More network problems for Talk Talk

Some slow browsing tonight. I wanted to post more but Gmail is loading like molasses in… well, right now. ‘Why? Why could that be?’ I hear you cry. Well, it appears our lovely ISP is having some minor issues.

4% packet loss to and

Averages are ok at around 40ms but both come back with a max ping time of around 1275ms. (For the non-techies, that’s loads.)

For the record, it’s not usually that bad.

Currently on as a gateway.

DNS queries from .18 are responding very quickly.

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22 responses to “More network problems for Talk Talk

  1. Hey guys,

    New problem with CrapCrap, sorry Talktalk. Anyone heard of this: trying to access my mail by pressing ‘Send/Receive’ and all I’m getting is old mail that I’ve already read. So after hitting the button, I end up with roughly 75-100 emails. All old. Not good. And of course, when I spoke to the pigeon English speak, helpful as ever Talktalk man, it wasn’t their fault: “Oh no, sir. Goodness gracious me! Not talktalk problem, sir. Thank you please for phoning.” After I pushed him, he admited that Talktalk were indeed having problems with their servers. AGAIN! But not to worry, I should get my new mail within 72 hours! So that’s all right then.


  2. Stephanie Busari

    Hi guys,

    I’ve not been able to connect to my Talk Talk broadband service for the past three weeks. There is a constant flashing green light on my ADSL line of my USB modem. I have: checked the microfilters, re-installed using the CD sent to me by Talk Talk, been on the speedtouch website to download drivers to update the modem. I have to date spoken to at least 9 different “technical” support. They all promise that someone will call me back, still nothing! I’m at my wits end. Anyone had similar and how did they resolve it please. Many thanks

  3. I had this problem in November, exactly the same . I can tell you the answer and you will not believe it. You have been randomly disconnected by TalkTalk and although I was initailly told it was rogue operator in Bombay, it is actually a systems software problem. Here’s the bad news, you will now have to go through the process of being reconnected. So make sure you speak to someone soon and make sure they reverse the £ 70 cancellation charge which you have almost certainlt been charged!

  4. I have had the same problem. For no reason my modem/router (a philips SNA 6500) refused to connect. I went through the whole checking of the line which they confirmed was now ok and it still would not work. I eventually re-installed my old modem which then worked. Thinking this was an issue with the modem/router I returned it for a new one still no joy with the router? Let us know how you get on and what modem/router you are using.

  5. steph,
    Hi, I have the very same issue, stopped working 3 weeks ago, flashing ASDL line.
    Currently in the process of dealing with these muppets.
    They have one chance to sort this out and I will walk without paying my £70,
    One question, are they in breach of contract and thus I do not owe them? Legally.

  6. Similar story
    Broadband on and off like a yo yo
    Spoke to lots of technical staff all sorts of exscuses
    latest down to Opal who are part of Carphone Wharehouse who are supposed to be their technical solutions experts.
    my modem Huawei Smartax MT 882
    lan light goes off for days a t a time then downloads when working is slower than dial up.

  7. John Hawkins-Payne

    I even use a different E-mail adress because talktalk just dont know what the word reliable means the staff are born liars they have given me false phone numbers as well as false information and yet the powers that be still let them trade

  8. Hi John

    You’re not alone, I rely on my GMail/work e-mail addresses as opposed to Talk Talk’s. I didn’t even bother setting it up! It seemed like way too much of a headache.

    But a lot of people here do, so I attempt to post solutions whenever possible 😉

  9. Hi All,
    Quick update, my ASDL line has stopped flashing, still no call from OPAL.
    So….one 36 min call and I am told I should have been sent a new password as I have been upgraded to 8M..then I was cut off
    Second call…25mins trying all manner of different logons and pass words, bt_ domains etc.
    AND still I have no Broadband.
    Last chance saloon thisFriday then its cancel and try to get MAC code and I will refuse to pay the £70.
    Any adivse of how to cancel and not pay the £70, words etc please.

  10. M Bialokoz-Smith

    I have been on contract with TalkTalk for three months now. I took out their all-inclusive broadband and line rental package. The phone service has been good in as much as it has been unremarkable. The broadband however has been a nightmare. In the last three months I have successfully got on line on three occasions. Initially when I first installed the software. I had had to go and upgrade my RAM first. After that nothing worked. The second time I was successful through the assistance of an IT engineer friend who worked it out and told me that there was a problem with TalkTalk’s DNS whatever that is. On the third occasion my son spent an hour on the phone with the call centre going through WAN settings, changing my password and all sorts. We were finally on line again. That was until we turned the modem off! Again nothing, even following the route previously taken with the help desk nothing. We have now e-mailed for assistance. We were asked by reply all the same questions as the phone help line. Three weeks later still nothing from the help desk or the connection.
    I am not very computer literate and am not able to tinker with the computer like my son and his friends do. I feel that I have been abandoned and that TalkTalk just doesn’t care. They told me that to sever my contract would cost me seventy something pounds. If not then I continue to pay them for a service I don’t receive. Where is the justice?
    Has anyone worked it out yet?

  11. Hi,
    All back working.
    Only need to recover my £10.50 spent on the calls to TT and were done.
    Way I see it, every month I get through is £10 saved ready to ditch TT.
    18 months is up in 12 months!!!

  12. hi
    im on talktalk well if you could say on
    my problem is that i have 2 computers runnin through a router the main puter work fine but the other one wont connect to the internet the router s set up fine just no tinternet tryd to phone talktalk but all you get is its not our problem youve got internet must be at your end
    well lol if i dint already know that any one help me out?

  13. Congratulations Adrian!

    Nice to hear you’re escaping. I’m sorely tempted to make you some prison wine in congratulations 🙂

  14. It seems that so many of us have been disconnected in the last 2 months on account of TalkTalk botching up an upgrade. I have, like many of you been trying to get some information regarding my loss of Broadband on 16 Jan 2007. I have been told that i will be connected again on 20th Feb.
    Today they sent me a bill as if nothing had happened and no deductions from the usual charge. Does anyone out there know legally how we stand here? I am so reluctant to pay but customer support is absolutely useless so I can’t discuss this with someone who actually understands the situation. I have also written but heard nothing since.

  15. Hi All. Now, where do I start? Was told that go-live date was Jan 20th, just got connected on March 2nd. Legally, broadband is FREE because the telephone package is available without the broadband, however, complain, complain, then insist to speak to the escalations team. They WILL refund you some of your line rental or bill if you gripe enough. I was told, by the way, that the reason I was not connected on go-live date was that my local exchange was going to be upgraded to whats called an LLU, owned by Talk Talk. If anyone else has had connection issues like this, let me know. I’m fixing to take these people to court, and the more proof I have of incompetance the better. Enjoy all!!!!!

  16. Glad to hear I am not the only one having Talktalk trouble. Has anyone heard of the saying “fit for purpose” Take Legal advise if Talktalk can not provide the service that they have contracted to do, they are in Breach of Contract.
    They should be liable in court to pay your losses. (try asking the Citizens AdviceCentre).

  17. after 2 days of missing calls on landline phone now the LAN light is flashing. talktalk says its not their fault. landline still not working properly after more than 2 weeks and still going on, don’t know who to blame,;;;;my self joining talktalk ???????

  18. probs with talktalk,me to, got 4meg conection and could only up/download at 3/4 kbs,i phoned today to get my mac code and guess what yes im now downloading propery,haha crapcrap ive just gotten a better deal with tiscali and its 10 pounds cheaper,oh yeah apparently theres a prob with bt due to recent storms (WTF)ive had probs for 3 months now,so what excuse do they have for that…so my advice is look about for another isp,im now paying for my broadband and still saving money

  19. I had a flashing green light on my Belkin modem/router since the exchange upgrade. I solved it by asking for a TalkTalk modem. Problem solved. Nobody knows what the problem but i think it because of ADSL2+

  20. Hi all iam in the same boat my exchange has recently had the upgrade lol and now yes you guessed it.We are all having the on/off problems you all seem to be having,before it was fine good 2m speed always on now some nights like being back on dial up any one got any ideas how to solve it ?

  21. Colonel Gaddaffi

    LAN light is flashing. talktalk says its not their fault – LAN light flashing means connection between modem and PC, usually a good thing if it flashes as it means data is transferring between the two, also if you ahave a drpping connection since moving to LLu or suffer slow speeds in the vening then call up and ask for a profile change, it may well resolve your issue

  22. rite ppl u cna walk from a compny if they r not providing the reqwier dn promisced service and i my self to night have bn dc so meny times its a jooke i cnat get on to lods of web sites its driveign me mad 8 meg brodband im luky if it runs faster than dile up i habv eno drive rishuisat prescent but i think we shud all get a potishion agenst tlak tlak n get as menny ppl on there isp to sing n then send a coppy to the nashniol press im goign to b speakign to them to moro about the dns on talk tlak it neva works properly i have to waite 20 misn to tlak to sum 1 at tec surport talk tlak is the worst iv eva seen evan arft aol took over and aol r just as bad do not use aol or talk tlak they r 1 of the ssameing

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