BT charges when customers switch

Oh dear. This doesn’t bode well for us. Chances are that Carphone Warehouse and their ilk will probably pass this cost on to the rest of us.

BT IS to impose a new penalty charge on rival broadband operators whose customers defect to another provider.

The “cessation” charge, which is likely to face fierce opposition from other internet providers, is part of a wider pricing shake-up within BT’s wholesale division. The overhaul is designed to help it to compete against the cheap offerings of rivals such as Carphone Warehouse.

BT to levy new charge on rival broadband providers

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One response to “BT charges when customers switch

  1. I gather that darling Charles’ knighthood is being dropped. Surprise surprise. A bit dangerous I would have thought, kneeling in front of a sword – particularly if HM is with Talktalk!

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