Now they want the domain

As most of you know, I’ve been going back and forth with the Carphone Warehouse legal ‘team’ for the last 2 months. They’ve accused me of just about everything they could possibly come up with, outside of being a homicidal baby eating vampire, and I’ve been more than cooperative.

I’m starting to feel a bit less so. There gets to be a point where there are legitimate corporate ‘concerns’ and then there’s ‘jumping the metaphorical inch you’ve been given.’ This is now bordering on the latter.

Due to their persistent e-mails and figments of malice; I’ve edited, re-edited and fixed the site. I changed the design, I removed comments (some even praising the Carphone Warehouse) and valuable information that was helping people.

Now they want my domain. Which many of you may not even be aware exists.

In May, when I started the Talk Talk Hell blog, I registered with Go Daddy. The intention was to run the site for a few months, see how it went and what people wanted, then develop it into something bigger with FAQs, forums… all sorts. Around August people started realizing that the Talk Talk offer was a pile of crap and this site became more and more popular. It was about then I started considering developing the domain properly.

Instead, around September, I received my first correspondence with someone affiliated with CPW, but not even registered by the bar council. After that I was upgraded to a practising lawyer in another country, yet still not registered by the English bar council.

And what does that mean for Talk Talk Hell? It means that Talk Talk Hell can never hold either of these people accountable for any ‘advice’ they give her. Yet they do it anyway. Good for Talk Talk Hell, isn’t it? They get to threaten me with whatever they like and I can’t hold them responsible.

So far they’ve tried to bring me up on:

1. Defamation. Not once specified.

2. Data Protection Act. Again, not once specified or proven.

3. Infringement of trademark. I voluntarily removed the banner. I didn’t like it anyway. But it still could have been considered fair use.

I’m going to take action to defend my domain in the dispute (which CPW has apparently already guessed) and won’t just be handing it over because they asked with only veiled hostility. There’s no real set precedent as to whether I’ll succeed, but in no way was its registration a test of ‘bad faith.’ I think they know that as well. It’s worth fighting either way, if anything just to show that I’m not a cybersquatter or a pirate.Overall, I’m getting pretty fed up with the whole situation and think that I’ve done and said more for them than many other people in my position would have. Yet they’re still taking serious liberties with my time and are perhaps intentionally testing my patience.
If this ever ends you can damned well bet that I will never be purchasing or using anything that Dunstone has touched ever, ever again. My failure to choose NTL, back in April, haunts me even in my sleep. What a mistake.


5 responses to “Now they want the domain

  1. Typical of solicitors and barristers, practising or otherwise, they never seem to be accountable anyway! I guess TT’s action just shows how desperate they are – only a year to go and those 18 month contracts will soon be running out!

  2. I have to say that there efforts should be spent fixing the problem and not chasing people who cry about it.

  3. Keep up the fight, Carphone are in a spot of bother what with all the silent calls they have been making, dire broadband and so on and so forth.

  4. anyone want to waste their money buying shares in Carphone Whorehouse? 🙂

  5. Hi guys!

    They dropped the domain disupte, as verified by ICANN. 😀


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