Tool for checking mail servers

I haven’t been able to test this successfully. See, I’m part of the web mail generation. I believe in the power of portability. As a result, I rarely use my ISPs old fashioned mail servers.

However, a lot of you guys do. And I’m a accomodating kind of a girl.

I have the same problem as steve and can recieve emails but not send them. I have checked my setting and everything appears to be correct.

Question: Is there anyway of checking that the talktalk email servers are working correctly?

Try Pingability for the times when Talk Talk’s servers are down. Mind you, this could be an innacurate statement due to their rarely being up

There are other ways using Telnet and such. But you want instant results.

Talk to Kev!

Or see the other posts marked as mail.

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3 responses to “Tool for checking mail servers

  1. This has been driving me nuts all week, and it still isn’t resolved.
    It seems that sending email from a address works, using any SMTP server. However, sending from any other address using any server (including their own) will not work. Why not, I don’t know.

  2. Having only changed yesterday from NTL to Talktalk I am finding that e-mails seem to take forever to arrive, 5 hours in one case. Is this going to be the norm? I am able to send and recieve but everything seems to be so much slower.

  3. Could not send emails using talktalk.

    Have solved my problem by changing Interface to (Advanced Mozilla) .

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