Steve’s steely gaze fixed on his router.

The connection drops happen a lot. Here’s someone who kept an eye long enough to see the process. 20/1 it’s probably the same for everyone else.

Steve’s description:

In reference to the errors an 10-15 second disconnects you can see this problem more clearly on an ADSL router. I have the same problem and the router shows ADSL UP, PPP connecting, CONNECTED IP ADDRESS ……then ADSL DOWN, basically the ASDL light just flashes on and off and stays on at most for around 30 seconds. this is even from the master socket in the house. When it does conenct I can browse at 2meg for about 10 seconds before the disconnect kicks in, what kind of equipment are these monkeys using? maybe they are using very old BT kit for the broadband.

What does this mean?
2. PPP connecting

Essentially, the router is making a connection with the Talk Talk network. It’s negotiating and providing Talk Talk’s authentication kit with passwords and identifying information (so not just anyone can take advantage of this wonderful service.) It then receives its IP address and falls over. There’s been a lot of chatter here that just after PPP is CHAP authentication and that’s where it all goes a bit wrong.

For the non techies, think of it like a secret club. You walk to the door, do the special knock and give them the password. But, the secret club wants the password in French. You don’t know French. You’re then turned away, without entry.

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One response to “Steve’s steely gaze fixed on his router.

  1. Hi, I signed up to talktalk in August 2006, was told I would get b/band in September.

    While waiting, I reached a decision to go for a wireless router instead of a modem. Called them 22 Sep to cancel the modem order – they told me I couldn’t as it had ‘already been despatched’ and that once delivered I should take it to a Carphone Warehouse shop for a refund.

    The modem arrived around 9th November, within days of a letter advising that my b/band connection would go live on 19th Nov. I took it to the Carphone Warehouse shop in Chiswick (West London) yesterday 13th December: they told me I had been misadvised and they had no process for accepting the returned modem and refunding me the cost. So I will be interested to see the outcome of that particular issue.

    Between September and November I bought (on ebay) an unlocked BT Voyager 2091 router and a BT Voyager 1050 USB wireless adapter. I have tried in vain to get my b/band connection working, and I am really scratching my head.

    My router’s ADSL connection test shows that the wireless network connection is working, the ISP connection is working (and indeed I can see that traffic is there) and the ADSL connection is working fine with the sole exception of the ATM OEM F4 segment ping and end-to-end ping tets, which show FAIL. Can anyone help?

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