Wait, Talk Talk doesn’t work with wireless?!

Oh man, this is a bit of a whopper.

Yes, I had netgear too but had to purchase a new wireless modem as it would not work with Talk Talk. I called there technicial desk to be told that Talk Talk broadband does not work wireless ha ha ha

Signed up to this is May 2007 and only got conntected at end of October 2007 and still got no email……………………..have rang, written and no further forward. Talk Talk is a dirty word in our house………………..

Sympathize with Rachel

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8 responses to “Wait, Talk Talk doesn’t work with wireless?!

  1. Sorry Rachel,

    You have been misadvised. I work for broadband. Wireless has got nothing to do with TalkTalk. If the ISP sends internet signal to your phone line your ROUTER sends the wireless signal out. Its nothing to do with talktalk. You just need to go in depth with your router. I am wireless right now. Its got NOTHING to do with your ISP if you cant get wireless working. Your router is broke if your router wont send wireless out.

  2. I signed up to talk talk 3 deal phone and bb package in Dec and was give the 28th Feb 2007 as a connection date for my bb. I purchased a talk talk wireless modem/router from car phone warehouse. Took 2 days of endless phone calls to eventually get connected but I cannot use my e mail account and my laptop cannot be used wireless.
    I am well and truly fed up with talk talk

  3. I’m having awful connection problems at the moment, after being fine since signup 2 months ago. Sporadic problems last week, and now no service at all – router is failing to get a connection. Talk Talk support tell me they “don’t support wireless”. The problem isn’t the wireless connection between laptop and router, it’s a problem between (my Belkin) router and them, but they just won’t accept that – try it with an ethernet cable they say… grrrr

  4. hi i recently got didgiweb bb with modum
    since then my phone has not worked so i cant access my internet
    digiweb say its not them and talk talk said they
    would send out an engineer but still havent has any one else had this prob

  5. I Just got an xbox 360 for christmas and cannot connect to xbox live. It fails on the DNS but i have tried all the codes like and so on….. Any help would be gratefull as talk talk are not helpfull at all.

  6. Im an existing customer of talktalk…its not even wireless and im trying to plug that black box thing..PPP?…into my laptop, I do the set up disk and it connects to modem, network, talktalk…..confirms my username and password

    Then it tells me to wait nearly finshed (LIES) we’re just gunna change your settings to make your internet even quicker…then that stupid clock thing goes round and round and round for more than an hour…and STILL nothing happens. There is nothing wrong with the box, modem, network or even the laptop…It works more than fine on this computer and I never have an problems

    Someone tell me how to fix this before I brake everthinggg

  7. My auntie has Talk Talk after days of phone calls and about 1 week past the activation date, its the echolife modem (wirelessly enabled) my dad had a nice chat (wasnt so nice) and they activated it.

    Yet got it set up but it will not set up on the laptop.

    Any Ideas welcome
    Thanks in Advance/

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