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As well as ye old broadband tales of mystery and horror, Talk Talk Hell also receives a lot in the way of phones. As much as Chucky Dunstone protests that he’s drug their service up to ‘the same level as other broadband providers’ it actually just seems to be an issue with the Carphone Warehouse’s inability to provide an acceptable level of service.

Have a read.

From Margaret, whose father is waiting on a liver transplant.

my parents went away on holiday in septenber to ther dispalefe when they came home ther was a diffrent telephone number. we got in touch with talk talk they said they was going to sort the problem as you can guess the problem has still not been sorted and once again they have gone to use there phone and it has completely been disconected this is not good enough my father is a very sick man he is under kings colleg hospital with the liver department he needs the telephone to liason with the hospital i am very very angry

Picked on a young lad

i felt intimidated by some of the staff. I dont know much about phones and because i was young i felt they took advantage, they were smirking at eachother. after i bought the phone i felt i was mugged so i went back in less than 10 mins later and they refused a refund so i asked to exchange it , they sed i wud loose my £10 top up. the guy sold me a 1 Gb memory card, i later found out that my phone oldy takes up to 512mb. i asked to see the manager they told me he was on holiday, a few days later i found him at the shop. i made unnesseary journeys to the shop they gave me wrong information. ive ent them a letter but they havent replied

if anyone here has had a similar experience please email me

lets bring them down!! iam not sure if iam allowed to say that but its only fair of how they treat a 14 yr old taking advantage of my age!!

Russell’s experience is less than complimentary: (link goes to Ciao review

Having returned home from holiday I was most surprised to find when I attempted to make an outgoing call a restriction had been placed on the line. I telephoned customer services (from my mobile phone as I couldn’t make outgoing calls from my landline) and using an online translation website to interpret for their customer services telephonist, found out they had cut off my phone because my direct debit had been refused.

This struck me as odd because I knew fine well I had more than sufficient funds in my bank account to honour their direct debit when it was requested. I was put through to ‘credit control’ – you know, these psychopathic, mean spirited, spiteful turds that get hard ons lording it up over people having difficulties paying their bill. Knowing all too well I did have the funds to pay this bill and clearly, this was their mistake I felt a sense of belligerence as I listened to fuzzy, crap music tapped out on a bontempi organ while I wasted yet more of my mobile phone credit being transferred.

Now, I know there are problems with other ISPs/mobile providers. It’s just pretty much the way technology goes. I am, however, feeling slightly sceptical about the claim that Talk Talk, or any of these experiences, happen with quite the same frequency anywhere else.

Well, unless it’s NTL.

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3 responses to “Phone for help

  1. Can anyone advise? We have been with onetel for a while and this is our third or fourth outage with the company., but we have been off broadband since Thursday evening all over Christmas, several calls to the bog standard reply service and the only way to get emails is to have dial up. Our server dsl8 or 9 seems to have been switched over so that others can get their broadband without trouble, is this the case do you think, can’t get them to admit this, does anyone know if this does happen? Apart from changing what can I do to harass them within the law?!!

  2. Hi, I am a talktalk customer. I reported the telephone fault on my telephone on 6 Dec. It has been a month then. The problem is not resolved. Please see my story from the following paragraphs (My email to talktalk…)

    Please if anybody has any idea regarding my problem, please do EMAIL me as soon as possible. Do you think that all the Talktalk victims should go together take talktalk to court? If anybody wants to raise legal action against Talktalk, I will join! I think this will give them a good lesson for threating customers.


    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing to ask when the problem of my telephone landline (020 73947217), and internet service will go back to normal.

    I have called Talktalk many times since 6th Dec when I reported the fault. I was told by different Talktalk staff that the problem would be resolved in 48 hours or that they had passed it to engineer. Unsettlingly, in some of these conversations (such as on 22 nd Dec), I was asked by Talktalk staff what the problem of my telephone landline was. I really doubt whether the staff reported the problem or logged it in Talktalk computer system.

    Before Christmas, I received a GBP29.99 telephone bill dated 14th Dec (Bill number: 5082847538) from Talktalk. The bill is to pay a modem which I had return in October 2006. Then I received another telephone bill GBP24.15(bill number 5083839427) for telephone and internet service between 25/12/2006-24/01/2007 in end of December. Since I had no telephone service from the 6th Dec, this was clearly a ridiculous and worrying request?

    A member of the Talktalk staff, Pravin Manike, called me on my mobile on 22nd Dec in the afternoon, and on 23rd Dec in the afternoon. In our telephone conversation on the 23rd Dec, he stated that Talktalk would be happy to pay at least GBP20 a week from the 6th Dec until my telephone service went back to normal to cover all my 10 to 15 minute calls from my mobile phone (0792 199 5975). He also stated that all calls from my mobile phone to Talktalk of any length would be paid by Talktalk. In addition to this, he said he would divert my telephone landline (020 7394 7217) to my mobile phone and that this service would be free of charge or that Talktalk would pay for it. He said that this call divert service would enable my family and friends from China, America, Canada and New Zealand to call me at my telephone landline during Christmas. He also stated that all the problems of my telephone will be resolved within 10 working days. At this point I was pleased that I was getting some constructive response from Talktalk.

    However, when I tried to call my landline (020 7394 7217) following this, the landline had not been diverted to my mobile. I also asked a friend of mine to call my landline, and the result was same. I consequently called Talktalk on 24th Dec 2006 and was told that Talktalk would activate the call divert immediately and I could check the call divert within 2 hours. The Talktalk staff also stated to me that they would call me back around 2pm on the day to make sure if the calls divert had been put in place. I received no such call. Following this I called Talktalk to ask if the call divert had been set up. This time, the Talktalk member of staff told me that I would need to go home, pick up my telephone, and dial *21* to put the divert into operation. I reminded him that my telephone had had no dial tone since 6th Dec 2006, and was told that even if the phone has no dial tone, I could still pick up the phone, dial *21*, and divert the phone to my mobile phone?

    So, very sadly, my family and friends were not able to call me on my landline during Christmas, and I spent a miserable Christmas during which I was isolated from my family, and was without a telephone to phone them or internet to email them. I would clearly be entitled to compensation from Talktalk for this.

    On 28th Dec, Pravin Manike called me on my mobile and told me that Talktalk would compensate me for all the problems ensuing from this fault on my landline. He also told me that he would apply to divert my telephone landline to my mobile. However, I called my telephone landline just a moment ago before sending this email. I found that the phone divert which has been promised since 22nd Dec has still not been done! That means my friends, family and I are not able to call each other, even during New Year!

    The call divert was eventually done on 2nd Jan 2007 by Pravin Manike. But it only last for a few days. Because my sister try to call me at my landline number during 6-7 Jan, but my phone received no call and she found no body pick up the phone. I ask my friend Sandy Mallet to call my landline number on 10th Jan evening in front of me, my mobile phone received no call. That means the call divert is either being canceled or unsuccessful.

    I will plan to stop my direct debit payments to Talktalk from 2nd Jan 2007. I am writing to inform Talktalk that, if the problem with my landline has not resolved in the 10 working days from 23rd Dec, I plan to change my account to other company. Because of Talktalk failure to provide me with an adequate service, indeed with any service, I will not accept any charges for the termination of my contract. In addition, Talktalk should refund me for the bill (bill number 5080900505) charged to me of GBP78.484 relating to the crossline problem. The GBP78.484(inc VAT) includes calls made to mobile phones in Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Nigeria, Qatar and Germany by a phone completely unknown to me (020 7252 1296), presumably by others involved in the crossline situation.

    In addition to this Talktalk should refund me for the bill(bill number 5082847536) covering the period from 6th Dec to 14th Dec, when I received no service whatsoever. I will fax both bills to Pravin Manike, pointing out which calls are by me. I will also fax him my mobile phone bill and internet bill. In accordance with Mr Manike earlier assurances, Talktalk should pay for my mobile phone bill and internet bill during this period, plus suitable financial compensation to cover for the absence of any telephone and internet service from 6th Dec onwards, until the problem is resolved.

    I have made a series of complaints about this situation to Ofcom. My special job code is HLC/E676971.

    Yours sincerely

    Xuhua Zhan

    P.s the nightmare event review

    06/12/2006 Reported the telephone cross-line fault to Talktalk, telephone and internet service stopped on same day.

    07/12/2006-20/12/2006 Call Talktalk customer service many times to try to get up-to-date message for the fault resolving. I was told one time by Talktalk that the problem will be resolved and telephone and internet service would go back to normal on 15 Dec. But it didn’t happen.

    18/12/06-22/12/2006 My friend Sandy Mallet helped to complained to Ofcom and talk to management of Talktalk

    22/12/2006 Pravin Manike called me and left message on my mobile to tell me he was helping to resolve the problem and would compensate to me.

    23/12/2006 Pravin Manike replied to my calls, and promised compensation, would try to resolve problems as soon as possible, the problem would be resolved in 10 working days, and would diverted my telephone landline to my mobile phone to enable my family and friend can call me during Christmas and New Year.

    23/12/2006 My friend Jean-Piere Lambert tried to call my telephone landline. We found out the call divert hadn’t done.

    24/12/2006 I call Pravin Manike to tell him the call divert hadn’t done and called Talktalk(0870 444 1820) again to inform them to divert my telephone to my mobile phone in the morning. I was told by a staff named Wallen the call divert would be done in 2-3 hours and Talktalk would call me before 2pm to confirm the call divert. At 2pm, I received no call from Talktalk. So I call Talktalk customer service at around 2pm to ask the staff to divert my telephone to my mobile phone as Talktalk promise. I was told by the guy that I should go back to my home to use the phone which has no signal since 6th Dec to divert the phone to my mobile myself. So, the call divert wasn’t done at all.

    28/12/2006 Pravin Manike called me again and promised would divert my telephone to my mobile to enable my family and friends call me during New Year and would resolve the telephone problem as soon as possible and would compensate to me. But the call divert wasn’t done. My sister found that nobody pick up my telephone on New Year Eve. I actually waited beside my mobile phone expecting she called me.

    02/01/2007 Pravin Manike replied to my call and told me the call divert was done.

    04/01/2007-06/01/2007 I called Pravin Manike several times to get information about the telephone problem. I got no reply. My friend Sandy Mallet helped me to call Talktalk and got the name of the Telephone engineering company’s name: ‘Opal’ on 05/12/2007. He managed to talk to Opal and was told they had checked the cables and found no problem, and they had finished their job since 28th Dec 2006. They didn’t get instruction from Talktalk to do further investigation at the moment.

    08/01/2007 I called Pravin Manike again to express my angry and want to know what happens for the phone problem. I got no reply.

    09/01/2007 I call Talktalk again and was told I shouldn’t stop direct debit payment as it would get things worse and they promised to resolve problem as soon as possible. They also told me a company called ‘Open reach’ was involving in investigating the telephone problem. So, I haven’t stopped direct debit.

    09/01/2007 I called Special complaints at 08000 495 743 from my mobile. Mark picked up my call and told me he would inform Talktalk for the telephone problem. I call Pravin Manike again in the evening and leave message to ask when the problem would be resolved. My mobile phone couldn’t get through his phone except in late evening when all the people normally are not in office. I had to leave a message to ask him to call me back.

    10/01/2007 No reply from Pravin Manike, I called 08000 495 743 again, and was told somebody would call me soon, but didn’t know when, no further information.My friend Sandy Mallet made 12 calls to Talktalk and its related engineering company. The company ‘Opal’ told my friend they had closed the old case and Talktalk hadn’t yet given them new ticket or instruction to re-investigate my telephone line fault. However, Talktalk told my friend they had asked Opal to re-investigate the line fault.

  3. Just about had enuff our bband is at 56k with talktalk slow as hell impossible to update my computer cause the update wizzard is timeing out
    rang customer support they are supposed to be tech support sends me to a site to test broadband speedtest
    all i got on going to speedtest,com was popup popup
    and more pop ups ran a spyware test not only did i get pop ups from the site i picked up a couple of nasty trojens..and thats talktalk or take takes idea of tech support,, i am going to ring mr sam baird tomorow whome is one of the top managers..spoke to him b4 and he gave me compensation ant a couple of months free service because take take took 2 months payments 3 months ago and left me with no money in my account and overdrawn…
    i cant wait to move house next month..its got cable
    wich is a hell of a lot steadier …talktalk are shite

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