Rob releases some wisdom

More speculation as to the cause of Talk Talk’s tremendously slow speeds. It could be a DOS attack, it’s a good explanation. May as well try and get the 84. address. Doesn’t hurt, does it?

Right now though, my IP is in the 89 range and Pandora is actually working. Makes a change.

Not sure how to get posts on this website – this needs publishing.

I work in IT and understand how comms networks work etc etc.

For the past couple of weeks talktalk has been deliverying sporadic slow service to certain users. Symptom, slow pings, slow web pages and slow mail.

Because I have a nifty route at home which monitors whats going on I get emails when I have problems with talk talk.

Basically what is happening is when ever you have an ip address from talk talk (this is your external i.e. internet ip address) not in the 84…… range. i.e. if you have one starting 89…… you will start having problems.

What happens is – as soon as you start transmitting requests via your web browser or email client (its fine if you are using VPN or othe r protocol) loads of junk comes back at you which blocks up the pipe to your router.

Its called a Denial of service attack – in simple terms its like war – you pop your head out of a window in your house and ask from something and immediatly 300 snipers appear and shoot at you.

I have tried getting this message through top talk talk – after 70 mins on phone last week – they said we’ll look into it and get “Scott” to come back to you. No call as usual.

If you phone for tech support they say you must have this and that etc etc but that doesn’t solve the problem – nothing you can do at home will solve this problem. Basically talk talk need to monitor their broadband delivery and if they get Denial of Service (DOS) attacks – block the ip address of the machines creating the attack.

Going back to your problem – the only fix is keep disconnecting your broadband connection and wait until you get an external ip address starting with 84 – you can use to identify what address you have. Unfortunatly there is no way to request an 84 address – you just have to keep “off-ing” your broadband modem or router and when it restarts it will request another address.

Hope the above isn’t to techno for you – Not sure how to get this posted as this must be affection loads of people.

The attacks on th 89 address range are not alll the time – but once they start it cripples your connection for at least a few hours unless you manage to get an address which isn’t being attacked.

Hope this helps

Talk to Rob

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3 responses to “Rob releases some wisdom

  1. This suggestion took some while to dig up but seems to have fixed our slow connection speed issue.

    We’ve gone from a ping of 2662 ms and connection speed of about 50k with an 89 number to a ping of 30 ms and a connection speed of nearly 2meg with an 84 number.

    Ironically, this problem may have lasted longer due to the fact that we’ve had a stable connection for so long, so we’ve had the same ip for a while…

    Cheers Rob!

    I wonder how prevalent this issue is? The security log on the router for the 89 connection period is full, but i don’t know how serious the items on it are…

  2. Anyone living within the Wolverhampton area? I have been told that a major company within the Wolverhampton area uses internal ip addresses within the range of 89.x.x.x that might be causing knock-on problems for Talk Talk customers.

    They noticed because anyone with an 89.x.x.x address trying to see their site always saw nothing and employees within the company cannot see any external website that uses 89.x.x.x either.

  3. Insider,

    The company using 89 for their internal address should not affect TalkTalk customers. The internal addresses will never be seen out on the Internet. (they will be natted by the firewall). There may be problems with employees hitting websites with 89 addresses and also connecting to the companys webserver, this should be fairly easily fixed by their IT dept adjusting a couple of routes.
    This will not affect Talk Talk customers though and Talk Talk should be looking at blocking these DoS attacks

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