Finger firmly pointed at Openreach

Hey guys! So, I’m catching up. I should have an LLU/Netgear round up for you shortly. There are also some new e-mail addresses and phone numbers on the Things You Can Do page. Check them out!

I’m clearing out the Inbox today, with any luck (or my connection staying up) there should be a flurry for you.

In the mean time, read and ponder this:

Fault rates and repair times are said to have quadrupled, making it more difficult for BT’s rivals to service their own customers. Openreach is at the heart of new broadband services being rolled out by the likes of Talk Talk and Tiscali.

“Currently we are experiencing the worst service ever from BT,” complained one senior executive this weekend.

Is it BT’s fault? Is it the Carphone Warehouse’s fault? No one knows!

Times Online: Telecom firms call for change on BT network

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