Let’s get plugged in…

Watch Talk Talk’s kit get shattered on YouTube.

Stranely satisfying, if also quite disconcerting. Sadly he doesn’t tell us now you’d pile 2 kilos on your power adapter. Could someone explain the BANG toward the end?

Edit: Well that’s pretty irritating. It seems WordPress strips embedded YouTube videos. Eh?

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3 responses to “Let’s get plugged in…

  1. Hi Tiffany, WordPress is a little strange with embedding videos. To embed this one in the post just paste the following code but delete the space.
    [ youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkmtGKEJRq4]
    This should do the trick. Good video btw 🙂 I like it

  2. I understand what he’s getting at, I guess you could get that sort of pressure exerted if you’ve got the adaptor lying flat on a 4-way, and it accidentally gets kicked or jammed in somewhere.

    PS: I use WordPress too, they have a special format that you can use to insert YouTube links. If it comes out properly, here it is:

  3. Must admit I’ve only had good experience with Talktalk broadband. I agree with you, the power adapter does look pretty shoddy, however many companies supply these things now with a similar design including Apple (although theirs are better made). Probably needs reporting to Trading Standards.

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