Tactics for dealing with customer service

Dude has some additional tips for getting things done when you call Talk Talk’s ‘help’ desk.

High Level Complaints (HLC) don’t have too many on their teams, and to be honest your very unlikely to actually get given the number as only Managers and Directors can hand it out.

If you need something doing, write in, then call up. When your letter does get read and sent to the correct department, HLC do actually look into it! (I got a call 15days after writing in). I only had to deal with one person who I could understand clearly, and if you make sure you don’t sound happy they work hard to get it fixed for you.

If you do get the number, good luck to you, but without the proper authorization from a Manager or Director they’ll tell you where to go – and hopefully somewhere more help than Customer Services! Plus they do keep changing the direct HLC number to stop people finding them online and calling them up. Got to give them some credit – it is a setup system for complaints that have had to escalate because no one could deal with it.

If you haven’t had any service from customer services, don’t swear or they hang up, just don’t get off the phone until a manager answers. When that happens things usually get fixed. Don’t accept what they say first of all (especially things like modem orders) – make sure they look into it. They don’t lie – they just get it wrong!

HLC are good, but it’s not worth trying to phone them. Write in, recorded delivery, and wait max 3weeks. And don’t lie to them – they can listen to calls if they have to.

They told me there was no management available. Typical.

Talk to Dude

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