Talk Talk harasses disabled customer after not providing her with welcome pack

Oh, nice one Talk Talk. Sally is registered disabled, she needs her phone line to work and would rather have received a welcome pack. Does it work as expected? Did she get her welcome pack? Has she ever used Talk Talk’s service? Oh hell no. That would be too much to ask of Carphone Warehouse’s deformed demon child.

I was tempted by the TalkTalk offer and signed up online. I was promised a welcome pack and it never arrived. As I am registered disabled I was concerned. I did not want to be left without telephone or internet and cancelled before the package was started or so I thought. I remained a BT customer for line rental but they were no longer my service provider and in due course I received a bill from TalkTalk. As I use a dialer with a non BT service I had made no calls through TalkTalk. I cancelled my direct debit and wrote to TalkTalk explaining that I had not used the service as I was still awaiting the welcome pack. I wrote several letters and made several phone calls and for my troubles I received two letters from two different debt agencies. I had already paid £18.00 to the first agency as they harassed me over the telephone to pay up or face further charges. I paid £18.00 plus my postage and long unanswered 0845 calls for nothing but I could still be paying and receiving nothing. My telephone is my lifeline and I need an absolutely reliable service.

Wow Sally. Any tips for her?

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