Robbed and Helen

Rob and Helen have been added to the legions of people who also hate Talk Talk’s phone service. Who knew that a divert could cause so many problems? Hell, I can do it with the PBX at work….

TALKTALK agent Satti R (removed) visited our home on 14th September 2006,and spoke to Helen to ‘run through some of the benefits’ which TALKTALK had to offer and discuss a possible switch from BT. Helen explained that we use the phone as a business line and as she is a mobile florist, the landline is on divert to her mobile for the majority of the working day. Satti confirmed that not only would they be able to activate the divert system ‘as soon as the account switched from BT to TALKTALK’, but it would also be cheaper. Seeing the apparent savings, we decided to switch to TALKTALK.

On October 4th our landline switched to TALKTALK, Helen attempted to activate the divert to her mobile and this service was unavailable. Helen called the customer service centre and was informed that the call divert service would take ‘5 to 7 working days to activate’. I subsequently contacted a TALKTALK representative on Thursday morning and spoke to Jim on team 31 to express my dissatisfaction that this service was not available immediately, as stated by the representative (Satti R). Jim apologised and informed me that that the service ‘would definitely be activated by the following Saturday’. By Saturday 7th the service was still not active so I called another representative on team 35 (unfortunately I haven’t got their name), she informed me that the advice I was given previously (by Jim on team 31) was entirely incorrect and the divert system could take ‘another 5 working days to activate’. I informed her that after calling BT I would call back to confirm cancellation of our contact with TALKTALK, as TALKTALK had already cost Helen 3 days takings from telephone orders.

I subsequently contacted BT to request reconnection and, understandably, they are only able to reconnect when TALKTALK has released the line. I called TALKTALK back to confirm cancellation of our contract this morning and have been informed that this will take ‘up to 48 hrs’. This means that Helen will have to wait a further 2 days before being able to divert calls to her mobile. I was also informed that we would ‘receive a bill’ for the outstanding balance!

As a small, recently established mobile florist, Helen does not have a shop or employ any staff to answer the phone, and I have a full time job. The business/shop number is almost always on divert to Helen’s mobile phone. Telephone orders for bouquets probably average £30-£50 per day. I appreciate that when compared to daily turnover of TALKTALK, or indeed Mr Dunstones hourly salary this may seem insignificant, but I am sure you can appreciate that to a new small business like Helen’s every days takings is significant. By the time we re-connect with BT, we will have had no divert service for a total of 5 working days.

Good Luck to you Rob and Helen I hope BT doesn’t suck.

Edit: Oh but wait! This is what they did.

Charlie’s email address. I emailed a complaint directly to charlie address is and cc’d it to cheif exec of ofcom address is plus many national newspapers. Got a reply from the organ grinder and his sales director within 20 mins. Currently looking into my problem apparently. That was yesterday, will keep you posted.

This is why I am currently refusing to remove that e-mail address. It appears to be helping people who have been screwed by the Carphone Warehouse suck.

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One response to “Robbed and Helen

  1. These ‘slammers’ from TalkTalk came round the other week, telling me I was being switched to BT. Which as I informed them is illegal without my prior knowledge and consent. The guy had little to say after that.

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