Magda maddened by international prefix woes

I am a Talk Talk phone customer but don’t use any of their international prefixes. Can anyone help Magda?

I’m one of TalkTalk unfotunate customers. Obviously I have had great
difficulties with getting promised broadband, I have been waiting since
5th of October. But it is last of my worries at the moment, main problem
is with unfair bill which I got from them on nearly110 pounds. They
charged me for international calls, which supposed to be free. From the
9 of NOvember TalkTalk has had obvious problem with their international
prefix 18418, which stopped to work. I’ve been adviced to use additional
one 1840, and they reasured me that it will be absolutely free. Well…
what else you can TalkTalk. They want me to pay this bill, what I’m not
going to do, but they put the bar on line. I JUST WANT TO GET RID OF
THEM. I wonder, whether thera are some other people who had same bad
experiance with international prefix. How to terminate the contract?
Will I need to pay res montly payment, which mean in my case montly
payment timed by 16. Could you please let me know as soon as possible?
My situation is rather difficult now, as I do expect to have a babby in
couple of days. And English is my second language, what make contact
with TalkTalk customer service. This story with Talk Talk is really too
much for me.

Please comment if you know if any tips or help you can provide.


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3 responses to “Magda maddened by international prefix woes

  1. Not being funny but did you bother to read the package part that said it was only to 28 mainland countries or did you just see the free international calls but of it?!

  2. As K says, only certain calls to certain countries are fee (mobiles are excluded, although the cost is reduced). Are you sure your calls qualified?

    What I have done is program the phone with 18418 before the international number. Now that I know TalkTalk has issues with this, I will be checking my bill carefully.

    Not that I’ll be able to SEE my bill because there’s a problem with my broadband username. WTF?

  3. You are not the only one!…..TT has charged a ridiculous amonunt of money £236 for international calls that supposed to be free. I have the numbers stored in my speed dial ( to the included destinations and prefixed with 18418), so I am 100% sure that the prefix has been dialed at all the time…..The response I get from TT is absurd. Now they say I have to dial manually, they said that I never dialed the prefix etc etc etc….I am amazed of such a bad customer service. I had to stop my direct debit and even to report this to my bank for an unauthorized charge, good to say that my call credit limit is £150. I am reluctant to give them my money. TT has put a bar on my line. I have to make a writen complain and wait for TT decision….Unbelievable

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