Charles updated his blog! Oooh.

I can’t believe I missed this. Was it in response to the Guardian story of ‘how not to be a corporate blogger?’ Or am I just being cynical. Apologies for the delay. Let’s see what Chucky has to say:

In the past 2 months we have achieved the extraordinary milestone of over half a million customers connected to Free Broadband and acquired AOL, which brings us a further 1.5 million customers.

Is that actual, living, connected customers or just a lot of angry people sitting on paper for your investors to think aren’t going to leave after you fail to deliver?

Over the past few months we have really been working hard at improving the speed of getting people live and it now takes just 5 weeks from signing up for us to have your phone line and broadband up and running. This is something I have avoided offering until we were absolutely sure we could deliver consistently. If you want an impartial view, I have attached a link to Martin Lewis’s website,, his view is that we are by far the best value in the market place, but you might have to wait. We have now improved the queue, so really there is no reason not to join the Free Broadband revolution.

I note you didn’t mention the Money Saving Expert forums. Tsk, tsk Chucky, how misleading. Because, last I saw in my referral logs, they were at 14 pages of customers in their forum who absolutely hate you and your pithy ‘Broadband revolution.’

We continue to make huge strides in improving this area of the business. We still have our moments though – when I got to the office this morning the link with our call centres in South Africa had gone down and created over 20 minute queues in some areas. It was fixed within the hour however.

And yet, I still received e-mails from people who had been waiting for more than an hour to get through. Are your senior staff lying to you? Do you just not realize how bad your service really is? Or have years of being a salesman made you capable of bald faced outright lies?

Over the past 12 months, we have been installing our own equipment in BT’s exchanges and we have now begun the process of transferring Talktalk customers onto this new network. The work is undertaken by BT Openreach engineers and requires the physical movement of the piece of copper wire that carries your phone calls and broadband from the BT network to our own. I am afraid that, inevitably, this process is not fool proof and, in spite of their best efforts, the engineers do occasionally make mistakes.

Like telephone service out for 10 days? Or routers becoming obsolete overnight? Or speeds not reaching anywhere what you promise? I don’t think ‘occasionally make mistakes’ (nice way to blame the techies Dunstone. Like the buck passing.) really covers how badly you’re screwing up the LLU process.

We are building a business that we can be very proud of, and hopefully our customers will increasingly be proud to be a part of.

I don’t think we’ll ever be proud to be your customers. Instead we’ve been misled, lied to and dicked over by your criminally poor product. You can hope all you want but as long as I’m blogging and Talk Talk sucks, people will find out, regardless of your rhetoric.

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7 responses to “Charles updated his blog! Oooh.

  1. I still think you need to go out and get some fresh air, but in the meantime here’s a link to a feed for Charles’s blog:

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  3. Have you seen the weather in Greater Manchester lately? Hell no.

  4. The Money Saving Expert actually says about the service.
    ” If you want a guaranteed hassle free speedy broadband connection dont use Talk Talk.


  5. Hi. Sometimes I borwse through forums, read through web articles and shuffle through newsgroups and I think to myself – am I just the lucky one? Are the fates just shining down bright upon me?

    The reason for this pondering is, quite simply, that I have no idea what all the fuss is about. I have absolutely nothing to complain about TalkTalk, well, OK, maybe just one little abstract thing; that they vastly underestimated the demand their wonderful service would elicit (and no, that’s not being sarcastic).

    But honestly, I have fast broadband, much faster than I should even be able to receive, I have a reliable telephone service with reliable billing, customer service have always been prompt to respond to my queries, helpful and forthcoming with information, willing to go that litle bit further to ensure the information I receive is accurate and up-to-date and generally everything one could want from a customer service department. The service was provided on time, with the broadband actually being provided four weeks AHEAD of schedule. I’ve had not even one instance of downtime, and all in all I couldn’t be happir.

    So I ask you, and sorry to be the voice of synicism, but how many of these critics have genuinely received a poor service, and how many are simply going along for the ride, hoping to milk TalkTalk for even more than they have already given?


  6. Hi – in response to Hussein’s email: not knowing what all the fuss is about, I, too, had perfect, uninterrupted seamless broadband from TalkTalk for 6 months…..and then:

    Out of the blue ether, my ADSL line disappeared. Thinking initially it was something my kids had done to my PC, I messed about with all the settings and in the end reinstalled the software – surely, not a fault at TalkTalk’s end??

    To cut a long story, it is now intermittant – sometimes there, sometimes not. When not, I call and go through a mind-blowingly teadious process of trying to convince the very-nice-but-not-very-helpful service team that my PC is on, that I do not have a Sky box, that my Christmas tree lights are not in the near vacinity (really!), that the filter has been changed (I have two), that I have taken the front off the BT phone box and plugged in directly and that, simply, I HAVE NO ADSL LINE! Also, none of this is held on their system – so everytime you call back, you start again.

    FINAAAAALLLLLY – “There may be a fault on the ADSL line” – HURRAY! I get put through to ‘second line support’ and I get called on my home phone at 2pm (“please ensure you call my mobile as I am at work during the day. My number is….”) and a message is left at home saying that I will receive another call within 48 hours. Again, I miss the call – I am at work!

    So I call service again and go through the same process: Yes, my PC is on, I have no Sky box, I DO like salad etc but I HAVE NO ADSL LINE AND YOUR ENGINEERS KEEP CALLING THE WRONG NUMBER SO HOW ARE WE EVER GOING TO SOLVE THIS!!!??

    “I will ask them again to call your mobile number” – 2 days later and I am still waiting. This total process has been going on for 10 days and this is the second time in 4 weeks.

    As soon as I can, I will be moving away from TalkTalk. Incidently, my story is piffling compared with that of my colleagues – he’s suing!


  7. My Carphone Warehouse Hell!!!
    Bank details supplied at time of purchase! & on over 50 ocassions! What were the staff doing with them each time?! Company admit to being in possession of them and failing to apply them!
    Allowed a debt to occur!
    Harrasing & threatening calls! Reported to Police!
    Forced to change banks,mobile & landline!!!

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