Definitely e-mail problems at Talk Talk

Hey guys,

Not sure what the resolution is just yet. My guess is there’s some kind of outage. There’s an insane amount of you coming here from Google looking for a solution. Employees, you out there?

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To possibly help, here’s a link to the e-mail tag with everything that’s been posted here.

If any of you have addresses for Talk Talk’s servers I can try and run some diagnostics.

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109 responses to “Definitely e-mail problems at Talk Talk

  1. is at
    It Pings ok but receiving mail is very spasmodic.
    Also tonight the webmail interface seems to be down too ( 0n which can also be pinged)

  2. I tried telnetting into the above address on SMTP, IMAP and POP3 ports to do some simple tests. Not even a Hello…. Heh. I suspect they have it blocked. But, I did notice the first few packets in a ping were dropped to the 134 address. Likewise with at (same subnet) .121.

    I’m going to leave a constant and just what I get tomorrow, might at least tell us if it’s basic network problems. Seems like it’s the only way to find anything out.

  3. I’ve had good service from TalkTalk so far but e-mail has gone ‘doo-lally’ the last two or three days. That’s a good Scottish word for you. It started downloading just occasionally and now not at all. Sending is no problem. I can’t see it being a firewall problem. Let’s hope they fix it soon.


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  5. I keep getting this is it the same as everyone else?

    The connection to the server has failed. Account: ‘’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

  6. Have you seen this from TT’s webmail page:

    “Due to the technical difficulties we have been experiencing today we have taken the webmail services down for emergency essential maintenance.

    We expect the outage to last from 8pm on Saturday 16th December to 12pm on Sunday 17th December.

    Again we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused during this period.

    Do not build your hopes up too soon as I have read a thread on one of the forums to the effect that TT hope to have the problem resolved by tuesday.(next tuesday I presume)

  7. Talktalk broadband for me has been O.K. up to now, but the mess they made of upgrading the Email servers makes me wonder, the Email was reacting with all the speed of a sloath on Valium for several days them quit all together for the weekend. In my case this happened at the same time as a software and anti-virus upgrade, guess who spent hours checking for conflicts and firewall issues ! I thought Talktalk had an alert system, wish they had told us the servers were going to be changed.

  8. It has been an uphill struggle – “joined” in August, got connected in November. Problems all the time. Have you ever tried the broadband helpline? You get music, then ringing then….disconnected! You owe us £2 thank you very much. I have written 3 times to Charles Dunstone – never get a reply. Just a customer “service” person. They ordered me a modem in the Carphone Warehouse. They ordered the wrong one. Couldn’t get set up. Modem helpline didn’t want it back – neither did the shop! After going to three shops, eventually persuaded them to take it back and refund me. I’m an olddashioned lady and I switch off my modem when it’s not in use. Never yet managed to connect first time. Is the server overloaded – especially in the evening? Irecognise the error codes from Mike Chappell – I’ve had it constantly. Maybe the new server upgrade will solve my problems – or will it???
    Also go into various Carphone Warehouse shops and ask a question. You’ll get completely different answers – all wrong and all opposite to each other!!!

  9. Hi
    After this past weekends lack of service from TalkTalk – their entire webmail was shut down! Has anyone else had the problems I am having with repeat e-mails from the 16th December constantly coming into my inbox….despite them being deleted from my webmail! Yesterday I had over 1,000 ‘old’ e-mails drop into Outlook from my webmail! TalkTalk as usual haven’t responded to my request for ‘help’. If anyone has any ideas what to do – please do let me know. TalkTalk is the pits and they should bebarred from calling themselves an ISP – they are clueless.

  10. Well, i to have suffered great pain in trying to get any sense from customer support.
    i have written several times and had no response at all, and when finally they decide to make any reply they just tell you to phone technical support.
    on several of my mails i have clearly stated what the problem is and also indicated that if they are not competent to resolve the issue, that they forward my mail to tech support and let them get back to me.
    guess what! they replied, please contact tech support. Grrrrrrr.
    so why have an email service when they only reply to use tecjh support? they should just say, if you have a problem dont email us cuz we aint got a clue anyway.
    and why they cannot just email us all when they know there is going to be a problem or downtime, after all they are a communication specialist, or are they?

  11. Re Sandra repeat emails. Yes myself and friends on TT also having the same problem. No point in even trying ‘support’…..useless. If we have this problem then others must do as well. WHY don’t TT just post a bulletin to advise us of the problem and fault progress?

  12. I have been having constant problems with Talk Talk Broadband since June 2006. Still being charged for my “free service” despite being told it will be sorted – it never is! Now e-mails coming to me 3-4 times over. What a shambles – wish I had stayed with Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange & that was bad enough!!

  13. My mum has had no email since December the 22nd. She has rung tech help many times but gets no help whatsoever. This is the second time that onetel has failed her as they lost all of her email addresses and messages when they had a change over one year ago. I use Yahoo mail and find it fantastic. I don’t know why people bother with onetel email as the storage capacity is very small and it is unreliable. To coin a phrase it is “unfit for purpose”.

  14. i was given an account with talktalk,with a starting date of 1st Jan. i phoned today with a problem with , yes, e-mail. i get incoming msgs, but i cant send msgs.i was cut off too, i couldnt understand a word she was saying ( packystanny), and yes you guessed it , i still have an E-MAIL PROBLEM. how do u calm down, talk talk r shit, stay away, need i say anymore. run well u still can. im stuck like all the other suckers trapped by there sales pitch.
    i hope this helps you

  15. i have had talk talk for six months still havent been able to get email working. i have phoned talk talk five times and have told five different ways to resolve the problem, guess what, none of them work!!! given up now sticking with tiscali.

  16. If you are having technical problems like the last two bloggers may I suggest that you try registering with one of the technical forums on the web.
    I have found the PCAdvisor forum
    to be excellent but there are loads out there.
    There is every chance that you will get some helpful advice within minutes of posting your query. Far better than expecting TT to sort out your problem.
    By the way I have today received a letter from TT apologizing for the post LLU breakdown in service and laying the blame at the door of BT Openreach whose engineers carried out the changeover.

  17. If you cannot receive incoming emails then you may find it difficult to get registered on a forum as the first thing they will do is email you a link to activate your account,and you cannot post a query without an active account. Perhaps if you still have an old pre TT email address then you could use that. I,for example,can still access incoming mail on my old freeserve email address via the Orange Webmail facility.

  18. Been on TalkTalk Broadband since it started, best Ive had! Never a problem!! No I don’t work for them. Here’s a tip for you all. Use a web based email Like Yahoo or GMail etc. Have fun.

  19. I have been very happy with TT and have been using it since July 2006. But now it will not accept my password or user name although I have been using them since July. Can I get help from them NO!

  20. After a shaky start, talk talk seemed to be working but for the last month, since I have properly switched from BT to TT, I have problems with emails: I cannot access MSN/Hotmail at all, I can read Yahoo mail but cannot read/download attachements, reply or forward or load attachements. I can read & receive mails from talktalk email service ( but cannot load attachements and reply to email (I have to create a new email). Also the speed promised is not there and it varies widely between 200kbps and 2mbps.
    After several days talking to their friendly but clueless support teams, the best reason I am given is that the exchange is experiencing difficulties and that it will be sorted soon…
    Any one has got a solution to my problem?

  21. Yep I to have had and still getting loads of problems from TalkTALK loads of email error problems like not being recognized on server ,password authentication problems, and the best one that Outlook 2003 reports is to many connections with my I just pinged TT’s email server and only got 3 replies back it timed out on the fourth ,I am seriously thinking about complaining to OFCOM aboput them and buying myself out of the contract if I need to and going somewhere like ZEN .
    Any more suckers out there with the same thoughts email me back ,it seem rather strange how my freinds who are on AOL are not suffering the same problems with their email.

  22. been with talktalk since the start, logging in through the talktalk webmail has always been a problem, set up all my e-mail addresses and only the main 1 very occasionaly works, total hit or miss, the old adage sums it up, you get what you pay for, NOTHING.

  23. Here’s a fix that work for me while getting “Email Address not found” on the Werbmail login at:

    …try the new dashbored access page at:

    …this time the explanation of what to log in with is accurate and actually visible. If you cant find it, the automatic password retrieval number is also given below … so you have in this case to be at home and have a pencil ready. You get the opportunity to update all you passwords but what’s handy is a WEBMAIL access tab that WORKS.

    So the TalkTalk IT problem seems to be between servers….. as this one “” in this case got through successfully. It could be that the original bottleneck was cleared while I was playing; any other reports about this approach might be useful?

  24. I have chronic and continuing problems with all aspects of my Talk Talk “service”. Frankly I think it is a waste of time running diagnostics etc. The fact of the matter is that Talk Talk simply do not provide the service that they advertise. So I strongly advise all victims of Talk Talk to immediately switch to another, competent , internet provider. That’s what I am going to do.

  25. I also contacted the corporate carfonewarehouse website and asked to speak to the corporate affairs directors PA, and was put through to customer services by a less infuriating route….. yes I’ve sat so long I’ve had to give up 1. because the batteries to my wireless phone gave out, 2. beacause being human a bladder is only good for a reasonable time.
    Within 2hours I received a full refund and apology for all the broken promises, conflicting statements (No you wont have to pay; no you don’t have to return it; We are debiting your account for…; phone this number; -it’s got nothing to do with us we don’t deal with that; charges for calls to talktalk £xx; Yes we’ll reimburse you…) the list is practically endless. The free broadband is obviously afforded by not spending anything on personnel training. The business model is basically flawed and the company is floundering because the problems are not acknowledged and there is no means to communicate them to the elite execs who are paid to make decisions. Young people without experience of these issues are not supported and are left in the front line powerless to do anything even if they could see what’s happening. Spare them a thought -even if they can’t appreciate how you are feeling (thank god).

    All that remains is to find out how to get a copper line installed when BT have a monopoly on obliging a 12month rental contract and Talktalk refuse to supply a copper loop installation contract. So no family saving and no budget to co-exist with BT. Unbundling?? Unbungling would be more accurate and since no-one can see what’s going on, how can the issue be raised with the regulators or the sense of fair play that used to encourage most people?

    Fairly PSTN’d off.

  26. six months into TT and no usable email service I have been up the hill and back again with support, I even had the florida geeks look into my PC all to no avail. My in box works sporadically and never when I want to recieve anything important. I’m getting to the point of dumping them and facing the consequences. Surely a small claims court would not be on the side of a supplier whose goods are unfit for purpose whatever it says in the small print. Why should we have to “buy out”. Are there any leagal experts out there to advise ?

  27. Signing up for the Talk Talk ‘phone/broadband package was the worst decision I have made on the domestic front for some time.
    Touch wood, no problems with the ‘phone, but the broadband experience has been appalling from the word go.
    It would take too long to list the succession of faults etc. Suffice to say that I’ve had enough by a long way.
    The phrase ‘Customer Service’ is a misnomer in Charlie Dunston’s empire. It’s simply an unbelieveably bad product.
    I am waiting for the 18 months to roll by, then I’m off. I could get out earlier if I hand over £70, but to pay to get away from crap service really hurts.

  28. i have not been able to log onto my talktalk email for 2 days…. different error messages each time
    Am i the only one?

  29. talk talk provide an adequate sevice.

    the biggest problem, which I am sad to see is not uniquely mine, is the extremely poor-to-non-existant. e-mail service.

    I have simply given up and opted for a web based e-mail address instead.

    A lot of hassle; and very annoying for my contacts but talktalk have left me with no alternative.

    Shame really as the web-based service seems fine.

  30. after over 24 hours of being unable to download my e-mail, I left the computer on all night and finally had a full inbox this morning (it was set to check every 5 mins); the server is obviosuly overloaded with requests during the day – this is something that TalkTalk really should be able to fix !!

    I have had no problems sending e-mails and the boradband as such has been fine as well

  31. I have now had a reply from TalkTalk to a customer service e-mail I sent them yesterday about the ‘no response from server problem’.

    “I understand this is very frustrating, however, we are currently
    experiencing a fault with our email server, which is why you are unable
    to access your emails. This is currently been looked into by our
    engineers as a main priority but as of yet there is no exact time in,
    which this will be resolved. If this problem persists please contact our
    Technical Support Team on 0871 226 7146 who should be able to give you
    an update as to the problem been fixed.

    Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused due to this

  32. Denial -a management strategy used by 50% of the workforce, 95% of management.

    Any other jokes come to mind, anybody?

  33. Microsoft have published ‘white papers’ and techie tools with clear instructions on how to use them. Purpose? to give the equivalent of a driving test to a business user of a particular operation of a server -aka Email Server- so you know the signs and symptoms of OVERLOAD before the server becomes OVERLOADED and everyone who depends on your business like prowess -falls over as a result of holding their breath.

    Rocket science it most definately is NOT, buy more servers and employ a resident mechanic who can put the wheels back on! Incidentally, for the concerned millions of T2 email users who come home in the afternoon to eagerly check if they’ve had a reply (to anything….) the customer service reply of having trouble with their “email server” – is not a good sign. Talktalk would do well to get a grip, and relax their stranglehold on their customers lives. The excuses have run out, hand in hand, with their credibility. I think.

  34. Hi

    I am having trouble with talktalk emails – has anybody got a solution – it is slowly driving me mad

  35. Yes, I too have not been able to receive any e-mails for a couple of days even though if I sign on to their webmail with internet explorer (not firefox) I can read them. I use Thunderbird normally but it seems TT is playing DumbDumb. There is a bright side, the tremendous amount of spam TT lets through has also stopped.

  36. Yes I too have not been able to receive any e-mails for a couple of days even though if I sign on to their webmail with internet explorer (not firefox) I can read them. I use Thunderbird normal but it seems TT is playing DumbDumb. There is a bright side the tremendous amount of spam TT lets through has also stopped

  37. I’m also one of the unlucky ones concerning the current email fault – I seem to be able to send OK but cannot receive (using OE), nor on frequent occasions even able log on via webmail. It would certainly help if talktalk had a ‘service status page’ so that customers could check to see if the problem was at the ISP or one of their own making. or not.

  38. Totally unable to access emails AGAIN – seriously thinking of moving ISP – service is non existent and to the web constantly drops- very fed up!

  39. There is a setting in Outlook called “timeout” Tools>Accounts>Change Settings>More Settings>Advanced which controls just how long your email client will listen for responses from the account pop3 mail servers (mail. & smtp.). Mine is currently set at 2mins. I am experiencing difficulties from 4-5pm onwards, but not a complete absence of mail delivery.

    Normally these timeouts are short and that says enough about expectations of service performance in the real world; under exceptional circumstances you can alter these settings to allow a very, very patient waiting period… There are limits, but also the server side may give timeout scope to improve all but the worst delivery bottlenecks. Not a solution, but a cup of tea brings a change of scenery.

    I do have the same frustration that I can’t work happily on anything involving communicating with email while this mess is in place.

  40. Same as the rest, after two years good service it’s all fallen apart, does anyone have a newbies guide to picking up talktalk email by a web based program?

  41. I use a program called “PingPlotter” (google search)

    It shows the ‘hops’ your IP packets make between routers on their journey to an IP address; drawn graphically and showing the time taken over each hop. This shows the level of demand placed on each router by competing traffic and can be displayed as total time taken averaged over several hours… giving a good picture of the good and bad parts of the day.

    just type:
    …try comparing the results with something like on Wednesday or Saturday evening during a rollover day, or the same sites on Sunday morning.

    It doesn’t change a thing does it… but it does make the underlying causes real.

    Look a gift horse in the mouth when it tells you something. (anon)

  42. Diabolical mail service, why I am still with them I do not know.

    Can’t get in touch with them to complain.


  43. Cannot access mail either in the early parts of the evening every day nearly, nore through the website, pathetic…

    You would think they would have debugged by now!

  44. Had enough got gmail, just need to change addresses on my other accounts, copletely miss outtalktalk mail

  45. Dissapointed to hear of everybody having problems with tt e-mail service but in one way relieved as guess what ? yes i too have had no connection to my email for 2 days . THE WAIT GOES ON !!!!!!!

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  47. if anyone gets this then I will **** a brick as I have been unable to send/receive all night and everything looks OK

    It says sent, but never turns up and inbox is empty despite loads a mates sending e-mails

    Are we mad or should we start logging details for the compensation claim. I am thinking of going to the small claims court as this is not service and I am being ripped off!!

    The campaign should start where we all demand a month’s subscription back.

    Regards, to all those invisibles out there.

  48. Email still impossible to use fourth day, my alternative server still works just fine ( Tesco ) and has done without a hiccup for four years. Message there for you Charlie, even the grocer can do it better than you can.

  49. Am guessing am not alone with fault receiving emails
    The connection to the server has failed. Account: ‘Mail Server’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

  50. Hi Folks, just adding my voice of dissent – I have never been particularly happy with the quality of TalkTalk’s POP3 servers but just lately (for the past few days) any attempt to retrieve my email at any time from 5pm (when I get in) to midnight is met with failure at various stages of the prcess. Sometimes OE doesn’t even contact the email server, sometimes it gets as far as ‘connecting’, sometimes even as far as ‘Authorising’ before failing with a message telling me my POP3 server has not responded for 30 seconds, do I want to try again… I emailed talktalk and to be fair I eventually received (well after midnight) a reply, which said “We are currently experiencing an outage with our servers. This affecting our customers who are trying to access there account and also there webmail. Our engineers are dealing with this as a priority, and hope to have a resolution for this shortly”. It’s good that they have acknowledged there is a problem, but it seems to be no nearer resolution a day after I received that email.

  51. It’s Thursday, it’s 5pm and it’s…… incoming mail through my mail client.

  52. oh my goodness gracious me ! sorry for lapsing into the venacular, but have been on the line to TALKTALK customer (UN)service then broadband (UN), support, then they ring me back, at least i think it was them whispering away in the background, lots of different stories all pinpointing one major problem, A LACK OF OR NO BASIC TRAINING THAT UNDERPINS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICES.
    The old adage left and right hands not knowing what the other is doing springs to mind.
    Joined in December no email in or out till today and that is intermittant thank goodness my previous ISP is running piggy back for a short time. i shall be giving PLUSNET a call first thing tomorrow to ask if they will take me back not one problem in the the four years i was with them.
    Also can u believe nobody at TALKTALK could give me an IPS tag to transfer my wifes website, then even more incredulaty at the statement from a ‘2nd line tech’ S ORRY WE DON’T HOST WEBSITES AND WE DON’T SUPPLY A WEBSPACE’ well i can tell you i nearly choked on my chicken madras.
    great blog by the way.

  53. Friday February 23, 2007.
    Onetel & TalkTalk, one and the same. Poor services just getting worse – trouble is with all these so-called “Service Providers” simply catching a ride on BT Wholesale, these are not active ‘Technology’ Companies but participants!
    No POP3 so far today, but TT’s Broadband Service in this neck of the woods (Gloucestershire) is in decline; at times Bandwidth is zero …going nowhere!

  54. Word on the street is that TT have upgraded their mail servers this week – hence the disruption every evening.
    Since yesterday morning I have had nearly 48 hours of uninterrupted service.
    Why oh why do TT not just put a status page on their website and keep us informed of what is going on?
    I am quite happy to accept that they may have a problem if they tell me so and save me the total waste of time of;
    A: Phoning the call centre ,or
    B:Wondering if it is my system at fault.
    C’mon TT it’s not rocket science.

  55. This morning I sent an email to Mr Dunstone re: a status page on his website and pointing out that so many of his customers were wasting their time:
    1.Posting unnecessary threads on forums.
    2.Posting unnecessary entries on blog sites.
    3.Phoning the call centre which is invariably a complete waste of time,and
    4.Worst of all,not knowing if the problem is with them or us and spending hours tinkering about with system settings.

    This afternoon I received his reply as follows:

    “Thank you for your email, you are quite right and it is in production and will be added to our website in the very near future.

    Thank you for the suggestion and apologies for the problems caused.


    Charles Dunstone”

    I hope he is true to his word

  56. IMAP service has been broken now for at least 5 days. What is the contractual level of service ?

  57. Is someone extracting the urine here !!!. I have not been able to access my mail in over a week.
    I am not a very happy bunny !!!!!!!.

  58. Having problems receiving only, been like it for five days,can get my mail on their web mail but they say if I can get it on web mail I should get it on my mail prog. “Incredimail” so what do I do now? btw. sending is fine.

  59. Have had no problems recently with TT email but I was told by second line in February that they were aware of issues relating to email latency and would be monitoring the problem then I was told that there is no service agreement for email as there is supposed to be for broadband ,however saying that I now have a direct contact with a 2 nd line techie who always seem to know his onions and allways delivers solutions quite rapidly who by the way uses G .mail or Yahoo .
    Anybody else had any more problems please feel free to email me.

  60. My email has been more or less ok for a couple of weeks now but another problem has arisen whereby I don’t seem able to download anything bigger that about one meg ! This means I can’t update my anti-virus . The line seems ok until the download size reaches just over a megabyte then it stops. Has anyone else had this problem ?

  61. I honestly thought it was just me! I am not

  62. March 13th. still cannot download my e-mails,
    I can send OK.
    I have to go to talk talk web mail each time to read my mail.does anyone know what the problem is and are the supposed to be doing anything ?

  63. I can download emails, but I can’t send from either of the two computers at present. One uses Outlook and the other Outlook Express, but both are equally vulnerable to this fault. The incoming POP service is different on each machine and they work fine – it is only the TT SMTP server. This has happened at least half a dozen times over the past six months and each episode lasts for four or five days. Numerous calls to TT get me nowhere.

  64. Why anyone would even use provider email (BT, TalkTalk, Tiscali etc) is totally beyond me. Why don’t you just sign up to a hotmail account or a Googlemail account. Both are free, both work, you can access them anywhere in the world on any computer and you don’t need to mess around with crappy Outlook and most importantly it would stop the moaning.

  65. Frank, you’re so right. I’m waiting for TT to call me back right now, and whilst waiting, I’ve found this blog site. And there’s me thinking I was alone, and also that I might eventually receive the countless emails I know are ‘out there’ somewhere. After reading all the above comments, I’m seriously thinking about using yahoo/hotmail or suchlike. But first I really want to receive what I know is out there, but think this unlikely now. Has anyone else with similar problems ever got the email that had been sent, say, weeks ago…? I really need to know what’s been sent to me. Cheers for any help…

  66. Well they never did call me back. What a surprise. So I now have a Hotmail address, and luckily with the same prefix as my AOL and the TalkTalk. All friends have been sent a text and an email to that effect, so goodbye TT. You certainly won’t be missed…

  67. talktalk screwed up my account…….they had no records of any problems…now i cant even get broadband as theyve screwed that up too.
    no one else can give me braodband unless i have a new box installed by bt(125 quid).
    to be blunt,they dont give a crap,the free broadband isnt actually free and whenever theirs a problem you might as well shoot yourself in the foot…….itd be more constructive.
    their helpline is in india……….run by people who have as much a problem understanding me as i do them. i even had to tell one of them how to install the software and set up a mail account….he didnt have a clue????.
    NICK: talktalk dont phone back….dont log any records of what youve spoken about in the past so you have to repeat yourself over and over again.

  68. I’ve been with Talk Talk for 18 months and didn’t have any problems until Feb this year when I moved ocer to their free Broadband. Now I’m having terrible trouble receiving emails – they either don’t arrive at all, arrive hours or days later, or just turn up as normal! By some miracle I actually managed to speak to someone with an English Accent last Friday (20th) – no racism intended – and she told me that they were aware of the problem – HALLELUJHA !!!!! Then came the lie….it should be fixed by the weekend. Well, it’s now Monday – AND IT STILL ISN’T FIXED !!!!!!!!!
    Tried ringing them again – automated message telling me to call back when they’re not so busy! In the meantime, how am I suppose to make a living when my customers can’t even email me!!!!!

  69. I’m having exactly the same problem with receiving email. Most emails sent to me are just not turning up. Those that do arrive hours or even days later. I’ve had no help at all from the so-called helpdesk, just the same lame assertion that they’re aware of the problem and are fixing it. My broadband connection is pretty reliable and I can send emails but receiving is a nightmare. I’m giving up now and changing to Hotmail or Google, which is very inconvenient but I feel I have no choice. In the meantime, there’s nothing I can do to find out which of my emails are floating around in cyberspace, never to arrive. It’s an appalling service.

  70. I have no prob sending and receiving emails from and to my pc, but unable to get the pop3 emails working properley on my phone, I can receive them ok but when I try to send it just wont have it! a message comes up ‘Unable to download message TO your phone’! could it just be the settingsin my phone? Anyone got any ideas?

  71. Haven’t received any pop3 emails via TT since May 12th. Sometimes they arrive in bulk several hundred at a time and up to a week later. Often the same batch is sent again several hours later. Last time this happened, TT dumped more than 2000 emails into my inbox. The only way I can currently access emails sent to me is via my g.mail account where mail from my domain name is forwarded to. I count down the days when my TT contract is up – 90 more to go.

  72. God bless all here.If you know that TT emails stinks,then why use it?I work for the Company(well,sort of,I’m part of the offshore service) and yes it’s embarassing not to mention irrtitating when i get email calls because i know i’m doomed.The only repsite is the new ones who don’t know any better.I simply redirect them to gmail,telling them that it’s the best thing for email since the keyboard was invented.They’re happy.Just like that big pussycat in Born free.Loved that movie.

  73. It’s now 2nd June 2007
    Still problems receiving Email
    Still no ‘status page’ on the Talktalk web site
    Complete denial by staff today that there is a problem with their email server.
    What a lousy company – spending hundreds of thousands on television adverts weekly to round up more customers when the service is not set up correctly!!!
    There must be an offence there somewhere of obtaining money be deception!!!

  74. i have downloaded incredimail software, but unfortunately problem arise when i send message….it says outgoing server POP3 is not found. please me to solve the problem.

  75. i am over 70, I learnt to use the computer so i could keep in touch with my family, agin the email isnt working, i am looking to change server, i have had enough.

  76. hi there, my onetel email keeps disappearing, and reappearing, it says it doesnt exist then it comes back again…i think its because it is full…can i somehow keep my email but get it handled by another provider?

  77. debbie Mccurdie

    How do I retrieve deleted sent messages?

  78. Hi wonder if anyone knows whats going on with mine i have just got talk talk everything is workin apart from the fact i cant log onto myspace ebay, read my yahoo emails buy things from im just lost i have disable firewall shut down virus software. if any one can help please please do.Cheers Guys

  79. Unless you have deleted it from your trash can as well, it should be in there. Just click on it.
    Good luck

  80. I just stopped using their “email” service. It just didn’t work and it was the usual “blah blah” from the front line robots in the call centers.

    my advice, use googlemail it rocks!

  81. I have never had any problems with Hotmail.

  82. Hi If you’re having problems with viewing secure sites ie ebay hotmail etc, 2 main things you can try is going into on explorer>basic>WAN settings> then check MTU is at 1432. other option is on internet settings, there should be an option to clear SSL certificates.

  83. My Onetel email a/c has always been a bit, shall we say eccentric, emails often arriving very very late if at all.

    Now, during a very important week for me, with lots of crucial work-related emails on the server (I’m self-employed), it has gone completely tits up, and I am a bit screwed.


  84. I have a onetel account. I have been receiving emails 24-36 hours after they were sent for a few weeks now. I think it is time to ditch onetel. The service is appalling.

  85. After suffering the same OneTel email problems in this thread over many months, and with really poor latency (24-36 hours) just this week, I asked OneTel customer service to post status on their website of the email server’s health/latency. Not holding my breath, but here is hoping…..

  86. I have the same problems with receiving email 24/36 hours late.
    I#’d love to ditch onetel but all our publicity has their emailaddy on it so cannot do it. is their an official body we could contact >> Oftel-Ofcom of whatever

  87. Ginny rattenbury

    Most of my email is THREE days late now in arriving in my inbox………makes Royal Mail seem like angels!!!

    On their telephone ‘status ‘number there is a recorded message stating ‘they are aware of email issues and are working to resolve them’. I did find this slightly comforting since the website status page does not show any problem.

  88. My emails have been arriving up to 3 days late since 9 August. The recorded message has been up since 11 August. They say they are working “towards a swift resolution”. This is now beyond a joke and I will be switching from Onetel just as soon as possible.

  89. Same story here, no emails within 3 days for the past 2 weeks. Onetel do not care about customer service any more. I feel sorry for the Indians at the call centre. They are just being used as a buffer to fend off angry customers. I won’t be buying my next mobile from Carphone Xxxxhouse.

  90. Why can’t they even keep their Status Site up todate. It shows everything working normally, when it obviously isn’t.

  91. Spoke to a Onetel service person today and he told me that the situation will not be resolved until the end of September!

  92. I have a onetel account too. I have experienced problems with connectivity to internet – indeed for a week in may i had no connectivity as the password would not verify, although was correct! Took many calls to onetel /talktalk to get sorted. This affected both web browsing and email. However, I have more than one account, and I would encourage others to never rely on one ISP to connect to internet – eg if you have broadband with one provider, have a backup dial as you go service, which you use intermittently to keep active – okay, it needs another modem for dial up , but not a huge issue – and very little cost if you keep it for backup use. If you have dial up only, then just set up a second dial up account based on pay as you go for backup purposes. But musat be from a different provider . No good having backup with the same ISP as your main ISP account.

    Then use it during periods when the main ISP account fails. (often failures can occur on ISP’s through “planned outages”, which you (the customer) are not told about!

    A more worrying issue for me since 15th August has been the lack of emails through Whereas a wait of an hour or two might be the norm for onetel in the past, I’m, now having emails delayed for days – or not coming through at all. I have waited days to receive emails through my onetel mail server, and it also can takes some time for outgoing messages to cross the server too.

    To counter this, I’m now signed up with EMAILSPACE.NET – a new email provider , who offer super fast, reliable connections and 24MB as opposed to the 10MB space of onetel.

    I would suggest people avoid using the free email accounts of their ISP, and go for an independent – which they can take with them if they move ISP. should be able to set up new accounts on line shortly – I got it ahead of this through knowing them.

  93. I have put two relatives on TalkTalk broadband and although accessing the Web was relatively straight forward, setting up the email has been a nightmare.

    On both occasions during set-up, an error message was returned suggesting that the CD is re-run in 30 mins. What a paina and of course it doesn’t work.

    As has already been said, very polite help desk but useless. We can send but not receive except for going on to MyTalkTalk and downloading from the Web site where they are all waiting!!! Amazing incompetence.

  94. L keep getting the following:

    The server responded with an error. Account: ‘’, Server: ‘’, Protocol: POP3, Server Response: ‘-ERR Cannot connect to POP server (, connect error 10060’, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC90

    I called technical support and was put through eventually to the higher level support. They tell me they cannot find my e:mail account and to call back in two days. This is a sick joke. My contract expires in Feb 2008. I can’t wait to leave.

  95. Its other way to describe it..they cant get their email up and running..its laughable. I would be quicker jumping in my car and driving to the persons who I am wiching to send an email to. Do as I do and forget about up another free email account of which there are many (Aol?Hotmail?Google/ etc etc) and get a life. Continue to use the talktalk broadband package and cancel your account when its up for renewal?


  96. I have precisely this problem and have now set up new e-mail accounts. Not only is POP e-mail not working, but web mail is inaccessible for most of the time.

    Customer services are blaming it on my anti-virus softwrae and are suggesting I switch it off!


    It’s about time Dunstone packed up trying to be a broadband provider and ISP and went back to flogging cheap mobiles from market stalls. That’s all he’s fit for.

  97. I am stilll waiting for a return call from Talktalk Re email issue. I was told yesterday 7 th Nov 07 that it would be sorted today, what a laugh even 2nd line haven’t a clue

    This needs reporting to watchdog or the papers

    Does anyone know how to get out of their contract

  98. Tried setting up talktalk for my Mum on Thursday the 8th November 2007. The setup program kept crashing (Connect and Go ?) therefore when I started getting Outlook express errors, I assumed that the email address I tried to register hadn’t indeed “registered” correctly. But later in the day, webmail appeared to work. So the address is fine – I have sent and received via webmail.
    Friday – nothing. Outlook Express always failed with SMTP errors, webmail failed full stop. Saturday morning I saw the bulletin about engineers trying to fix the problem, though I have since again sent and received via webmail. Outlook Express can receive but not send. either 800CCC6F / 554 error, or 800CCC0E / 10060 error. There seems to be several versions of IP address registered to In another account, the header of a mail received from talktalk (via webmail) shows the route of the message to originate from ( though if I lookup that address I think it is registed to
    I think DNS is stuffed unless someone can explian to me how to get OE working with the new talktalk address.
    Not too impressed so far.

  99. Looks like they were having teething trouble with there new Web Mail.
    I can now get my email in Outlook express and the new Web Mail looks good and it’s quick!

  100. If any of you have any issues with your TalkTalk email accounts you may find your answer on our Helpdesk link below:


    If the above doesn’t contain the answer try the TalkTalk members site , you can also PM on the members site should you need further assistance.

    Thank you

  101. I had a problem with Talk Talk from the start of signing up to their “free” broadband service. Thankfully it was resolved and I wanted to share it with you in case it may help others. When I signed up online I was not told of any connection charge, and only informed of charges for the TalkTalk modem. When my next bill arrived it had a connection charge of £29.99 on my bill. I phoned and emailed customer services, I use the term lightly, and after much toing and froing gained a satisfactory response, i.e a refund of the connection charge. On the telephone to the advisor I quoted directly from the terms and conditions, namely the following
    ” Connection Fee
    1.19 When you connect to our Network you will usually be charged a connection fee. This Connection Fee is levied in addition to any other Charges, which may be due under any other term of these Conditions and it arises primarily from charges which BT levy on us.
    Accordingly, we reserve the right to pass on some or all of these charges to you and if appropriate to charge you for any additional
    related expenses we may incur in relation to your connection. The Connection Fee will usually be charged at the point of connection to the relevant Service, but if you take more than one Service from us it will be levied only once. The Connection Fee is currently £29.99 but
    we reserve the right to increase, decrease or even waive this amount from time to time.
    We will notify you in advance if it is to be increased and you may be able to terminate your Contract in accordance with clause 15.1.”

    As i was a previous customer I believed the connection charge was an error. The adviser on the phone said he agreed with me and sought advice from his supervisor. He then came back and said although he agreed with me this was his onw personal opinion and he had in fact got it wrong and his supervisor told him he could not reverse the charge. This then told me that the terms and conditons are poorly written and open to mis-interpretation. I spoke to the supervisor, eventually, and he quickly agreed to reserve the charge. This he did almost immediately coming on the line. I believe if you get to speak to a supervisor they will back down quickly. They will tell the advisor to stand by their guns but are unable to do so themselves. I just wanted to share this story in case it may help anyone.

    Further to this I have had MTU problems now resolved thanks to this brilliant site.


  102. I have been on TalkTalk for 2 months now, the main problem I have is with the broadband dropping out during busy periods. However, my wife and 4 of her friends have had a real nightmare trying to send emails.

    The difference between my system and theirs, is that I run Linux Ubuntu on my machine, and they use Windows and Outlook Express.

    Yesterday, I installed Linux FreeSpire onto my wifes machine and she has had no problems since. The email settings on Thunderbird are the same as her old Outlook settings but she has been able to fire off email after email without any problem.

    Dropouts still happen, but our systems seem to recover within seconds without any major problems.

  103. Andrew Woodings


    Me too, I have had Talk Talk for a little while and since its installation I have had few problems to shout about, however, being now over 2 weeks with out email is crazy in this
    world of E-commerce surely!!

    I too have just spoken with some Techno Boffin in some Farr Away Country, (after being on hold mind you for 20 minutes ) who informed me that yes there is a problem with their servers being down but can’t give me ANY indication as to when it will be up and running again.

    Come on Talk Talk get into the 21st century, I moved to you for the better not worse……
    starting to wish I’d have stayed with BT…..

  104. Email problems still the same…Now 12th March 2008…pop servers at Talktalk still faulty!!!
    Strangely enough, a basic adsl modem will allow
    emails to be received but not with a Linksys Wireless Modem Router. This problem started over a week ago and Talktalk have still not sorted it out!

  105. Signed up to talk talk broadband took about 20 original help calls to get going,now my E#Mail keeps going down, Talktalk said they are having problems in the Ellesmere Port area.and it could take upto a few days to sort out. it was on breifly yesterday but at 0200hs today its back off.
    I am also experiencing an annoying time limit and after about 15 minutes It says my session is up and I need to re sign in. this can be most annoying if your working on an E-Mail report thats a bit complicated, does anybody know if I can switch this time out off?
    I am still angy with BT for all there underhanded bullying tactics with bills that are not user friendly with add on charges as service charges and no explanations.
    I had been with talktalk for my calls with line rental throgh BT yet Talktalk still charged me the £29 conection fee. how can that be when I was allready conected to them?
    I had expected talktalk to be more business like than Bullying BT. but as time’s going on I’m becoming less impressed. I hope this is only teathing troubles with the vast anount of customers leaving BT and signing up with TalkTalk.I hope thats the case if not I will again need to move on in my search for a decent server? any advice?

  106. Glad(?) to hear other folks are having trouble with email. I can receive, but not send email.

    Never mind that my broadband has now been down for 2 weeks and I’m having to use a 3-mobile broadband connection ( £10/month) to stay on line.

  107. Margaret Riordan

    what happining to e mail all changing all too much,please make it simple,forget adverts &other sites

  108. what is the point in complaining, to the worst customer service, in the intire world, when they are so thick they cant read, or. write. in a whole they are Morons, either put up or move to another provider. But never expect talktalk customer service to improve when year bye year they are becoming worse if that is at all possible. Cheap and lowsey…. aha

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