E-mail problems round up

Mornin’ guys!

No solutions yet, or at least that I know of. I did a little ping test to smtp.talktalk.net last night. Lots of dropped packets and some time outs. That could be indicative of a network problem but could also just mean there was a lot of traffic.

But here’s a rundown of what we’ve received so far.

From Jim:

mail.talktalk.net is at

It Pings ok but receiving mail is very spasmodic.

Also tonight the webmail interface seems to be down too (http://Webmail.talktalk.net 0n which can also be pinged)

Better in the mornings? Could it just be the mail servers are suffering under the weight of their customers?

From redman

We too have just started (this week) having a problem receiving email through talktalk. I have found we have been able to receive this morning ( but not tonight) perhaps this is because it is less busy or perhaps it was just a lucky connection!

If it wasn’t so damned expected that Talk Talk would blame the user, it would be tragic.

From tillyann

I, like quite a lot of people by the looks of it, have had awful problems recieving mail this week. To start with it just seemed to be post 4pm (funnily enough about the time most school kids get home and check their mail) but today it has been down most of the day. I have tried through my mail client and also directly through a browser and when I try to connect on the browser I am told I am using the wrong username or password I AM NOT, ITS A PROBLEM WITH TALK TALK’S SERVER!!! I am at the end of my tether after 6 months of TalkTalk hell, I just wish my husband hadn’t just painted his van and used his talk talk email address!

More confirmation of AM: Ok, PM: Not so good.


The Talktalk mail servers have been up at best intermittently in the last few weeks. After midday it always gets worse. The last couple of days however it has been impossible to contact Talktalk’s webservers at any time in the evening. They really are the most incompetent company I have ever come across, with the worst customer service. Dunstone should be ashamed of himself.

Ahhh, this is sad :(. Now is a bad time of year for e-mail to go on the fritz.

From Brian

I have having the same trouble with talktalk email.

Ok through day evening not a chance.

It use to be no trouble at all till this last week now its every night.

Very annoying at this time of the year when i use email to contact the kids regarding mother christmas box.

Possible Solutions

From SteveF

I had similar problems until I did what the screen says: send an email to yourself – BUT not those spanking new accounts you create – the overall account based on your phone number – 0123456789@talktalk.net

Power cycling the router helps?

From Dave

Yes I would like to echo the comments of these other people.

I have found that most times I can’t get my mail, powering down my router and the rebooting will often let me connect.

The only difference I can see is I generally get a new Gateway address.

I’m not sure it will help you guys now, but if you’re new to this whole troubleshooting thing, have a read through the e-mail primer.

More as I get it!

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75 responses to “E-mail problems round up

  1. Problems with mail receive here also (Kent) send works all the time but reecive is intermittent – down again at the moment.

  2. Can anybody help, I am getting this error message everytime i try to logon to my webmail

    Timeout Exceeded
    Session Timeout – Your login session has timed out.
    Your account activity has been inactive for too long.
    7200 seconds maximum timeout allowed
    Login to your account again
    If you are still unsuccessful accessing your account

    Contact the Administrator noreply@opaltelecom.co.uk for assistance

    I would normally contact customer services! if that is what you can class them as!but have come to the conclusion that they have no idea what is happening, after a number of calls on hold and operators hanging up! it has to be time for me to hang up my account!! if i could just log on to get my mail. If anybody has a answer to this mess please let me know!!

  3. Hi Sam,

    One of two things probably:

    1. Talk Talk’s webmail clients are still down…

    2. Cookies!

    Read through this link:

    How to clear cookies in IE and let me know if it works.

  4. Thanks for your prompt response and help,
    which is a lot more than i can say about talktalk!!

    Have tried : cookies and cleared all outstanding in IE.

    As i gathered initially talktalk webmail clients
    are still down!!!

    this is just one part of a long line of faults with talktalk over the last 12 months!!

    why cant they inform their paying
    customers about these faults, at least then we wouldn’t have to waste our time trying to access it all of the time!!! its a joke

    Im sure if my direct debit was suddenly cancelled they would inform me immediately!!

    Right thats it i ve had enough!
    If i cancel my account would i still be able to access my webmail to retrieve important mails
    which i cannot access at the moment?

    If my contract period has expired, can i just cancel my direct debit without defaulting??

    thanks for your assistance
    I think the answer is to stop lining Dunstone’s pockets anymore!!! but i feel like i should be entitled to a refund for lack of service!

    thanks again

  5. Really annoyed seems as though i can never get into my email account. It says that it does not recognise my email, and to make sure what iam typing in is correct. And yes the caps lock is off so is the num and i have carefully put the number in a number of times at many different hours of teh day.
    It also, when i am able to read the messages, says i have no messages to read, then i click on refresh a couple of times and they suddenly appear!

  6. Does anyone have a solution to stop this crap happening….

    Mailbox Error
    The server responded – Remote mail-server not responding – Check connection – -ERR Incorrect login or password incorrect. Check you have the correct username and password for the account. Server returned ( )
    Refresh and try again
    Check that you are not accessing your mailbox simultaneously in two or more windows. A file-lock is active per session accessing your mailbox.
    Check that two sessions of your account are not active – only one user per login is accepted
    Try accessing again in a few minutes
    If you are still unsuccessful accessing your account

    Contact the Administrator noreply@opaltelecom.co.uk for assistance
    else find this the biggest git ever

  7. Yes two sites I recieve mail on one and cannot send it and the other I can send it but not recieve it. Good service for £30 quid a month. No I don`t want to phone your tech help line they are more confussed than me. I want someone to come to my house and sort it out once and for all. I joined last August and have not had a decent service since. fed up T

  8. First time ever. Good service, however it is half past one ine the morn

  9. Has anybody had any success accessing their e-mail account with talktalk todate?
    Ihave had no successs yet.

  10. Talktalk is all talk and no action. even to No talk!! souds like talktalk, talk can send, but can I recieve? NOPE!! Think i’ll go back to bt!! horror fo horrors!!!!!

  11. i am also having problems i can recieve E mails but i can not send

  12. i’m on the phone to talktalk now as i type (one handed) and the expert tells me thers’s nothing wrong with the system .

  13. I have just got Broadband from TalkTalk.

    However I cannot get TALKTALK email to work! I create a new address for myself however I cannot login to read any email because

    http://webmail.talktalk.net/atmail.pl says

    “Error connecting to mail server

    Does the domain exist and accept incoming connections? Click the help-guide for more information”

    What’s is this crap?! why won’t my talktalk email work?

  14. talktalk is the biggest pile of crap ive ever seen, i was with wannadoo for years , never had many problems and ALWAYS got it fixed with one quick call.
    talktalk have now teamed up with aol who are the worst ip provider ever…………until talktalk came along

  15. dont care what talktalk say they ARE the worst provider ever, now we know why you have to agree to 18 months of sheer hell….sorry minimum contract, i would tell them to stuff it but they would still charge me for 18 months

  16. bt was good for me but kept changing my contract so as far as i’m concerned they all usless.operators can only read screens. have no tech’ knowledge whatsoever, and basic product training only

  17. I concur with what everyone else has said. Talktalk simply will not allow me to log into my email. Stupid, inane messages about incorrect user name or password. Its not me who has got it wrong but them. 18 months contract, huh, surely they have a contract with me too, about time they delivered, I feel like charging them for wasted time & effort. I even tried phoning their so called ‘technical support’. They charge 10p a minute for them not to answer the phone, just a load of recorded messages. I wish I had thought of that scam, I’d be a millionaire by now!

  18. Anyone know if NO talktalk read this blog.
    i’ve had email for 36 hrs. NO break in service. there must be something up !!!! anyone been as fortunate as me and as apprehensive as I am Now?

  19. Oh please help me. I’ve been sitting here crying for the last two hours. I’ve been trying for 6 hours to get my talktalk webmail to do what i want it to do. it took over four hours yesterday to clear it out and get it to send stuff to Outlook. i’ve spent at least 200 hours over the last couple of months just trying to get it to work when i want. I want to tear my hair out. what can i do to get the stupid thing to work. what do i do to get my broadband connection to stay on. i’ve spent hours on the phone to tech support going over the same stuff time and again and never getting through to 2nd line support until i’ve been made to go through it all once more at least. are they trying to get rid of customers who signed up for the ‘lifetime’ deal so that we will be replaced with customers on less favourable terms to the consumer. are all these problems deliberate systems failures so that we must spend more money on the phone to them thereby generating income. please someone, help me out i can’t stand much more of this.

  20. Hey, Ive had problems recently aswell, it seems that a few messages get through (usally one) but no others, ive tried sending an e-mail to myself and i didnt recieve it, also ive tried sending messages to my work e-mail and i didnt recieve them there either….HELP

  21. Yes..its on the fritz again Email all over the place, last time it was because talktalk were changing severs..this time ?

  22. Is anyone finding it impossible to receive e:mail at the moment? I have been having this problem since 15 Feb. Talktalk tell me there is a problem with their e:mail servers. On 18 Feb they told me it should be fixed by 20 Feb. On 19 Feb they tell me they don’t know when it will be fixed.

    How easy is it to leave Talktalk. Do you just phone up customer service and tell them you want to leave? Can anyone advise on this? Thanks

  23. I’m having constant intermittent problems with email. I am unable to get a connection regularly is this the usual service with Talktalk??

  24. 4 Days- can send (so far) but cant receive email except sometime during the night! Collegues have resorted to old technology (fax)!

    Spent 11/2 hours on phone with Tech Services (19th). At first swore blind was my anti- virus etc. although his own ‘tools’ were down and he couldnt access my account direct apparently?
    With his instructions tested all ports etc and hes stumped– then his ‘tools’ come back and he tries to access my account on the server- but hey it rejects- and rejects- then hes in…….but cant see emails!!!!!!!! Well Done- new answer- it must be a very, very large email/ or corrupt email thats ‘blocking’ the account…very original! Wants to finish shift- can only recommend I leave a couple of hours and try to access via http:talktalk and delete all ‘bad’ emails myself!!! Up to me to get phone charge @ 10p min back- £13.00 Absolute BS of course- some come down during night, but off again now. Can these complaints be forwarded to OFTEL or something- a 10 Downing Street petition maybe- desperate now as going to have to alter sleep pattern otherwise!

  25. Appears no one knows whats going on as have just received Email from Talktalk stating that problems are due to error on POP3 server and engineers are trying to rectify????

  26. Hi Jane please don’t cry coz when you cry all the no talktalk community cry with you. you see you’r not alone. hope that makes you feel better. I’m sure if you spoke to the head of TT help he/she or “it” would only be able to tell you the same. hehe. spoke to them today to thank them for a lovely service. told them my name was victor meldrew and asked them what was wrong with my email she replied ” nothing” I said ” I don’t BELEEVE it” hehe he heho ho ho hahahaa

  27. Submit a bug-report to Technical Support (who probably won’t even reply) This all I get now when trying to access my E-Mails. What a joke? Its been an absolute nightmare for the whole 10 months I have been with Talktalk and I can’t wait for the 18 months to be up, so I can cancel.
    No one can help with my login problems so I just keep my fingers crossed now when logging on and hope it works.

  28. I’m really fed up with being unable to receive emails. This evening i have been trying to receive them for over 2 hours and each time it times out connecting to the POP£ server. I wish i had never joined talktalk broadband, although the telephone part of the business is just fine.

  29. We’ve just got our PC fixed today only to find the emails are down yet again. This is falling into a sadly familiar pattern. Unbelieveable.

    Mark S, yes you can leave Talk Talk but it’ll cost you £70. I can’t bring myself to do this on principle. But rest assured that when my contract is up I’ll be off quicker than a very quick thing. Along with hundreds of others, I guess.

  30. Also problems (receiving e-mail only) for 2-3 days. Can send e-mail fine. However the fault in receiving has been intermittent over last few weeks and I have not yet been able to access webmail since signing up as a customer months ago.

    Haven’t got time / patience / or phone budget to phone the so-called help desk after the reports that I have read about the service! Please post if anybody gets any sense out of them.

  31. Last time this happened was in December when talktalk started to play around with the servers, the symptoms are you simply just cannot log on to the Email sever, but it will allow you to send but not receive. Last time I spent hours looking for a conflict in my system. I have my email on two different servers the non talktalk server still works perfectly every time so don’t let talktalk’s idiots try to convince you that its a problem with your system. Just another example of talktalk’s total incompetance

  32. “Tim G”
    You Lucky son of a gun, when I sent them an email it bounced back! they could do that ok.

    It would interesting to know what areas are affected, Im in South Wales. What about you guys an gals?

  33. Using Outlook express to get them is best method i have found, but there are still problems with that.

  34. Yes I am in South Wales too and it is still bad this morning, I use Thunderbird and Outlook both have problems with talktalk Email.

  35. I have had ajob receiving E-Mails for weeks,its ok first few hours in the morning then

  36. Possible Causes are;
    they closed the service down for fear of the 1.8 million emails Tony Blair is mailing causing the system to “melt”
    The Head of TT is a tory who wants to prevent Mr Blair sending them out.

    Most likely Cause is ;

    total incompetance
    user trust in TT promises

  37. I have had same problem for weeks now. Still awaiting reolution. I thought it might clear when we were LLUed but no joy.

  38. I am also in South Wales and have had the same problems. I have received a couple of emails in the last few days – but I know for a fact there are a lot i’ve not got yet. Just have to hope that they all come through soon, fingers crossed.

  39. I’m in Beith in North Ayrshire, Scotland. Over the last 3 days I’ve had one or two emails but know for a fact there are lots more I haven’t had…partly because I’ve sent them from another one of my accounts to see if there was a problem.

  40. I have been in to carphone warehouse twice but they swear blind there is no problem and i must be unlucky with my e mail HA think they havnt read this then!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I live in Leeds, I recommended Talk Talk to loads of family and friends and look what I’ve gone and done – Sorry BT !!! E-mail account hasn’t worked for over a week now and it’s doing my head in – this company is a joke. They can have £70 as long as I don’t have to deal with cheating toe rags again !!

  42. I hate talk talk they do not answer my emails or phone calls and now been waiting 4 months for someone to call me back! havnt been able to get emails for 2 days now,I will be cacelling now I have had enough!

  43. I’m in Lancashire and never since last September have I had a good service! why did I leave BT! Talktalk dont know how to deal with me on the phone when I ring they just fob me off with stupid things like have you checked the settings and most stupid one has got to be is your phone line plugged in! HELLO Ive been trying to ring your stupid company for 3 wks when I finally get through after holding for god knows how many mins they tell me to do stupid things like that…Talktalk estimated 50 million joining up for Broadband but when the figures reached 80 Million they couldnt cope it took them 4 1/2 months to actually get me connected leaving me with no Broadband for weeks,I too recommended them to family and friends and now I get all the back lash from them!

  44. “Dave W” I’m in South of England. I got a call from Talktalk from a indian accented man who stated that he was calling about my email that I had sent. I had sent one concerning whether or not Talktalk were in breach of contract due to indifferent service?? He then put me onto someone else with an Indian accent who could only ask the question ‘what can I do for you?’? They phoned me???? He advised me!!!!! That the problem would be fixed in 24hrs!!!!! Still think that Talktalk are in breach of contract. Anybody else got any thoughts on the matter??

  45. Tim G
    got the same here. Guess what. its 1430 on thursday and I have had mails all day!! Shhh don’t tell anyone else, or they’ll start crying.

  46. Ok. How many of you Guys work for BT? 🙂

  47. Dave w, likewise my account has been logging in regularly today. Oops just tempted fate….!!!!!!!!

  48. It’s 6-20pm and I havn’t had a chance to call my friends at TT to wake them up. Now that’s not fair!!!

  49. Looks like they fixed it, only took a week, noticed how when the vitriol starts to fly around here it gets fixed !

  50. Anybody clarify this? I’ve never (yet) had any problem with Talktalk broadband but have had loads of email problems like we’ve all suffered in the last few days. I’ve heard that Talktalk (and Pipex and Tiscali…) use a company called Opal Solution/Opal Telecoms to provide and host email services for them. Is this right? If so Talktalk need to change away from them…and I need to make sure that, should I change away from Talktalk, I don’t go to Tiscali or Pipex!!!

  51. Martin
    You are correct in saying TT uses opaltelecom for mail service. Like you I must be honest in saying the only problems I’ve had is indeed the e-mail we all have recently experienced. There was a “teething” problem in the begining with wireless routing as they said they did not support it, but openly sold it on thier home page.
    But again you had to use the toy modem they sent with the set up package.
    They are cost effective,as far as i’m concerned so until a cheaper or equialent service comes along what can I do?
    The only realistic option is bact to BT but, at those prices? NEVER!

  52. I agree with you Dave.

    As long as BT continue to be expensive and have their call centre in India(not meant in a racist context!) and as long as Talktalk’s actual broadband connection remains as reliable as it has been since I joined them early in 2006 then I’ll stay with Talktalk.

    I would need to pay for line rental and phone calls elsewhere if I left Talktalk. Their broadband costs me nothing and so I don’t feel bad about having…or more accurately choosing…to use Google Mail as my main email account from now on.

    Except for 3 hours, broadband for my laptop and Xbox has been 100% since I joined Talktalk 1 year ago. I was with BT before Talktalk and was without broadband for more than 3 hours in 1 year with BT. I had the priviledge of paying them £26 a month or something for it as well!

  53. I threatened Talk Talk with Breach of Contract and they agreed to waive the £70 cancellation fee so I could move back to my old ISP. Trouble is they’re still trying to bill me and I’m on to Ofcom, Otelo and the small claims court to try and sort them out. Worst Company in the World 2007! E-mail Charles Dunstone, the CEO, at c.dunstone@cpw.co.uk just for the satisfaction, but don’t expect a reply

  54. Teething problems I think,my e-mail went on the blink as far as receiveing was cocerned,I phoned ’em up,they looked into it,phoned me back and said it will be ok from tomorrow,and its been perfect since, customer services phoned me up as I e-mailed about the phone cutting off,
    they looked into it,phoned me back again and assured me al will be ok in two weeks,that is the only problem I have at the moment,

  55. Well. All’s well that ends well. Its been fun chattin’ to you and comforting ( in an ironic sense)to know that we all have similar ( or ) had similar problems. So I will now think to myself in future times of crisis that I am not alone in the world and that others may even be worst off than I am. Take care Dave W
    Three Cheers for this Blog. and thanks to the moderators. HIPHIP HIPHIP. HOORAY!!

  56. Ps. I’m now going to moan about the Wales rugby Squads inabilty to communicate on the field. ( hehe)

  57. Thanks for the email address of Mr Dunstone. This produced FAST results!
    A tech guy, who knew what he was talking about, called me and went through my (Mac) web & email problems.
    It turned out to be a firewall issue. Not sure why, as it used to be just fine. They must have changed something.

  58. I have configured Outlook express to send and receive email from my old onetel email address using incoming pop3 mail.onetel.net.uk and outgoing SMTP smtp.talktalk.net. It also works with tiscali and screaming.net emails

  59. I have 2 problems with TalkTalk
    1) Can’t send e-mails
    2) Can’t open MSN (Windows Live Messenger)

    Speak to TalkTalk almost everyday – all different ‘solutions’ – and NONE of them work. Last night some woman quite snottily told me MSN was NOT their problem – even though it was working perfectly before transferring to them.
    I used to enjoy my computer – not anymore – thank to TalkTalk.
    Any help – gratefully received

  60. I continually get this message;

    Timeout Exceeded
    Session Timeout – Your login session has timed out.
    Your account activity has been inactive for too long.
    7200 seconds maximum timeout allowed
    Login to your account again
    If you are still unsuccessful accessing your account

    Contact the Administrator noreply@opaltelecom.co.uk for assistance

    but noreply@opaltelecom.co.uk for assistance doesnt seem to exist – any suggestions?

  61. it has told me there is an error on my e-mail site, can you tell me whats happening and why , will i be able to pick up mail and send it

  62. I’ve had nothing but problems too. In fact, I was missold the service by being told I could access all my old AOL mail free of charge as a condition of signing up. This is wrong as I am charged to access these. I’ve also noticed my telephone bill that came through today contains calls I know I never made.

    I have now cancelled the contract today after just two months, after needing technical help two days running (with painfully long waits before customer service answered) for poor connection which did not have any lasting effect. Also I’ve had problems accessing e-mail which kept cutting out and having to log back in mid e-mail composition. This morning, I couldn’t even log in at all because I kept gettng pop up blocker notices disallowing me access, which I couldn’t get rid of even removing it from the top bar.

    The technical lady I spoke to seemed helpful at first, but once they realised they couldn’t resolve my e-mail issues (poor connection, keeps logging out) she simply blamed my computer for the problem and simply hung up without warning. This was truly disgraceful – to leave me stranded like that with no resolution.

    I must say, cancellation has been OK so far. I am not being charged the disconnection fee, the lady on the phone was more like a therapist than a call cancellation clerk and went to some trouble to ensure that I did everything correctly to get my modem charge back. I have been told I will get and no forward telephone costs appearing on my astonishingly high first bill, plus I will get the modem charge back too. I have also said I will not pay for the calls that I don’t recognise as mine so I will only get charged the line rental.

    I’ve decided to revert back to my old service provider which I have not completely left anyway (effectively meaning I am with two providers).

    Talk Talk is useless if you are running a business, and not much good for personal use either, so it seems from the comments above. So don’t be tempted to cut costs until CPW have truly got their act together.

    I suppose, like anything, you only get what you pay for – so a free broadband service will inevitably mean subscirbers effectively being guinea pig customers who should be grateful for any kind of service they get, and not moan if the system breaks down. Unfortunately, if you run a small business, time and effort wasted solving connection problems is money wasted – and so it turns out hideously expensive.

  63. Friend of mine has the same problems as so many other people – the 7200 seconds timeout for ‘inactive line’ even though she’s using it at the time! It cannot have escaped peoples’ notice that the Administrator’s email for TalkTalk is ‘noreply@etc’ – no surprises there then. I loved the comment about the other bane of so many peoples’ lives – AOL. TalkTalk connectivity and AOL, what a winner that must be! I’ve been with the same ISP since 1996 and have only lost my connection unexpectedly twice in that time. When the servers are going to be worked on I get an email 2-3 days in advance telling me when the ‘outage’ is likely to occur (normally in the early hours of the morning) and for how long (5-10 minutes). OK, I pay 24.99 a month for an 8Mbit line but the helpdesk (phone, online and live chat with a techie) is free 24/7/365. Now that’s what you call service.

  64. I agree and more with what everybody on this website seems to be saying about talktalk.e-mail. It is so frustrating and the back up??? technical help is where. I will be out of here a.s.a.p. Ive had two heart atacks and trying to avoid another but this so called server is making me tear out my hair.Bye talk talk – Kath.

  65. I have tried to report and get action on a faulty phone line for over three weeks, since last even ing i cannot connect to the internet via my selected browser or access my emails. ive spent endless time trying to talk to talk talk operatives, being told i have disconnected my service and have been billed £72, to BT have slammed my line and i now belong to them, all of which is false. BT wont speak to me becauses im not a customer, talk talk says I terminated my contract, i did not. so they cant do any thing. when i ring again and speak to anothr operative im told i have not been disconnected at all and i havent got a bill for £72, excuse me im looking at it ! so now exassperated im writing to the head office before sending a copy on to the communications complaints dept. hoever having read the long list of complaints i doubt if im going to get anyhere with it. happy christmas.

  66. 6 hours trying to get email think i will go back to text on my phone

  67. After reading all other peoples coments.
    I have been trying to setup outlook2003 but no
    help from technical or customerservices
    I have spent hours on the phone .
    always answermachine recorded message saying
    due to high volume of calls we are busy .
    please call other time.when get through they cant help.

    S ALAM


  69. I keep getting the message,your session has expired log on again when typing e-mail.I lose what I have done each time, how do I get round this problem. Is there a key to press to get me back to my message?

  70. Peter Koniotes

    I pay Talktalk £10 over the top because Holland-on-Sea is not connected directly.
    This has gone on for over 29 months. They promised me I would be connected within 3 months. Now I find they have done some work on the service and I cant get any e-mail.
    Why dont you get your finger out and sort these problems out?

  71. unable to send and receive e mails cant get anyone to sort me out please help

  72. further to my complaint the money goes out of my account every month, but i am not getting any service

  73. Christina Butterick

    My talktalk email address is christinabutterick@talktalk.net. It’s just stopped working for some unknown reason so it’s no good notifying me of follow-up comments to that address. Am I to inform all my friends not to use talktalk email any more or will someone fix it?

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