Broadband works, too bad nothing else does.

We’d be upset with Richard for being so damned smug, except the Carphone Warehouse got him the end.

What evil lurks in the heart of ISPs? Richard knows. More hell from LLU.

I moved to TalkTalk in November last year, signed up for the broadband package and went live on the day indicated – how smug am I??

Umm, not very – they sent me a letter (that’ll be from our friend Steve Rescorta, allegedly) notifying me they would be “upgrading” my service on 4 October and I’ve had NO landline service since (completely dead line).

Their 0870 numbers have digested my PAYG credit and I can’t call their “free from talktalk line” numbers for obvious reasons, so I’ve made numerous visits to their shops so far, and had their sales folk call customer services for me.

Alas, getting nowhere – I’ve called, I’ve written (email & snail) and I’ve visited….

They kindly arranged to forward incoming landline calls to my mobile – “it’ll take 10 hours to be activated” according to Zak at their Richmond shop – that was on 11 October, so I chased them re this and today they did forward my incoming calls, but in true TalkTalk fashion, they forwarded the calls to someone elses number, I joke not.

Apologies to the lady concerned, but they did take my number from their system – yes, they did call me back on it once to tell me my line wasn’t working(!?!)

If you can spare a moment, and have the inclination, drop in to a high street shop and take the matter up with their sales staff – save’s money, helps the shop staff realise they work for a bunch on muppets they work for, reduces sales and other customers can benefit from your experiences. Ensure the “escalate” your query when they log it on their system – most sales staff I’ve encountered don’t type too fast, so ensure you get them to take down ALL the details.

What are the benefits of moving to TalkTalk you might ask, well, “the call cost savings, sir” according to Pete in their “Faults Department”, yes, quiet, especially when you have no service on your line.

Kappy isn’t very happy….

Well, I can just say “all of the above!”. I have never experienced such useless customer service and technical support. CSR 1st line just read from a script and have no idea how to fix anything. They don’t even know what telephone number to give for 2nd line and the one I got was no longer in use. I bought a brand new IMAC along with a wireless router and since 24th October (yesm you guessed it, my upgrade date) I have had nothing but problems with connectivity. I am having to reset the router 4 to 5 times per day, no matter what time a day it is. MTU has to be below 1450 to work, have to change from dynamic to static DNS ip addresses. When I finally got through to 2nd line…an entire week later!…they said they cannot do anything as they do not have diagnostic tools. They had to excalate to the OPAL? group who would do a diagnostic on my line and exchange. If the customer service team were not so incompetent I would almost say “teething probles” but because of their incompetence I am seriously considering paying more for an ISP who can do something right! I am giveing them the week to check the line and exchange and come up with a good excuse why, in this day an age, they cannot provide decent service.

The inevitable return to BT for Ray . (Maybe that’s how BT wants it…?)

TT Customer service an absolute joke. As with most people broadband and Netgear 834 was fine until the upgrade via LLU. Lost phone line for 10 days and Netgear just won’t work anymore but TT Speedtouch works OK. Sent letter to TT High level complaints 2 weeks ago demanding explanation and compensation for complete loss of service but no reply so far. I wouldn’t even bother with”customer service”. I’m going back to BT and TT can stick their cancellation fee where the sun don’t shine!

It is indeed, the dark time of ADSL.

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7 responses to “Broadband works, too bad nothing else does.

  1. email charlie boy – it’s the only way

    i’ve struck up quite a correspondence with him and now i have the name of a woman who is in the UK and gave me a proper landline and extension and everything – she has called me twice in 24 hours to ask if everything is OK now and whether there is anything else she can do *faints*

  2. Re: “Kappy’s” comment in the article.

    1st Line talktalk tech here. I do not read from a script. I can fix pretty much anything wrong with a computer. 2nd line don’t have a direct number.

  3. Lets just say, we have recently signed up for talk talk, and have had an absolute nightmare with customer support.

    We had a customer support rep telling us that because our IP address started with a certain number, we had to contact our computer manufacturer to resolve the issue. This is when the net connection was working before we switched to talk talk 😩

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  5. Sangeeta Sudhakaran

    I am an agent in the 1st Line of Technical support for Talktalk. I’m just writing to express that I am truly very sad knowing there are so many Talktalk customers with so many problems.

  6. Sangeeta Sudhakaran

    I’d also like to add that We DO NOT read from a script. Its logic, we HAVE no script, because we cant have scripts for troubleshooting broadband problems. We can only probe into the query and once we are able to establish the exact reason why a customer isnt connected to the internet, we fix the problem.

  7. Sangeeta Sudhakaran

    Just thought I’d say that now there IS a direct number to 2nd Line Technical Support. It is given to customer’s whose internet connection problems arent resolved by 1st Line Technical support. It works like this – You call in with a Broadband issue.1st line gathers all information and tries to get it sorted out at the first go. If aftar all troubleshooting the issue still isnt resolved, you will be passed to 2nd line for advanced Technical troubleshooting, because it may be a line fault for all you know.

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