number type. “0,38” without the quotes and click next.

8. It will asked you to input your username & password these must be entered correctly the username is your full telephone number e.g. [email][/email] and your password in case sensitive and should have sent to you in your welcome pack. If you can’t log on due to incorrect password make sure you are in the correct case upper or lower check you are not mistaking zeros for o’s also if you have been upgraded to LLU. Sometimes the password gets changed so check with customer services. (free from any talktalk landline) 08004441820 between 8am & 10pm. Tech help do’s cost so for password’s just speak to customer services.

9. Once you have entered your broadband login details make sure the box’s below it are ticked and click next.

10. Tick the box that says “add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop” and click finish.

11. Then close all open windows and look for the newly created connection on the desktop it’ll be a icon with the name of what yo put in as the ISP name double click on it and then click connect or dial.

With any look this will help with any installation issue’s

Note: With the Smartax MT882 if you are using the ethernet you do not need to install the drivers as they are usb drivers with the ethernet you do not need to even place the connect & go cd into your pc.

Installing the Smartax MT882 (ethernet & usb) If you are using the usb make sure you have installed the drivers before doing these steps.

1. Hook up the MT882 using either usb or ethernet not both when the modem is powered up and plugged into the phone line the link light should be a steady green.

2. Open up a web browser (internet explorer, firefox etc.) and enter the default gateway i.p. address for ethernet & for usb. This should bring up a login box by default the username is admin and password is admin lower case. If you get “page can not be displayed” this could be due to your pc change the default gateway i.e. changes the address for the modem if this happens.

2.1 Click start, click run & type cmd or command this will run the command prompt screen type ipconfig into the prompt screen and press enter & note down the default gateway as this is the number needed to type into the web browser address bar.

2.2 If you still can’t access the modem settings page this may be due to incorrectly configured security software i.e. firewall or this could be caused by spyware.

3. Once on the settings page click on Basic then click on WAN settings & click the pencil icon on the righthand side under actions this will show you the settings if you scroll down you should see the username & password box’s in the username it will have guest delete this and enter your talk talk username e.g. “” & your password making sure it is all in the correct case upper or lower.

4. Click the magnifying glass icon near the bottom of the page it should open up a small box click connect then select always on the ok.

5. Click submit then click save all to the left & click yes when asked if sure.

6. Then click tools under basic and click save & reboot and select reboot, click submit a message will be displayed saying system rebooting once it’s back on close the web browser and if the username and password have been entered correctly the green link light should go orange this means you have a connection and should be able to view web page’s.

If the link light is flashing or not on this means the ADSL signal in not reaching the modem.
Same with the Fast800 & ST330 if the ADSL light is flashing or not on this indicates no sync with the ADSL signal.

If yo have no ADSL signal reaching your modem i.e. flashing or turned off ADSL/Link light so should do the following to trouble shoot.

1. Take the p.c. to your master socket (the 1st socket the enters your house usually in the sitting room or hallway) it should have a bt stamp and a removable face plate unless it’s old (if you have the smartax you do not need to move the full pc just the modem as it has it’s own power pack and can function without a pc). Unplugged everything and anything thats plugged into the phone line then plug the microfilter into the master socket.

2. Plug you RJ11 (the one supplied not a extension any extensions need removing from the set up) cable into the microfilter & the other end into the modem watch out with the smartax as the rj11 cable fits into the rj45 slot.

3. Then hook up the USB to the pc and power on the pc. (if you are using a smartax mt882 you will not need the pc for this just hook it up to the phoneline in the sameway and plug it into the power & turn it on).

4. If your ADSL or Link light do’s not come on a steady green (green or orange for the smartax) you will need to ring TalkTalk Tech Support as the fault will need to be reported.

Thanks Shifty Sheep!

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