Vodafone offers bundled service

More 18 month contracts? I dislike the sound of that. However, Vodafone get big plus points from me for having free tech support. Rarity in the UK market.

As for the package itself – which will be available from 8 January – it is centred on an 8Mbit broadband connection, provides free 24/7 tech support and bundles inclusive landline calls to any UK landline including 25 per cent off calls to mobiles. Vodafone mobile customers will be charged a very reasonable £25 per month (including line rental) while non-Vodafone customers can get a piece of the action for £35pm. An optional wireless Netgear router is offered for £25.

From day one Vodafone At Home will be available to 97 per cent of homes but it is subject to the infamous 18 month contract. By way of consolation, subscribers will be able to buy the Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Modem for £58 (half the normal RRP) and a monthly fee of £29 will allow them to use Vodafone’s 3G broadband network away from home from their laptop.

Vodafone Launches Highly Competitive Broadband Bundle

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