Some help for hamza

We have some requests for assistance coming down the line. Have a gander and see if you can’t come up with something.

(As always, I promote the Things You Can Do page.)

From hamza!

i WAS with tiscali until they blessed me with LLU in may06, and from june06 when i cancelled my account up until to this day, tiscali hasnt released my line NOR has talktalk done anything on its part to actually HELP me in obtaining their broadband service which im entitled from their talk3 package! both tiscali and talktalk are a bunch of deranged monkeys that need bananas be shoved down their throats. anyone now what i shud do to come out of this ‘no internet’ stone age era iv been left in?

A different router with issues (Not a Netgear, though I suspect the problem may be the same.)

From Mark

I really cannot believe that I fell for Talk-Talk. I eventually get a password and user named that worked and I have a connection using a Voyager 205 router. However, for some reason I cannot access any websites at all! I have checked the router settings and everything ties up to what everyone is saying, but still no joy.

Can anyone help? I have stopped all firewalls etc but no joy.

And an e-mail query from Barry regarding contact info and small claims court.

Do you have a land line for their office in Acton?

If I want to cancel the contract what do I have to do?

If one wants to take them to the small claims court what sort of case does one need to have. I am theoretically on broadband but we have not been able to get either our mac or pc to connect despite several hours on the phone to the help line to people in India and South Africa. These are all very nice people but it is impossible to speak to management.

If anyone has any assistance, drop us a line!

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One response to “Some help for hamza

  1. Why do not we all get together and issue a legal action against Carphone warehouse who is dead on time to charge our bank account , while has no time to give us the service we paid for ? I care for 3 disabled babies and having e.mail is really important for hospital appointments for the childen . I can tell you that for the past 12 months, I have reported at least 250 faults!!!

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