Geronimo goes the Ts and Cs!

Geronimo has done a brilliant write up of some of Talk Talk’s guidelines and how they don’t actually work.

It does seem like the LLU process is dramatically effects phone service. Almost all of you have reported up to 2 weeks of communication black out. In some random form of PR speak, it does confirm a lot of the issues you guys report. Just substitute the ‘kind of bad’ stuff for ‘this is going to kill your connection’ and you pretty much have it.

No 1. “Will my internet service be affected? No. If you use a dial-up internet service which connects via a free phone number (e.g. 0800 or 0808) calls to this number will continue to be free. If you have broadband, switching to TalkTalk won’t affect your service.”

Comment:- UNTRUE! if you’ve been unbundled. TRUE if you haven’t. So a lie nevertheless.

No 2. “Only £10 for broadband – still a great deal – We’ll still give you the fastest broadband technically possible (up to 8 Meg, depending on your exchange) for only £10 per month.”

Comment:- UNTRUE! This is TalkTalk’s broadband product for customers in an area where TalkTalk are not going to install their own equipment in the customer’s BT exchange. In reality this turns out to be a fixed rate 0.5, 1 or 2Meg BT Wholesale service and certainly not an ADSL Max service (up to 8 Meg).

TalkTalk are supposed to be “trialling” ADSL Max with the intention of rolling it out, but why didn’t they offer it in the first place? After all ADSL Max is now available at 5388 exchanges out of the 5591 UK wide. They are telling PORKIES again.

No 3. “At TalkTalk we recommend that all our customers use the TalkTalk ADSL 2+ modem. It costs £29.99 but it’s worth it because:

It uses the very latest technology – technology which has only become available in 2006 (so if you bought your modem before 2006, the chances are it’s not as good as the TalkTalk ADSL 2+ modem).
It means we can offer you full customer support – should you ever run into a problem with your broadband service, the TalkTalk ADSL 2+ modem will allow us to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.”

Comment:- UNTRUE until October 2006! TalkTalk have only been supplying the Huawei ADSL2+ modem since October 2006. The earlier supplied Sagem and Speedtouch modems are just ADSL1 capable not ADSL2+. i.e. TalkTalk have been lying again.

Thanks Geronimo!

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