Sophos tired of sophomoric claims

It is a big like the school braggart isn’t it? Oh yes, we can get you connected to the best service ever. Any one who criticizes us is wrong and obviously we’ll prove it by doing nothing after we apologize.

On the day I was meant to move to LLU (27th August 2006) my service was cut off and I have now been without service for over six weeks. I finally got a response from TalkTalk agreeing to terminate my contract but they still have not released my number so BT cannot restore my line. In over 13 years of dealing with ISPs and phone companies, I have never had such bad service. Just to show they could get even worse, they are now demanding money for the month of September during which time I have had no service whatsoever. I cancelled my direct debit in time to avoid paying them any more.

6 weeks without service during a simple transfer. Naturally no communication.

Talk to Sophos

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