Happy holidays!

Just a quick note from me before I get back to updating.

Apologies for not being more on top of things, Talk Talk Hell is something I do in my spare time. Sometimes I don’t have enough of it. September, October and November was a mess of legal advice and drawn out e-mail conversations with the Carphone Warehouse’s legal “team.” The result was I couldn’t post as much as I wanted to. I had to figure out what you can say, what you can’t say and what you’re liable for if you do. There seems to be an uneasy peace at the moment but there’s also not a doubt in my mind they’ll be back in the near future. Right now they seem to be pre-occupied with attempting to censor other bloggers.

Sadly it seems that their legal standpoint is not to live and let blog, but rather threaten and let threaten.

Dreadful, isn’t it?

What I do appreciate is the help of everyone…. and the nice people at the Guardian who keep mentioning us, the original Thisismoney.co.uk journalist, the people who post this link on boards, blogs, websites…. And then the thousand or more of you here who keep posting with your problems, solutions and rants.

Hopefully we’ll have a better and more service oriented new year and then I can archive this into the halls of customer rage. That would be the ideal right? To no longer have a reason to post about the dreadful spawn of Talk Talk’s service, to have it improve and move on. But going by their behavior this year, I doubt that’s going to happen and can see this going well into the future.

But Christmas season is time for hope and a brighter outlook right? So here’s to hoping that Talk Talk Hell can close down in 2007, here’s hoping it won’t be necessary to run this blog or log the complaints, here’s to hoping they get their service sorted for good.

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