Customer service tips from Five Cent Nickel

This is a particularly useful article for those of you with persistent problems. Have a read through and learn from the Americans how to ‘deal’ with customer service.

First of all, I always give the regular customer service reps (CSRs) a chance to solve any problems that might arise. Unfortunately, it seems that plain old CSRs are nearly powerless when it comes to fixing problems. Still, it’s worth a shot, and you’ve gotta start somewhere. It also gives you ammunition for later, when you need to escalate your complaint to the next level. When dealing with CSRs, always be firm but polite. And always take detailed notes. Write down the date and time of your call, the name of the person that you are speaking with, their operator ID or phone extension, a direct phone number (if available — usually it’s not), as well as exactly what (if anything) they promised to do to resolve your problem.

Five Cent Nickel: Solving Customer Service Problems

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