UK ISPs trying to milk more cash out of their customers.

I find this completely disgusting. After all the issues that Talk Talk have, to suggest using a pay service to have them resolved is way over the line. The other companies capitalizing on end user misery should hang their heads in shame. But then I could just be jealous, I’m available to friends and family under the ‘daughter in law’ free service.

They usually feed me.

Companies such as BT and PC World cash in as computer users struggle with technology, writes Clare Francis
Firms are trying to cash in on the problems at broadband firms such as Talk Talk with services that help you install your link, but critics say they only provide what broadband customers should be getting as part of their package.

In my mind it shouldn’t ever be that difficult to get an ADSL product or service up and running. Something is going a bit wrong here.

Watch out for costly internet support offers

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One response to “UK ISPs trying to milk more cash out of their customers.

  1. Oh I cant agree more.. I too am finding it disgusting I should have to pay to resolve issues that are caused by Talktalk.. especially regarding the latest email saga.. and dont get me started on the fact they offer 15mg FREE webspace but dont tell you what to do with it.. how to use it.. etc.. when you do ring for advise they tell you to get lost as we dont support this… um.. helllo they provide the service how come they dont support it… if I have to pay for help I want to get through immediately and not wait on hold 30 mins first!

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