Some theories about BT and Talk Talk’s LLU issues

I’ve heard this before, by people who work for other ISPs. Nothing from BT (Darren, you still around?) that confirms it but then, would you? Have a read through and click the link. Well, unless you came from Money Saving Expert. Hi guys!

With all due respect to long suffering TalkTalk unbundled customers, they do have a point in blaming BT for generating faults. This is because the change in wiring at the telephone exchange when being unbundled from BT to TalkTalk is done by BT OpenReach engineers. Although OpenReach are supposed to be independent of BT they are in fact BT employees.

The latest figures released by Ofcom show that only 20% of transfers from BT to TalkTalk and similar LLU ISPs like Bulldog and Be go right first time, whereas transfers from BT to other broadband operators using BT Wholesale broadband services go right first time in 80% of cases. This is an amazing difference and cannot be explained by TalkTalk or Opal’s incompetance alone, as the figures are a measure of OpenReach performance.

So it would probably be right to suspect that BT are playing dirty tricks to make TalkTalk look worse than they really are, which isn’t too hard to do. To get faults caused by OpenReach fixed at the exchange TalkTalk have to again request Openreach to fix the fault. Opal and TalkTalk are only allowed to touch their own equipment and not any BT stuff.

Although my unbundled TalkTalk service is working reasonably well now, I had my fair share of faults and the customer service is appallingly bad. All I can say is that things seem to get sorted out in the end but as Eric Morcambe famously said “not necessarily in the right order” and well after they say it will. It is obvious that there are not enough Opal engineers working on TalkTalk’s network either.

The best tactic to use is bad publicity. Try and get the local press to get interested and if they do the potential bad publicity will get your fault fixed very fast. See All I can say is that when they get it working properly, it does work quite well and is very cheap.

The CPW do seem to respond to bad publicity. Go for it!

Talk to BooBoo (heh.)

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2 responses to “Some theories about BT and Talk Talk’s LLU issues

  1. Im actually with Pipexhomecall which uses tiscali as there service provider which uses LLU. I never knew i was on LLU and now as im in the process of cancelation i now get it why my connection has almost been unusable. I only found out when i gave my maccode to BT for my new service, they told me this is a maccode from an LLU service and you cant migrate from LLU to BT, so im having to get pipex to totally clear my line of all markers etc and THEN get bt to put on online which will take up to 3weeks now where i would have already been online if i wasnt LLU.

    Would this explain all my problems i have been getting? for example- cant use certain Voice communication programs, get very high latency when playing online games.

  2. the whole scenario is manufactured to ncrease the proffits of the major player, BT.evry stalled enquiry earns them cash , all active numbers ie ones that get things done are not 0800 numbers.

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