40 percent of UK users think their ISP sucks

That’s a pretty massive margin. Don’t you guys think? 40 percent…. 2.8 million.

Good. Lord.

The aggressive moves by Carphone Warehouse and Orange to offer free broadband have backfired, according to uSwitch, the price-comparison service, which has found that 2.8 million – or more than 40 per cent – of UK broadband customers are not satisfied with their supplier.

‘Free broadband’ offer from Carphone and Orange backfires

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5 responses to “40 percent of UK users think their ISP sucks

  1. Carphone Warehouse should concentrate on their abyssmal phone service before entering into the world of the internet.Ibought my phones in the summer of 2006 and they still haven’t sorted out out all the services i’m supposed to have.

    No mms no video calling wrong tarrifs so on and so forth,Icant cancel the contracts and they offer no solutions.Buy all means buy from o2 but dont use a proxy like cpw their incompetence is exceeded only by their “couldnt give a toss “attitude.

  2. I have talktalk and its really laggy!

    I supposed to have a 8 meg broadband, but it seems it is as fast as a 2 meg!

    I have a xp 2006 computer with 2 gig ram!

    It keeps disconnecting.

    A cheap, worthless broadband is TALKTALK.

    Dont use talktalk, tell everyone don’t use it if they ask or were going to.

    Use orange broadband.

  3. Talktalk is certainly one of the worst providors I have been with. Frankly their Customer service sucks. They put all obstacles in your way to prevent a complaint hoping you will give up. They also try to charge for services others are providing.

  4. My wife just stomped out of the house in tears.

    We have been trying to get a master socket moved as part of a set of remodelling things we’re doing before Christmas. This simple, routine service task just CANNOT get resolved (countless phone calls, all with different answers and no action; now 20+ notes on their Forum, no resolution).

    No reason to believe this is a resourcing issue; as far as I can tell it’s entirely TalkTalk’s incompetence.

    I can’t tell you how frustrated I am. The house is in an uproar and we can’t finish the job. We may end up moving everything back just because TalkTalk can’t schedule this SIMPLE, 1 HOUR TASK.

    I didn’t think anybody could make BT look good… but TalkTalk has done it.

  5. I’ve been with Tiscali until the recent TalkTalk takeover. I only had a few minor Tiscali problems in about 6 years.

    TalkTalk’s first action to to increase my payment by 33%. When I phoned up to complain, I was told that this was because it was now a ‘new product’ and I would soon see a vast difference in performance.

    This turned out to be true. My broadband connection has slowed to a speed that reminds me of the old dialup days.

    Time to get my MAC and move on…

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