Watch out for billing scam!

This isn’t entirely related to Talk Talk. But, in the interest of keeping you all scam free, I thought I’d post it anyway.

Mrs Barbara Rice, chairman of Brighouse Good Companions’ Club, was shocked when she received a phone call demanding £14.31p on an outstanding British Telecom bill.

She had transferred her calls to Talk Talk some time ago and in September decided to transfer her line rental as well to the same company. She paid her final bills to BT and received a refund because she had overpaid.

“When I got the phone call at home from someone claiming to be from BT’s credit office in Edinburgh saying I owed £14.31, I was very confused,” said Mrs Rice, who comes from Brighouse but now lives in Odsal.

“I tried arguing but I was told if I didn’t pay up my phone would be disconnected.”

Basically, these dreadful people ripped off a nice lady by being a bit aggressive and a bit nasty. Don’t fall for it!

Warning over phone scam

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13 responses to “Watch out for billing scam!

  1. switched to talk talk couple of months ago , i was told i was going to pay £11.00 only permonth as i need the phone for boradband only . but they LIED to me !!! they were charging me £14.00+ as the line rental. on top of that if i made any phone call they were charging me from the very first second of phone call !! after delving in my bill i realised there were some charges for 2 secs 5 secs etc when i was using 18484 service to make international call , regardless i could be connected or not !! what a scam ! anyway , i switch back to old phone provider now , ohhh needless to mention that i never been bothered to call their customer service for their utterly crap customer service !

    goodluck people with talktalk !!

  2. i joined talk talk in june 2006 all i have got is bills and more bills i left them in nov just really sick of them i have now just received a bill of£122 for what they say unpaid i replied to them that it says on my bill/ payment received thank you/ telling me that they would send sheriff officers to collect the money what can i do about

  3. joined talk t alk brod band in june, was told in set would take 12 weeks to connect to broad band so transferred bck to tiscali, and to BT for phone, despite spending loadsa money on call to talk talk, I never ecieved a final bill, today got a demand from scottish debt collecting agency for £99.53 , which have paid else will be taken to court, how cabn these people get away wioth such bad service, do the public not have any rights

  4. I think that you all need seriouse help. I understand and accept that you all have diffrent stories and all have had bad experiances with talktalk but listen to yoursleves? you are all complaining about somthing superfical that most of you dont need that badly. At the end of the day people suvived for a very long time with out broaband and many people survive with out in now. If the not being able to get your talktalk broadband connect (which you only moved too as it was cheap!) is the bigest problem in your life then good for you. more people have more problems and i think its quite pathic that there is a website with a number of pages complainging bout it. Lets fact it if talktalk were such a huge problem then you would have all cancled the order and gone to other providers. Really what did you expect from a company that is relitavly new to the Broadband industry and offreing FREE broadband. did you not think that it could be too goo to be true?

  5. Oh go away. Seriously. Do you honestly think you’re the first person claiming to be from the CPW that’s come here and said this? Unless you have something constructive to say, don’t come back.

  6. agent. your a mug.

  7. i have been with talk talk for years and had no problems. talk talk are a new company and have been providing broadband to over 2.7 million people for less than a year. not surprising really that there are some teething problems is it?? perhaps if you dont get the result you want on the phone to customer services you should try a carphone warehouse store. staff there are always willing to help if they can and the service they provide cannot be faulted. can you honestly say that the service you get from BT is any good?? £48 for the same deal thats free on talktalk and when was the last time you waited on hold for less than an hour to BT???

  8. Karen: You appear to work at the Irlam office. (I could be wrong, perhaps the range is also consumer.) But, since you posted as Fred, we can only assume you’re an employee somewhere.

    Please at least be moderately honest when commenting. Or, you know, USE A PROXY.


  9. For god’s sake give the guy a break! when TT/BB 1st lanched it it hit the roof! and cpw couldnt handle the demarnd of it! the loads of ppl who are moaning about it! should count them selves lucky that they arnt the rep in the store getting all the flack!

  10. since talk talk started paper billing charges of £1 I emailed to cancel my paper bills last October. nothing was done. I continued to receive paper bills with a charge so I rang…then rang again…then rang again…I was assured that the bills would be stopped. Last time I rang I asked for a refund and the employee said it would be sorted for my next bill. It wasnt. So I rang once more wondering whether thousands of other customers were having a similar experience in which case talk talk were making thousands of pounds. I was assured that this time I would get a refund and the paper bills would stop. Just wondered if anyone else was experiencing anything similar???

  11. Gail,
    This is just one of many avenues designed to raise revenue, and it expliots the proliferation of Direct Debit. Companies with a huge client base find various ways to overcharge their customers, (note: have you ever been undercharged?) , and if you hit enough people with even the smallest amounts it soon adds up to a tidy sum that can be invested elsewhere. Companies are often slow to reimburse. Holding over people’s money for as long as possible is key here . Mostly, however, the faults are undiscovered, particularly in the case of the elderly who often find the invoices deliberately confusing – a common and easy way of hiding mistakes.

  12. TheLittleWitch

    Just found your site – wish I had spotted it earlier!

    I have got a file like War and Peace about my problems with Talk Talk the main one being that they put me on the wrong package in March 2006 and I am still trying to get onto the correct one now!! All of my letters have been ignored as have many emails (which was why I resorted to snail mail) – they’ve even disconnected my service twice in error. No apologies – nothing. I have just made my last attempt to get an explanation and apology thogh am not hopeful. I rue the day I ever joined Talk Talk!

  13. its a £1 dont be so tight!

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