Pensioner Protests CPW

Oh man. I’ve had fantasies about doing this.

A FURIOUS pensioner staged a lie-down demonstration to protest about poor phone service.

Brian Crews signed up with Talk Talk through the Carphone Warehouse in July because of the free broadband offer but has had numerous problems since then.

He tried to install the software to run the internet on both his computers but it only worked on one.

Mr Crews called in a computer consultant to fix the problem and made the company pay by issuing a county court summons against it.

We’re behind you Brian!

Pensioner calls on phone firm.

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2 responses to “Pensioner Protests CPW

  1. Well done Mr Crews, would that more of the public would do this, then maybe Charles would get his fat bottom(possibly) off his boat and into the office to sort out customer complaints.

  2. I loved it. It’s just sad that it took this much to get them to do anything.

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