Oversubscription the cause of most Talk Talk problems?

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First off, let me apologize for not being more attentive this week. I’m on a course at work and had a few deadlines to sort out. I am catching your comments and e-mails as they come in. I appreciate everything you guys are doing and saying.

If your comments aren’t appearing, you may want to e-mail me (if you can…) and let me know. I’m watching my spam trap like a hawk but am also hoping nothing gets lost in the shuffle. A lot of comments from Talk Talk IPs are trapped for some reason.

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Symptoms of a service stuck?

I spent yesterday evening trying to help someone get set up. What confused me was the way the modem renegotiated the connection every 5 minutes.

You could connect to the modem and view its internal statistics for connection time etc. As it reached 5 minutes the connection died, and was restarted.

This means every 5 minutes there’s a break in service for maybe 20 seconds or so, which obviously disrupts whatever you were doing at the time.

Would it be fair of me to suppose that they’re so oversubscribed in this area that they’ve deliberately set the reconnection time down to 5 minutes in a desperate attempt to slightly satisfy all of the people for some of the time?

Or is this some feature I could have disabled at this end?

Hate to say it, but it sounds fairly typical. For some bizarre reason my connection has actually improved since October but that sounds exactly like my problem from a few months ago. (As well as others.)

Talk to Dominic if you know of a solution/cause… or anything!

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One response to “Oversubscription the cause of most Talk Talk problems?

  1. Can anyone suggest why people cannot logon to my website ? Everything from my angle is working ; that is to say I can access my site , but my next door neighbour said he could not access it ! It is really important that people can access my site for I am the author of “Turtle Island” ; the real story about Atlantis and not some trumped-up academic’s or scholar’s so-called “Professional” version which is composed almost entirely on what is frequently described as “Corroboration” .
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    I don’t know if you can access my web address but please do try …that way I will know for certain and perhaps we can discuss the solution/problem ?
    When a woman tells me she is pregnant and shows me her protuding belly as proof , that is truth….

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