Tip for wireless users

Andrew, if you’re still running around out there with all of your broadband, let us know what kind of router you have. There may be some virtual cheese in it for you.

After calling technical support, Andrew did something more useful. He ran around and tried things that the support minions couldn’t think of.

I use Talktalk – when upgraded to 8m to found the following helps – 1. move wireless router to primary socket in your house – speed went form 3mb to 6mb and is fairly constant,

The main problem I have is the connection stops responding but I still show logged in username/passwd and dsl live – Seems Talk Talk are just crap – I will also go to BT the moment I can get out of their contract – forget ‘support’ department those guys couldn’t find their arse form their elbows.

He’d better watch out, lest the spawn of the union between LLU and NetGear raise their tiny deformed heads and sabotage his good speeds.

Thanks Andrew!

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