More tips for e-mail

Dude has commented regarding what your e-mail settings should look like. Have a skim through, could keep you from spending a lot of money on those 0870 numbers!

TalkTalk freely admit they’ve had problems with their servers. Currently they are upgrading their POP3 server so most people can’t seem to access their email.

The best option is to go to (it redirects to, but your on the best server for that time).

If that doesn’t work, go to Just type in your email address and password and there you go. If you can’t get in on either of those, try emailing yourself from a different email address (for some bizarre reason TalkTalk don’t ensure email accounts activate straight away).

You can always try using something like Outlook, just make sure you do type in the correct settings, or you feel rather dumb for yelling down the phone at someone that it’s not working!

The correct settings are as follows:

Incoming Server Type = POP3

Incoming Server =

Outgoing Server =

Account name = (emailaddress)

Password = (email password)

Also, if you hae any problems, try deactivating email-scanning or your firewall temporarily.

Some different virus-protection programs stop things working too.

Hope that fixes most peoples emails! If that doesn’t, all TalkTalk will do is test that you can ping ok, run a netstat to check for any wrong connections from spyware. They’ll probably fob you off and say run a virus scan, or ‘try swapping the microfilters…’ to a dead line.

Don’t take any of that, go through the settings with them, reset your browser defaults, try the pings with them, and when they say they are stuck, ask them to then send it to 2ndline. I know it’s a wait, but you can’t help it. And to be honest if all this doesn’t fix it, it isn’t gonna get fixed by whoever you call up.

Dude points out a rather tricky move that I’ve known of in tech support. When they tell you to swap filters, that’s when they want to disconnect the call. (Or at least some times.) Try not to do that.

Talk to Dude

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6 responses to “More tips for e-mail

  1. Tech support should be happy for this blog. You’ve answered a lot of questions for many people.

  2. It has taken me 3 months to be connected to talktalk, all the time paying them to talktalk3international. As I was being provided for by AOL.UK Now owned by Carphone Warhouse, perhaps it is in their interest to delay transfer, Afterall you are paying fees to both companies. After the wait i find talktalk almost useless. I have to use hotmail to get anything sent to me.. What a life… Cheers Les

  3. i,m considering migrating from onetel to talk talk, 1-is this wise
    2- can i bring my email address with me

  4. I don’t feel like I’m the only one having these problems now! I’ve had talktalk for 12 months and for 11 months it hasn’t worked properly. now bought a new router and manged to get MYSELF back on Internet but still having trouble trying to get my e-mail set up. Spent literally days on the phone to talktalk but what’s the point NO SOLUTION. it will be no nore talk to talk talk when my contract ends apart from one word BYE

  5. Why do i continue to get problems with my server? No E-mails since 26 Feb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You’ve made a 75 [young] surfer very happy.
    Thanks !!

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