O2’s 07872 prefix causing problems.

Not something we can blame on Charles Dunstone and his band of merry Scrooges (sadly…) it seems to just generally be an issue. Its resolution, however, pends someone getting off their wide posteriors to sort it out.

O2 have had complaints from customers who have mobile phone numbers starting with the prefix 07872 who have been unable to receive incoming calls from 2 networks.

O2 have found a problem with customers receiving calls from Talk Talk and Vodafone. The problem was spotted on Friday 15th December when certain O2 customers could not receive incoming calls from either network.

O2 have now fixed half the problem, and O2 customers with telephone numbers starting 07872 can now receive calls from the Talk Talk network, they are in the process of fully rectifying the situation so that customers can also receive incoming calls from Vodafone. This should be completed by today, Wednesday 20th December.

Until the problems have been fully fixed O2 will not be issuing anymore sim cards starting with the prefix 07872.

O2’s call problems

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2 responses to “O2’s 07872 prefix causing problems.

  1. Where the hell did you get that? the fault occured due to Talk Talk and Vodafone not implimenting the data onto their networks, O2 are not at fault

  2. So they ARE NOT issuing 07872 anymore? Well I just got my new number starting with that one in Feb 2007 and guess what?

    It doesn’t work !!

    I am off to OFCOM and WATCHDOG.

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