Skulduggery, rumors… CPW getting what’s coming to them?

A mysterious stranger e-mailed me with the following info. It sounds interesting and sadly, not at all out of the question:

There is serious talk (no pun intended) of a number of industry players in
the UK taking CPW and/or their subsidiaries to the High Court for serious
breaches of contract, culminating in non-payment of very large revenue
Questions are being asked as to the nature of CPW’s relationship
with certain mobile network operators (MNOs) to have been able to blantantly
ride rough-shod over these smaller distribution companies, leaving them high
and dry, with little or no hope of recouping such great losses. To many
outsiders this may appear liitle more than an industry spat, but the sad
truth is that many good, honest and innocent people have lost their
livelihoods and others are threatened with far worse, due to CPW’s apparent
disregard for their legal and financial obligations.

Ofcom shows little interest, as they claim they are only interested in
issues that effect end-users and not other participants within the industry.
Great, no help there, then! The issue arises out of the provision of
low-cost calls from offices to mobiles and the MNOs determination to stamp
out this practise, even though the Competition Appeals Court have recently
found favour in those providing such services.
The mobile networks have been
extremely nervous about this action and are now faced with huge claims being
made against them.

How does this effect CPW? CPW alledgedly operated such services themselves
under the auspices of the MNOs, but prevented their own distributors from
doing so, which is what some may describe as anti-competitive practise and
very serious if proven in European court. If guilty of such practises, fines
in the millions could be levied against CPW and their shareholders should
perhaps be very nervous of the apparent hidden strategies being utilised by
the senior management within the CPW group. There is serious discontent
being expressed by inside CPW contacts who know what’s going on and want no
further part of it.

Watch this space.

Thank you, KE. I heard, as well, that a certain CEO was dropped from the OBE list this year. Things aren’t entirely rosey for the Carphone Warehouse then….

I also heard that a few ISPs actually outbid Carphone Warehouse initially for AOL UK. Apparently they went all the way up to 500 million, when the sale price was only 380.

For J and the CPW legal team’s sake, these are allegations, mere whispers, and it’s possible they’re not true.

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4 responses to “Skulduggery, rumors… CPW getting what’s coming to them?

  1. Just when it looks like you might be a serious site you publish rubbish like this.TalkTalk service may be dreadful but you don’t help us by putting things like this up. You couldn’t get it published in a newspaper and you don’t put your name to it. Grow up and do the blogging job properly if you are going to bother. This does not help us get our problems fixed.

  2. Oooh Matthew. Bless. I see this is your first comment here.


    I didn’t try and get this published anywhere. For the record, I think anti-competetive practises by the Carphone Warehouse are very interesting. Likewise Dunstone being dropped from the OBE list and possible backhand deals over AOL UK.

    Not sure what the motives of KE are, except just to get them out and about.

    Why the bitterness Matthew? Why? Why the ad-hom attacks? Out of curiosity, why are you using an anonymous proxy service? Or, why is a Japanese customer reading a Talk Talk Hell site. Are you, per chance, an employee of the Carphone Warehouse that doesn’t want to be tracked?

    Anyway, I’m sure if you do a search on the site for your actual problem, you know, besides criticizing a single post about rumors, then I’m sure you’ll find something useful. That is, if you have one.

  3. Your IP has been used for a lot of rather off color things.

    Please do come back when you’re not using a spammer IP.

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