Carphone Warehouse’s aggressive cold calling tactics getting them in trouble…. again

It’s a bit strange. A few people, when they found out I run this blog, told me ‘I’m so f****ing tired of them calling me. EVERY DAY. I can’t get them to leave me alone….’ I brushed it off as a sort of whatever type thing but as it turns out, there was a legitimate complaint:

And it’s not just windows and conservatory companies which are guilty of this. The commissioner is meeting Carphone Warehouse and Talk Talk this Friday to discuss similar complaints. Unless assurances of future compliance are accepted, more enforcement notices will be inevitable.

More fines? I can only hope.

The Register:Info Commissioner slaps cold-callers

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5 responses to “Carphone Warehouse’s aggressive cold calling tactics getting them in trouble…. again

  1. Thanks for this. Talk Talk telemarketing have now called us 4 times in quick succession (on our free phone number too). When the last person was told this was costing us money, he actually laughed). If anyone knows of any way we can stop these calls, please post it here.

    We would prefer not to consider TPS at this stage.

  2. I’ve had a problem with Talktalk (i’m no their telephone service) and since being on it we get nightly cold calls from India call centers where the callers refuse to ID themselves or their companies. Deny any knowledge of the TPS and continually call call back if you hang up and tell them to ‘pxxs xff’.
    The guy I had last night even said he was going to come and ‘f*ck my wife and kids’!!!

    This is totally out of control their is sweet FA we can do about it.

    CPW can do nothing – they cannot trace or block the calls. TPS can only regulate calls originating from the UK… So what next?

  3. I have rung up Talk Talk a few times now and they are VERY aggressive. They keep on insisting that they are the cheapest and will not let me speak without telling them a reason for me wanting to leave. I am getting really annoyed but at least I told them how I think. I said to them that Talk Talk have great adverts but apart from that they’re shit. 🙂

  4. I have just received a couple of calls this week on behalf of TalkTalk. I’m not a customer and didn’t request a call. Who do I complain to about this? Our phone number has been submitted to the telephone preference service, and I’m the only one who deals with telephone and broadband.

    Thanks and geat site BTW!

  5. I am sick of these people. Since AOL is part of them, they keep calling our home and are verbally abusive towards me (wanting to speak to my husband) just because his name is in the account. They do not want to say why they are calling, but it is obvious that it is only to sell services.

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