Carla found customer service at the Carphone Warehouse something to scream about.

Oh deary, deary me. A wireless router that CPW assured her would work, doesn’t. They’re blaming BT (I know guys, sometimes it’s valid. I’ve heard the same things from guys that work at Sky.) She can’t get through to anyone, an oddity when hold times are only at 10 minutes… And still has no broadband.

I have spent the past 2months trying to get the Talk Talk wireless router to work. I bought it from a Carphone Warehouse ensured that it would work perfectly. Not once have we been able to get a connection for more than 2mins at a time and that was after spending a month trying to get it to work at all as all the settings we were given were incorrect. It took a month of screaming down the phone (and I mean that literally) I was given the so called correct settings. The whole 2months I have tried ringing the so-called support line advertised on the box and only once spoken to a real person who said he was actually admin and that he was just letting everyone on hold know that the lines were down. Other than that I have spent over 8hrs on hold, one period for 3hrs, or not even getting far enough to be put on hold, or being told they were closed when they were meant to be open. After screaming to speak to a manager at Talk Talk tech support (after being re-directed to ‘tech support’ TWICE after actually calling the ‘tech support number’) I was assured it was actually a BT line error (even though the supplied modems works fine, if at a very low speed) and was told they would get BT to test the line. They got back to me 10 days later (after promising 4-5days) to say nothing was wrong. They are now testing it again and I am waiting to hear back from them this week.

If anyone has ANY suggestions I would be MOST greatful (I have tried to return the router but was told the only way I could get a refund was if it was transferred to my account in ‘approx 14days’. I can’t wait that long, I need the money to buy a router that works!!!)

A very frustrated and upset ‘customer’.

Can anyone help Carla?

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