LLU and upgrade round up

It appears the magical upgrade to 8MB isn’t working out for many customers. I’ve had a positive avalanche of complaints from you guys regarding lost or seriously degraded service.

The symptoms of being upgraded:
1. Connectivity becomes intermittent
2. You’re told there’s ‘nooooo problem at all’ but then, they retract and suddenly realize there may be something wrong.
3. Your phone line dies. Then your VOIP phone dies.
4. It’s obviously BT’s fault.

Martin is dealing with the issue of connection drops during the evening:

Was advised that my broadband would be improved on 23 Oct – yes the speed went up to 5/6 thingy bobs!! but unfortunately the system drops out after 10 minutes. Went to help/support (what a joke!!) got neither. emailed and got replies saying contact LLU (what a joke!!) can’t get through – spoke to customer service – through in no time – asked for help – they said I need to speak to LLU team – put me through to the bl—dy music again (what a joke!)(find myself singing the song all day long now!!). Now 20 days later no change in situation – system works OK during the day (when I am at work!!) but not in the eveining !!

Another Martin was working fine, amazingly, until his upgrade:

Have been running 834v2 with 3.0.31 firmware perfectly until the exchange was upgraded two weeks ago, since then very intermitent broadband, and when it does work, only for a few minutes before it dies. Rebooting router can help, but again, only for a few minutes. Am waiting callback from TT LLU department to see if they canhelp, otherwise I’ll be cancelling my contract in the morning, going back to BT and finding a new broadband provider!

I’ll try changing the DNS to manual entry on the router side, but don’t hold out much hope!

Will let you know if I have any luck with engineers!

Peter’s connection petered out:

TalkTalk broadband was installed with very few problems and pretty constant reliability until the fateful day that my service was “improved to give me the best possible connection”

Yup it was the dreaded LLU unbundling operation- subsequent to which , just like the previous blogger,the service went awol at peak times. If I do get a connection after 7pm it is so slow that I cry out for my old dial up pay as you go line back.

Calls to the helpline eventually got my complaint logged and a member of the LLU team did actually call me back three times. His verdict was that “we have a major broadband outage problem at my local exchange,they are aware of the problem and that I am by no means the only customer affected. It will be corrected within days.”

Days stretch into weeks and weeks into months and still the problem is unresolved.

Come on TT , I was a happy customer who was prepared to champion your cause against all the adverse publicity but you are testing my patience to the limit.

Joe is jonesing for a lawsuit:

i am a talk talk user and i was told that they were going to update the lines to give me a better internet speed. Since i have been put on llu i have had nothing but problems.now talk talk refuse to take my tech calls because its llu’s problem now and llu keeps hanging up the phone when all i ask them to do is test my line.

I am a calm and tranqual person but if you pay for a service you expect it to work not work for 2 mins and then get greff for asking llu to do there job. I spent all day on the phone to bt today asking them what my options are with changing the isp from llu to BT. they cheaked the line and said it is impossible unless i get a mac code. i got a mac code and then phoned bt bk. the mac code is usless because llu have altered the exchange line to there own equipment. as far as i know i we were not toldof llu pulling a wire out of the bt exchange to connect to there own box. they have me by the nuts. i cant change isp and i am bound by a contract. this is my old mans house and i origonaly got talk talk because of the free calls we could make to italy, america, germany ect. the internet was part of the package. now i feel like they have violated my staturtory rights as a consumer by not giving the service and refusing to deal with the ongoing problem i am haveing with llu. If there are more ppl with this problem and dont want to stand for the shit they are giving us then e mail me please. power in numbers. with enough of us we could get the best leagle representation for possably less than 50p each.we could take llu and talk talk to the cleaners. please let me know what you guys think. I dont want to be pushed around by a company that dont give a crap about us and wont help us. I have my reasons for needing the net so please dont have to state your reasons for needing/wanting it. just if you have had problems with them then let me know.

Roy didn’t even have a telephone line!

I was due to receive the LLU upgrade on 24/10. Since then I have had no phone or internet access. Trying to contact helplines is very difficult. Then after finally geting through to a UK call centre on the Friday afternoon, I was told nothing could be done as it was an engineering problem associated with the upgrade. It took until Monday morning when a friendly operator in South Africa, took my details and actually logged a fault!

Keeba feels everyone’s pain.

*sigh* finally got talktalk after waiting nearly 8 weeks, 6 weeks later (up to now) and sitll no modem -_-“, lucky i have a router so i been using that. everything was going fine then i got a letter saying they were gonna upgrade me to a higher connection . Since then my line just cuts off randomly and can take up to 15 mins sometimes before i can reconnect. Talktalk seriously sucks

Lesley’s phone doesn’t work either:


Joe finds a newer NetGear router may be the answer:

I still had no phone after 3 days following LLU 8mb upgrade only broadband. I tried a friends newer Netgear DG834N ADSL2 router and that worked on new 8mb but my old netgear DG834Gv2 did not… was that just a coincidence?

Anyway after lots of nagging to TalkTalk they have backed out of the 8mb upgrade (as it was apparently affecting loads of people) and am back down to 2mb and everything seems ok again on my old router.

I guess I’m going to have the same problems when the try to upgrade to 8mb again!

26 HOURS?! Wow. Phillip is way more patient than I am.

Because we know that were shite

We have got to get it together – Now

Still no BB after 26hours calls on hold and 6 e-mails and 3 letters.

LLU may not be the way ahead – ADSL line was fine before my upgrate.

All UK BB is rubbish needs to be sorted out.

Joe found that it was BT’s fault… naturally.

Just got through to talktalk helpdesk after 45mins to say my phone has no dial tone since yesterday mornings scheduled 8mb upgrade.

They said that they were having major problems and three of the exchanges were down in the area, could be Erith, Crayford, Dartford. Fix ETA for tomorrow sometime (wed 25/10/06)

Saying that my broadband works (5-6mb speeds) with speedtouch modem but not my netgear router, so not sure it’s a “major” exchange down problem as they said.

I also asked the nice engineer if it was a problem with talktalkak’s LLU and he blamed it on BT exchange being down… Could be defamotary!

SSDD for Anthony

I have had the same….all was fine til the LLU upgrade,then no phone and no net……next to no customer service……Talktalk need shooting!!!……it is the worst experiance of my life!!…be warned….do not go near them!!

Ian’s cool phone stopped working. 😦

Hi well ive had TalkTalk for about 4 months, the broadband was fine until i became LLU now its a shambles, I have a netgear 834G and also a Zyxel VOIP Router, since LLU the Zyxel refueses to work at all, while the Netgear works for a couple of hours buts gradually gets slower and slower until you end up having to reset the router. any ideas. the router is on TalkTalk recommended settings and the MTU is currently 1458

I have a thought….

Could it be that the hardware they’ve already shipped, that was already a bit crap, isn’t compatible with the exchange after LLU is complete?

I dunno.

Just a thought.

Can anyone confirm?

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39 responses to “LLU and upgrade round up

  1. Having sorted out most of the problems post up-grade. One thing remains; static on the line when using the telephone whilst on-line. Are new filters needed?

  2. Well, I can just say “all of the above!”. I have never experienced such useless customer service and technical support. CSR 1st line just read from a script and have no idea how to fix anything. They don’t even know what telephone number to give for 2nd line and the one I got was no longer in use. I bought a brand new IMAC along with a wireless router and since 24th October (yesm you guessed it, my upgrade date) I have had nothing but problems with connectivity. I am having to reset the router 4 to 5 times per day, no matter what time a day it is. MTU has to be below 1450 to work, have to change from dynamic to static DNS ip addresses. When I finally got through to 2nd line…an entire week later!…they said they cannot do anything as they do not have diagnostic tools. They had to excalate to the OPAL? group who would do a diagnostic on my line and exchange. If the customer service team were not so incompetent I would almost say “teething probles” but because of their incompetence I am seriously considering paying more for an ISP who can do something right! I am giveing them the week to check the line and exchange and come up with a good excuse why, in this day an age, they cannot provide decent service.

  3. Hello!

    I came across your website on a Google search.

    I am the owner of OrangeProblems.co.uk ( http://www.orangeproblems.co.uk ) – a site dedicated to consumer issues with Orange Broadband (and mobile phones too).

    The site has existed since April 2006 and now has over 1350 registered members with over 70,000 visitors a month – just goes to show how much support is required and not offered by some of the big companies.

    Would you be interested in a link exchange?

    I have set up a page on OrangeProblems.co.uk listing all the major ISPs and would like to add a column with consumer websites for each particular ISP and would like to add TalkTalkHell to Talk Talk’s listing.

    The listing will also be on BroadbandProblems.com ( http://www.broadbandproblems.com ) a new site set up to offer more advice for teh range of UK ISPs (but very much in its infancy at the moment).

    I hope you do not mind me contacting you in this way – could not find a contact link / email address. Hopefully the messages are moderated and will not show til you view it!

    Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

    Please also remove my email address in order to help reduce the huge amount of spam I receive!!!

    Your site is great – you appear to have a large following (and it Googles – which always helps!).

    If you are interested in a forum to complement this site, I would be happy to organise that for you (with minimal, if any costs to you).

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Good luck with this site




  4. Ok, I am suffering from the LLU upgrade on 24th October in Glasgow.

    After eventually getting a callback from second line after many tries I managed to get them to perform a line test on my line.

    It has been working fine for three months prior to the upgrade – usual story.

    They tested the line and confirmed that there was a problem on the line and raised a ticket with the ‘networking company’. I assume this is opal.

    Now I was promised another callback from the engineers this time and obviously this hasnt happened.

    Ive tried various numbers and spoke to various english people and various indian people but cant find a way to directly speak to the engineers that are supposed to be fixing my line.

    Has anyone got to this stage before and got past it using any special tactics? I am at my wits end.

    In terms of numbers to call 0208 896 5000 gets you through to the main carphone warehouse switchboard and you can get directly to wherever you want from there.

    Many thanks,

  5. I am not doing this to rub salt into other peoples wounds but I seem to be getting somewhere at last and there may be light at the end of the tunnel.
    Wed 8th Nov 17.15 : I decide to Email dear ol’ Mr Dunstone direct,although I have no doubt that it would not reach him personally.
    I am very pleasant with no sarcasm or invective , point out that his staff have always been courteous and have tried to help (which they have – I have never had the phone put down on me or anyone been rude to me) but that the problem just is not being solved. Can he give me some assurance that the problem is at least being addressed?

    Wed 8th Nov 21.15 : I get a call from someone from the LLU section (Now don’t tell me the two are not related) who goes over all my woes and suggests that moving up from the Thompson 330 modem with USB connection to the SmartAX with ethernet connection is doing the trick for a lot of people. He would arrange for one to be sent out.

    Thur 9th Nov: I notice that my connection speed has apparently dropped back to the 2 Meg that it was pre LLU and with a return to the relative consistancy that I enjoyed pre LLU although there was still a significant drop off during the evening. Bear in mind that post LLU I was supposedly getting nearly 7 Meg during the day but dropping off to an unusable 4 Meg in the evening.

    Sat11th Nov: I get another call from another member of the LLU team (who does not know about the first call) but tells me that at my distance from the exchange,about 1.9km as the crow flies, it is highly unlikely that I will get much more than 3Meg at best.

    Tue13th Nov: Gobsmacked when the new modem drops through the letterbox. Installed successfully but does not seem to be the wonder cure as no great difference is apparent.
    I also discover that my local exchange is running at status red which means that it is running at below optimum performance and a drop off in service may be experienced by some customers.
    (This info from DSLZoneUK.)

    Wed15th Nov: I lose my broadband connection completely. Just as I am wondering what to do next I get yet another call,this time from the South Africa call centre,who ends up telling me that I am getting no ADSL signal. She would report it.
    Later the same day ADSL signal returns and after many attempts I get broadband up and running again. Still at an apparent 2Meg.

    Thur16th Nov: tonight ,out of the blue I am getting an astonishing 3 to 3.5Meg and everything is running beautifully. My own personal acid test is the ability to handle streaming audio at peak times – until tonight the buffering has always broken down at any download speed.

    Could this be the end of the saga?
    I’ve got more than my ruddy fingers crossed I can tell you.

  6. Following my LLU ‘upgrade’, I lost my landline and internet access for 10 days. A week later it has happened again. This time it is proving even more difficult to contact Talktalk. I have been off for 5 days currently. They will not even divert my landline calls to my mobile. Whenever I ask about a reduction in the bill, I am told I must ring Customer Services! Which I know of course don’t answer, put you on hold, put the ‘phone down etc, etc . I just wish I could make someone take notice of me – THE CUSTOMER.

  7. Roy: Have you tried phoning them on
    There is a preset option on that number to report a line fault which should get you through to a line engineer straight away.

  8. Teresa and James Saunders

    So glad I have found this site. This is just the problem we now have – after months of delay in getting service at all and then weeks of no phone line just after the upgrade. Now we have very intermittent service which says it is 8 meg but feels slower than our old dial up. To make matters worse we have a new probem that our computer has been crashing (big blue screen with BAD_POOL error message coming up) – this has only started happening since the “upgrade”.
    Currently on hold – trying to speak to someone. Wish me luck

  9. After 35 days, yes 35 days without service, I thought it was time to email Charles Dunstone himself directly. I still havent got my service working yet!

    Please see the following transcripts:

    Dear Charles Dunstone,

    As a loyal customer of both TalkTalk and The CarphoneWarehouse, I am unfortunately writing to complain about the non existent TalkTalk service and poor customer service that I have received since the 17th October 2006.

    Dated 11th October 2006, I received a letter from yourselves informing me that the TalkTalk network was being upgraded to improve the services I receive. However, since the proposed upgrade date on the 17th October, I have had no TalkTalk service at all, meaning I have been unable to make or receive telephone calls or access the internet.

    The first 3 times I tried calling the customer services team to report the fault, I was on hold for over 30 minutes and on each occasion my call was not answered and the line went dead. All of these calls had to be made from my mobile phone and was therefore charged national rate for these calls.

    When I finally managed to get through to speak to someone, they told me that the fault was due to a problem with the upgrade and that I should wait a few days for the problem to be rectified. After two days, I still didn’t have any service at all so called the customer services team again. I was then told that they were still investigating the problem and could I bear with them, but they could not give me a proposed date of resolution.

    I then left it for another few days and again called the customer services team. I was then told that they still hadn’t highlighted the cause of the problem but an engineer had been assigned to look at my case. I was also told that in the meantime a call divert could be set up so that any calls made to my landline number would be directed to my mobile. This has never been set up.

    I then contacted TalkTalk through the Contact Us section of your website to complain, I was informed that even though I had been without a service for 28 days, I was not entitled to any compensation or refund and that they could confirm that no changes had been made to my service and caller divert had not been set up on my account.

    Today (35 days without service!), I called your faults department, who informed me that I had come through to the wrong department, they said they would need to transfer me through to the correct department, on trying to transfer me, I was cut off. I then tried 3 more times, speaking to 3 different people who all on trying to transfer me, cut me off! Admittedly, the last person I did speak to took my mobile number in case I was cut off again and they could return my call. However, as of yet, I have not had a return phone call. Throughout this time, you still continued to take my £20.99 line rental by direct debit from my account.

    As you can probably tell, I am extremely upset and frustrated at the appalling service I have received from TalkTalk. I feel that going 35 days without a service at all is completely unacceptable and extremely inconvenient.

    I now realise that I am not alone in receiving terrible service from TalkTalk. The following URL link makes interesting reading:


    I understand that when I subscribed to TalkTalk, I signed up for a contract of 18 months, however, as part of that contract you have a responsibility to provide a service, which you are not doing. I would therefore like to cancel my contract with immediate effect and claim a refund of my last months line rental of £20.99, the £29.99 connection fee and compensation for the calls made to your customer service team and inconvenience of not having any of the services fro 35 days.

    My landline number is 0nnnnnnnnn1 and TalkTalk Account number is 5nnnnn9.

    I would appreciate your response on this matter and can be contacted through the following channels:

    mobile: xxxxxxxxx
    email: xxxx@xxxxx.com

    (I wonder whether I shall finally get anything sorted following this email to CD???)


    November 21st, 2006 at 11:41 am
    I received this email pretty much straight away:

    Dear Mr XXXXX

    Thanks for your email; I am very sorry to hear of the problem you have experienced with the upgrade on your Talktalk account. I have got someone urgently looking into the issue, and we will be back to you very shortly.

    In the meantime please accept my sincere apologies.

    Charles Dunstone

    Lets see how urgently it gets resolved. 35 days without a service is way long enough already!

    November 21st, 2006 at 3:34 pm
    I have now received this email. Although they still havent told me when my phone line and broadband are going to be working again. At least Im making some progress. The other really annoying thing is, they talk about charging £70 cancellation fee for wanting to leave a service that you are paying for but not receiving, that really doesnt sound fair. Please also find my reply below:

    Thank you for your email.

    I do apologise for the loss of service you have encountered while TalkTalk have been upgrading your exchange. Firstly I would like to apologise for your call being dropped, the adviser you were speaking to did try to call you back, however we were experiencing difficulties with our equipment and the system wouldn’t allow the adviser to call out.

    I understand your frustration caused by this issue, however you are in an 18 month contract for your broadband and if you do decide to cancel there is a £70.00 cancellation charge.

    I understand that you have encountered loss of services now for 35 days and this is not acceptable. I have credit your account £19.99 and £11.00 this will cover a full month’s package charge. I hope you can accept this credit as a gesture of goodwill for the frustration and inconvenience that has been caused due to this issue.

    Please note that if you do decide to cancel your services with TalkTalk I would advise that you contact the supplier you wish to be with and they will transfer your services for you. Also you will need to contact our cancellations department to confirm this. Please be aware of the cancellation charge.

    The Carphone Warehouse pride ourselves on excellent customer service and in this instance we have certainly not provided this to you. I am sorry for the upset and inconvenience caused.

    I hope you can accept my sincere apologises and the credit raised for the inconvenience and frustration that has been caused due to this issue.

    If you have any general queries, please call customer services on 0870 444 1820.

    For technical queries, please contact broadband technical support on 0871 226 7146 or email broadbandsupport@talktalk.co.uk. Calls to this number are charged at 10 pence per minute (call charges may vary from mobile phones and other telecom operators).

    Both of these numbers can become busy during peak periods and TalkTalk apologises for any inconvenience caused by the delays.

    Kind Regards
    Jennifer Warren
    Correspondence Department


    Dear Jennifer Warren,

    Thank-you for you response on this matter. Please could you provide me with a proposed date for my services to be up and running again? Your code of conduct clearly states that this is one of your responsibilities when dealing with a fault. I am willing to accept the credit to my account for the services that I have not received over the past 35 days, but this will in no way compensate me should I have to wait another 35 days for my service to resume. I hope that any additional days that I am without service will also be credited to my account.

    I feel strongly that if this issue is not resolved in the next 7 days, I should be able to cancel my contract without any cancellation charge. Afterall, part of the contract I signed was that you provide me with a working service. I find it completely ridiculous that I am expected to pay for a service that is not being provided and should I wish to find better service elsewhere, you wish to charge me. It isn’t as if I’ve just decided that are better deals elsewhere and want to cancel. I have kept to my side of the contract and expect to have a service that I am paying for.

  10. Teresa and James Saunders

    How many of us do you think there are? Each time we call we are left with the impression it is just a couple of unfortunate cases but the faults, lack of ability to contact them, the hanging up (sorry lost connection) when you call them, the lack of phone and broadband service after “upgrade”, lack of real apology or any willingness to do anything about it is very scary. They clearly have a completely unusuable system (their own phones don’t even work) yet they continue to charge us, refuse to admit there is a problem (other than high demand) and insist we call them at £0.10 a minute to talk to someone who is not capable of doing anything or fixing the problem.
    If they were really interested in “customer service” they would write to everyone, /send a CD of fixes and new settings, ask for real feed back about whether the service was working and at least have the courtesy of offering free technical support until this is sorted.

  11. As previously report, lost everything on 13/11, still not had any calls diverted to my mobile. Discovered after numerous ‘phone calls that my fault was upgraded to priority one on 20/11, but nobody can tell me what this means.
    The number Peter Porrett gave did answer within a few minutes and the operator Claud did promise to call me back 2 days later with an update and how to claim some compensation. Needless to say he didn’t. My attempt to find him resulted in me speaking to an operator in South Africa who said she would e-mail Claud to respond. He hasn’t yet. No surprise there then!

  12. We have now been without our landline for 16 days after TalkTalk upgraded us.
    I’ve just emailed Charles Dunstone to see if he does anything.
    Reading all these comments does make it clear that we’re not the only ones affected. We did know that there were other people in our area, but hadn’t realised how widespread it was.
    Unfortunately reading all this has also made us less hopeful for getting our problems sorted. Seeing that Darren has been off for 35 days without resolution is pretty worrying.
    At least our Broadband is still working, although it does drop out regularly. (It seems like tempting fate to say that!!)
    We’ll keep an eye on what’s happening on here.
    We want to know if anyone does get any answers.
    Is there anything we can do together that would get things done??

  13. With all due respect to long suffering TalkTalk unbundled customers, they do have a point in blaming BT for generating faults. This is because the change in wiring at the telephone exchange when being unbundled from BT to TalkTalk is done by BT OpenReach engineers. Although OpenReach are supposed to be independent of BT they are in fact BT employees.

    The latest figures released by Ofcom show that only 20% of transfers from BT to TalkTalk and similar LLU ISPs like Bulldog and Be go right first time, whereas transfers from BT to other broadband operators using BT Wholesale broadband services go right first time in 80% of cases. This is an amazing difference and cannot be explained by TalkTalk or Opal’s incompetance alone, as the figures are a measure of OpenReach performance.

    So it would probably be right to suspect that BT are playing dirty tricks to make TalkTalk look worse than they really are, which isn’t too hard to do. To get faults caused by OpenReach fixed at the exchange TalkTalk have to again request Openreach to fix the fault. Opal and TalkTalk are only allowed to touch their own equipment and not any BT stuff.

    Although my unbundled TalkTalk service is working reasonably well now, I had my fair share of faults and the customer service is appallingly bad. All I can say is that things seem to get sorted out in the end but as Eric Morcambe famously said “not necessarily in the right order” and well after they say it will. It is obvious that there are not enough Opal engineers working on TalkTalk’s network either.

    The best tactic to use is bad publicity. Try and get the local press to get interested and if they do the potential bad publicity will get your fault fixed very fast. See http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=311122 All I can say is that when they get it working properly, it does work quite well and is very cheap.

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  15. Thanks BooBoo for the interesting update. However as a customer I am entitled to the service I have signed up to and pay for. Quite frankly, I don’t care what Talktalk problems are. Surely they had some business plan, risk assessment and contingency arrangement before embarking on this latest expansion. Or is there management and engineering staff as bad as their customer service operators?

  16. Hi,

    Had teh same drop out, slowing of speed problems. Hours of phone calls, ended up shouting at them and was about to go into the store and cause a real stink (figured I could loose them a few customers at least).

    In the end found a load of email addresses on your site and sent a long email to all of them (seniot people in carphone, oftel/ofcom, BBC watchdog etc), ensuring that they could all see who I had sent it to.

    Suddenly got a call back from someone IN ENGLAND, who SPOKE ENGLISH. I am not at all racist, hate offshoring (would not care if it was France, or Holland just hate it).

    Hi level complaints team, got the high level tech team to call me back and they accepted the problem was there and sent me a broadband rouiter (FOC), only one ethernet port, but it appears so far to have worked.

    If you have problems, tell them to SHUT UP if they try and get you to check for viruses, or plug into the main point (or even to buy a broadband entension cable). I work in IT so told them to shut up and stop bulshitting.

    Insist on a router and not a CRAP speedtouch modem

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  18. Thistle Do Nicely

    After 39 days (yes, count them…39) I got phone and BB back after the Glasgow LLU. To get someone to pay attention I eventually had to seriously abuse a call centre worker who then escalted this to their senior-supervisor, who called me back (it’s the fiorst time I ever got a call back, despite being promised many) about *my* behaviour. I explained the situation and in under a day had my service restored.

    Point to Note: Under the 1977 Unfair Contracts Legislation failure to provide a service for more than 28 days (even if they are “trying to fix it”) is unreasonable and invalidates the contract. Unfortunately TT use bully boy tactics and sell on your debt within 4 days to some less than savoury debt collection agencies. My lawyer advised paying them and then suing them via small claims to get the money back.

  19. Hello again,

    I just thought I would update you on my longstanding problems with my TalkTalk service. It is now 57 days since the proposed upgrade and yep you’ve guessed it, I still dont have any service at all! I have managed to speak to someone at TalkTalk who totally agreed with me that it is completely unnacceptable to go so long without service and that I am free to go back to BT without suffering the £70 disconnection fee. I am now currently waiting for BT to take control of my line, but I am still receiving the usual TalkTalk update texts! I received a text today saying that the problem has now been resolved and my landline is working. However, I have just received a phone call following the text saying the it was a mistake and in fact my line isnt working!

    TalkTalk should apply for the next series of Cirque de Celebritie as their company is a complete Circus act!

    On top of this, Im now moving house so I wonder how all this mess is going to get sorted now?! I assume BT will take control of my line again, then I will have to request my account to be moved to my new address.

  20. I thought it may just be me with problems!
    I’ve been without a connection since LLU upgrade which is eight days. Previously I was without a connection for four days and tech support was about much use as a fart in a space suit. Faulty modem, wrong password, shouldn’t use extension cable and even try connecting the supplied mac cable to my PC! All wrong information and my bill was for over £30 which was all spent on talktalk tech support!

  21. they lied and told me that I would get 8mg speed.. and that my lines could handle it. they failed to tell me that until they can upgrade the BT exchange with TT equiptment I wouldnt actually get more than 2mg speed.. now been told its gonna be april 2008 before upgrade happens!

  22. Well, a good few hours reading this blog and noly had to reboot the router once.

    Yes all of the above has happened to me – TT took over my line & broadband in July. Got phorn – no broadband. Finally got it in November – it was brilliant – nearly 1.5 meg WOW !!! Then the upgrade started – lost connections etc… Got a letter a week afer the uypgrade to tell me the upgrade was going to help me get better speeds. Woohoo – faster than 1.5 meg!! DOH !!!

    Should have seen it coming – now only connect occasionally and then only for a few minutes to 2 hours max. … and the speed – hmmmm

    Data Rate
    Downstream/Upstream 288Kb/448Kb

    Yup upload faster than down.

    THey tell me its contention ratio issues and will be sorted within a few days — HAH

    I’m now looking for another provider thats costs more – whay can i say about this learning experience – – if you pay peanuts, its staffed by monkeys.

    Gonna go to Sky – they’ll give 16meg + 2 tv packs + phonne for £30 + a £11 for BT line rental.

    However – how easy the move back to BT will be is anyones guess. + i’ll be without connection again.

    TT should not be allowed to do this and some watchdog should shut them down, it is not only bad for my health, but a blatantly badly managed scam – they don’t care, as long as they have your money.

  23. To be fair to talktalk the email issues seem to be fixed(more or less) & since my LLU took place last week I have gone from 2.2mbps to 4.5 as I write.So far so good in 2007.Please keep it up talktalk.I’m happy now!

  24. Guess what?On 7/1/07I was suggesting that I should be fair to talktalk,then on 8/1/07.Not able to get on line.Now it’s the 9/7/07 & I ‘m back on line but no emails have arrived via talktalk since the 7th.I did manage to send one though.Should I have given them the benefit of the doubt?
    Bewhere the LLU.

  25. I have now moved house (actually moved on the 18th December). Guess what, the previous owners were with TalkTalk, and yup you’ve guessed it, I’ve had great fun since! The phone line should have been cancelled on the 18th December as the previous owners put in a transfer of their account to their new property, however, I still have an active phone line that is registered to them! I have spent several hours on the phone to TalkTalk who refuse to talk to me as I am not the account holder, I have spoken to the previous occupiers who have called talktalk on at least 5 occasions to cancel the line, each time he has been told that it was done incorrectly the last time and the line should go dead within 24-48 hours. I finally got through to someone that would talk to me last night, and said I do not want to know anything about the account, I just want the line cancelled and if she looks through the account history she will see all the calls made by me and the previous occupiers. She agreed that it was ridiculous and that we have been let down by them AGAIN. she did say that as the phone line is now on their infrastructure it would take two weeks for the line to be cancelled so that I can have BT back for free.

    I cant believe how many bad dealings I have had with them. My advice is – Yes they are very cheap and when the service is working fine, you’ll have no problems, its just that when you hit a problem, trying to get it sorted out is the hard part! Customer service is definately not their strong point (I could use a lot stronger language here!) BE WARNED – Cheapest is not always the best option!


    recieved the dreaded “we are upgrading your account letter” on 22/1/07. phone and broadband went dead for around five hours then,everything seemed to be ok.Then the problems began,the broadband line is dropped at least 3 times an hour making downloading very hit and miss,line speed ( was 2.2mbps before) now anything from 384kbps to 2.5mbps.Phoned talk talk and got the standard spiel that the exchange was performing a test to see what the optimum speed was,this could take up to 3 weeks,i told the poor person on the end of the phone that this was not acceptable,i was not abusive or rude however i did raise my voice and guess what??Click the line went dead,i tried several times more to get through and eventually gave up.I have emailed charles dunstone my complaint and have recieved an email back with apollogies for the lack of customer services but still not reliable broadband,all the local loop unbundling will save talk talk money,which hopefully they will put into the customer service department,but i doubt it,if the service does not improve i will definately be moving i.s.p’s even if i have to pay£70 for the privilage!!!!!

  27. Southend Exchange ‘upgraded’ to 8 Megs last week.

    Never ending stream of problems since, with inbound calls failing after a few minutes (and getting the engaged tone), outbound calls also failing, unable to call Southend numbers unless I prefix with 01702 and broadband conection also dropping, with dreaded red light on router.

    Also unable to dial into work.

    Reported to Talk Talk last week but am getting absolutely nowhere.

    A useless bunch of t@ssers.

  28. Since getting the LLU problems sorted (eventually) see my previous reports – the ‘phone has worked fine but broadband keeps dropping out. Sometimes it will reconnect on first click, sometimes it takes ages (or not at all).
    I am still chasing TT for compensation for the LLU debacle, so will let you when I get something.

  29. Another person to add to the list. My sister in law asked me (i’m the techie !) to have a look at the problem with her internet connection which, surprise surprise, the symptoms of her problem are exactly the same. The old usb adsl modem (bt voyager 105) would not connect. The technical help line said they could not see any problems from there end and unfortunately they did not support the BT voyager 105. They said they did support Belkin, Sagem etc. So i went and bought a Belkin adsl modem router and this showed the same problems connecting. I checked and double checked all the settings and called belkin support to make sure there were no issues with the router. Of course there were no problems with this! eventually called talk talk back and they have escallated at their end and i’m now waiting for a call back in within 5 working days.

    What i find particularly anoying is that the 1st line support are pretty useless and they keep changing which routers / modems they do and don’t support. This became evident arfter they advised they didn’t actually support Belkin after all!!! I’ve now given my sister in law the bad news about this website and she is considering leaving the service

  30. Reading all of your entries has made my heart sink & lift all at the same time! Sink because I’ve recently been ‘upgraded’, with the dreaded LLU at the Portsmouth exchange, and lift because at least I know I’m not alone. Maybe a class action against TalkTalk may be one eventual line of remedy but first perhaps we all could inundate the BBC Watchdog TV programme with our post-LLU complaints? website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/consumer/tv_and_radio/watchdog/

    I won’t bore you with my ‘blow-by-blow’ details since they’re much the same as everyone else’s. The TalkTalk first-line support people are well & truly out of their depth (if you listen carefully you can hear their morale hitting the floor!) and the escalation folk are similarly struggling. My PC seems to work, at the moment (fingers crossed) albeit verrrrry sloooooowly using the simple Thomson Speed-Touch 330 USB modem that TalkTalk originally provided but sadly, for whatever reason, my tried, trusted & very reliable Linksys ADSL Gateway Modem/Router does not work at all with this line since LLU. I can only imagine that something in TalkTalk’s configuration has changed, knowingly or unknowingly, at LLU switchover time which means we need to modify our modem/router settings accordingly… but what? TalkTalk support folk don’t know, that’s for sure. Has anyone out there had any success with any novel combinations of settings with their modems/routers I wonder?

    Finally, if this is an upgrade I guess we should be grateful TalkTalk didn’t downgrade us! Nice tune to listen to on the telephone, I wonder if the lyrics were especially chosen by Charles Dunstone, Carphone Warehouse CEO ( email> cdunstone@cpw.co.uk ), David Thatcher, TalkTalk Managing Director ( email> dthatcher@cpw.co.uk ), David Steer, TalkTalk Customer Operations Director and Steve Rescorla, TalkTalk Customer Services Director.

  31. They started “upgrading” my line yesterday, as of yet no phone or broadband, 24 hours later…. talktalk have really gone and done a ballsup now..

  32. Ok Halleluiah!

    BT openreach came to my house today, the guy changed around a few wires at the exchange and the connection is finally back online!

    Currently running @

    6832 kbs downstrm
    446 upstrea

    (only bad side so far is I was hung up on by the indian call centre about 3 times, one time the lady tried the “hello? I can no longer hear you” routine :P)

  33. I’ve still not been disconnected yet! I hate TalkTalk!

  34. The Complaints Department at TalkTalk tell me that over 1,900 customers are affected.

    It has now been FOUR WEEKS since the LLU was upgraded and my phone/internet connection still does not work….

    Even an email direct to Charles Dunstone has failed to get them to resolve the issue.

    I would be REALLy panicking if I was the only person affected….

  35. Years ago we were an engieering country, gradually changed to a service country. I had the same problems with TT and their support but compare them to the NHS, Tranport system or Education and thankfully it only costs us £20 pcm for this poor service.

  36. My exchange (Southport) was “upgraded” on 28 February. Before then, the phone and internet worked, after, the internet worked but the phone has been screwed and remains so. Trying to get TalkTalk to do anything about this has proved impossible inspite of spend hours on the phone.

    I am beginning to think that BT aren’t so bad after all.

  37. my story much the same but i have to unplug phones to get on internet then if i want to make a phone call i have to unplug pc this happened as from the dreaded upgrade day of 26/03/07 but have made 11 phone calls so far and not got anywhere with talktalk,i really am at the end of my tether, they have really cocked up on this but once again im not the only one but if only we could all get together and take action , maybe something could be done about ,the non existant service we are paying for im disabled and rely on my pc and phones a great deal but do they care do they hell

  38. I am also experiencing phone and BB connection problems since my LLU upgrade of service!!! on the 22 June 07. Is there any hope that TT will get the message and sort it out?

  39. We moved end Fbruary less than a quarter of a mile. Two weeks before the move I contacted the moving team at TalkTalk and said I wanted to retain my tel.number. I was assured that would be fine and that we did not need to do anything. The day we moved I checked the line to find it active but could make no calls. I contacted customer services and that was when the sga bgan – failure to keep promises, lack of consistent information, false information – we were without a landline for two weeks and broadband for over a month.
    I wrote a two page letter of complaint to Jackie O’Leary , Customer Service Director early March but no response yet.
    I did send an email Monday and received a reply today requesting a copy of my letter.
    I have objected to paying the £29 connection charge which new customers are levied as well as £112 for BT to survey the property. The engineer was her less than ten minutes once he found we were already connected – so much for a survey.
    I now await their further reply – but I am not hopeful because the BT engineer said that of all the service providers TalkTalk are the worst for non communication.

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