Trouble with US Robotics ADSL modem

Steve is envious of my up time of 20 minutes. Oh, bless our ISP. Bless them.

20 minutes LOL i’m continually disconnected every 30 seconds! I even went and bought an adsl router modem decent make USRobotics which works perfectly on pipex btw. My router log shows

ATM1 negotiating..


PPP connecting…

Connection successful IP address 84…….

ATM1 lost signal

ADSL down..

this happens every minute, i can actually watch the router and time when the connect will happen whiles its connected I can browse the web for all of 20 seconds woohoo! go CPW Talktalk the new standard of high speed internet.

Any tips for Steve? Could this be CHAP related?

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One response to “Trouble with US Robotics ADSL modem

  1. i have purchased a netgear modem adsl type and model dm111p. It is not working. pl help how to proceed.

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