Requests for advice from some nice people!

Hey guys,

Read through these and please advise accordingly.

I’m having problems too – wondering if anyone else has had similar.

I pay for a broadband service £10 a month (despite initially being told that there would definatley be a free service in my area by september). I also ordered my brooadband equipment from TalkTalk in their online shop. It was continually not delivered, and eventually 6 weeks later I received everything I needed. In the mean time I have been paying for 2 internet services – one via braodband, the other through calls to an 0845 number (a win-win situation for talktalk surely!)

They are seemingly unwilling to compensate me for this – anyone else in the same boat?

Does anyone know how the 10 pound + calls bundle works? I’m really not sure. Talk to Emilie

Hi there Mr. Murray. As far as this goes, I’d say start complaining via registered post, write down any phone calls and days you remember and document. It’s now what, almost 3 months late? That’s not good enough! Read through the things you can do page.

i write this on behalf of my 16yr daughter,who live sin her very first flat,i signed her up for TT for free broadband assuming the cheapness was betetr for her,ok her phone service went on, but since 26th sept when she was told a nd recieved her login details and activation date, there has been no broadband,too many calls to list always the same, we can re provision the line, your not logged into our domain, we will get that sorted 3 days max, and weekly calls meant nothing, i ask what would be my course of action here. thanks, very pi$$ed off .

Chat to Mr. Murray if you have any advice.

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