New kit, new danger?

I think we can deduce the current infrastructure in use by the Carphone Warehouse needs some… help. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad news that they’ve adoped this product. It does seem to be remarkably popular with a lot of ISPs.

Redback’s SmartEdge multi-service edge routers give network operators a graceful migration path to triple-play services, advanced business services such as unified communications and mobility services such as WiFi, WiMAX and mobile broadband networks. Redback uses a single system to manage data, voice and video services over next generation broadband networks. The platform is attractive to carriers because Redback uses a modular operating system and programmable processors that were specifically designed to manage different kinds of broadband IP services simultaneously. This flexible platform for multi-service networks give carriers higher levels of service consolidation, system availability, service scalability, and network mobility.

The Carphone Warehouse Selects Redback to Help Deliver Free Broadband Services in the U.K.

The delivery would be novel.

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One response to “New kit, new danger?

  1. well with all there problems just now, if they add more services to this dreadful breoadband , then i can only see more and more people complaingin of a crap service.

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