Little update to AOL + CPW lovefest

Apparently they aren’t going to merge into one gigantic amorphous blob of scariness. Or at least that’s how I interpret this e-mail.

I can confirm that Carphone Warehouse is taking over AOL’s company. However it will still continue to operate as a separate company from Carphone Warehouse’s other Broadband suppliers, TalkTalk and OneTel, if you do have any queries please contact the AOL customer services and they will be able to help you further.

Have tried to cancel AOL because of disatisfaction and also because I think things will get worse with CPW but am told I still have 5 months left on my aOL contract.Funny though I didn’t make any contract with CPW.

AOL’s retention is a littl frightening. It might be worth investigating sneaking out of it. I do recomment keeping records of everything you do when you want to cancel. Everything.


Talk to Banon!

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5 responses to “Little update to AOL + CPW lovefest

  1. Im glad to hear that Talk Talk have decided to not automatically move people over to their service – thank god.
    What i liked was i found out about the buyout not from AOL or Talk Talk, but from an letter sent by BT which on the front had 3 quotes from newspaper.
    “AOL’s Customers may Join Talk Talk queue” – Financial Times
    “Free Internet Forever, its all Talk Talk and no Action – The Observer
    “Fury Over Talk Talk’s Broken promises” – The Sunday Times

  2. Just about to move to Southampton. Should I risk trying talktalk again? The telephone lines seem to be newer down there and people I know who have talktalk BB down there dont seem to have same problems as up here in midlands. Should I risk it or should I stick with BT? I would welcome any advice. Please email me –

  3. Rather not say in-case I get fired

    I’m with AOL. I’ve had NO problems at all in the 6 years I’ve been with them. Each time I’ve called AOL, the calls were answered pretty quickly.

    I like AOL and I’ve not even thought about changing ISP’s before.

    If Talk Talk’s buying AOL, I’m switching straight away!! Why? Their service is…well, they have no service.

    If you’re lucky to get connected, it’s not long before they do something to mess it up. If it does mess up, you can count an entire evening as a waste of time while their muppet advisor’s try and get it sorted/fob you off – that’s if you can even be bothered to hold the 45 mins minimum to get through to one of them!

    Here’s the part where some of you will probably think “no wonder he’s slating poor Talk Talk”…

    I work for BT. Yeah, that’s right, now get over it.

    I’m not here to defend BT in any way – I do that during office hours. If you want to speak to me, or one of my mates, call 0800 800 880 – while I’m getting paid!

    I actually work in the department which transfers Talk Talk customer’s back to BT – I arrange cancellation of Talk Talk, the number port back to BT etc etc.

    There’s thousands in a week coming back to BT from Talk Talk, all with their tails between their legs and begging BT to forgive them. Usually I hear, “You might cost more for your service, but it’s a service I actually get”. Oh how I laugh.

    So you think I would want to go to Talk Talk? I’d rather take a dump in my bosses coffee, while she’s taking a sip.


  4. Hi Karen,

    I don’t work for any ISP, I promise. However, I’ve heard great things about Sky from coworkers and friends :).

    I wouldn’t risk Talk Talk again. From the comments and e-mails I’ve received from running this site, the issues are in no way related to geography.

    Good luck!

  5. Hi Rather,

    You’re not the only BT employee confirming issues with Talk Talk. Are we still banned in the MK call centre?

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