Hate isn’t too strong of a word

So, technical support’s new strategy is to tell customers to get to a new ISP. That’s possibly the best advice I’ve seen on this blog. Have a read:

In also spent hours hanging on to speak to someone in India who eventually told me to get broadband from someone else. Basically I had everything working fine on my NetgearDG834GT, it worked fine using ethernet on one w2o00 pc and using airport on my ibook.

Thursday night it went off, after numerous phonecalls they eventually said it could be something to do with being on superfast 8mb and that they rented mt bt line from bt and that there could be work going on. They also gave me the router settings but I cannot see where to check that CHAP is being used. Also they said that the primary and secondary i.ps had to be set to

DNS Primary:

DNS Secondary:

I have checked everything a thousand times, nothing works, I hate them

You’re not alone Paul

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4 responses to “Hate isn’t too strong of a word

  1. OK, we all get sales phonecalls from time to time, and most of us say “no thanks”, but when you get the offer to save money, from a trusted company that already have proved to save you money in the past, you take the chance.

    A few years back I signed up to Talk Talk from the Carphone Warehouse for cheaper phone calls. We were already with BT, but Talk Talk claimed they could reduce our call charges, which they indeed did. Our line rental was still with BT, but we paid Talk Talk for the call charges, which were nice and low.

    Fast forward to July 2007, the 10th of July I seem to recall.

    Talk Talk called me, offering to save me money on the internet, with a broadband package for only £16 a month for speeds up to 8mb. This also included line rental and cheaper calls.

    “Wow!” I think, thats way cheaper than what I am paying now with AOL. Lets save some money, how does it work?

    I was told by the salesman that all I had to do was place the order with him, I would received my welcome pack together with a modem and installation disc in 7 to 10 days time. “Would I prefer a wireless or wired modem?”, I opted for the wired modem. My order was placed and was told my line would be switched from BT to Talk Talk in late July.

    My welcome pack arrived, but only the welcome pack, no modem or disc. Maybe they were coming from somewhere else I thought.

    My welcome pack told me the switch over would be on the 24th July, and to expect some disruption to my service. On the 23rd of July I lost my internet connection, and could not use the phone, obviously the start of the changeover. The following day my phone was back working no problem, but no internet connection. I phoned Talk Talk, and asked about my modem, and was told the modem order was not processed as they did not have my choice of wireless or wired modem!

    I explained to the customer services advisor, who was obviously in another country, India probably, I think by his accent it was India, that I had requested a wired modem. Appologies were made and I was promised my modem within 48 hours. OK, minor problem with the system, things can go wrong sometimes, 48 hours is not that bad afterall.

    48 hours later …… no modem.

    Another phone call to Talk Talk customer services, in India again, and I was told 7 to 10 days for my modem. “Hang on!” I was told 48 hours …. 48 hours ago! I asked for the modem to be sent out by courier, as they had obviously made the mistake here, but she would not budge from her “7 to 10 days sir” stance. I explained my lack of internet connection, and the fact that I was missing out on some eBay bargains, and she told me that I could connect to the internet through Windows Internet Explorer with my old AOL modem, at a reduced speed of 1.5mb. She talked me through the steps to get connect and I was back up and running.

    A week later and my modem and installation disc finally arrives!

    The 28th of July, and my modem is finally here. All new and in it’s box, with installation pack. I was just home from work and, after a quick cuppa, I set about putting it all together. Having wired up the modem to the PC and phone line I inserted the disc into the PC and started the installation process. It kind of froze halfway through and I had to restart the PC. No problem, attempt 2, success……. oh no, wait a minute, it’s froze again, time for another reboot. Attempt 3, got it, but it can’t seem to establish a connection. Attempt 4…… this is rather tedious folks, sorry. Fast forward to 1am, no joy, can’t get the bloody thing to connect to the internet. I’ve been at it for 6 hours, I have a sore head, my eyes are heavy and bloodshot and my wife has gone to bed rather annoyed at all the cursing and swearing coming from downstairs.

    Sunday the 29th July. I’m backshift, starting work at 2pm. Lets get this thing going.

    After 3 hours I managed to get an internet connection, I am now online with Talk Talk. I emailed all my contacts with my new e-mail address, and received at least 1 reply, I think. Off I toddled to work quite happy in the knowledge that despite several calls to India, a delay of 10 or 14 days, and a fair bit of work to get it going, I’m at least saving some money!

    The next morning I signed on, not too many e-mails from friends and well wishers, but to those who took the time to e-mail me at my new address I answered back. But it would not work! I could not reply to e-mails, I could not create new e-mails either. Another phone call to India should sort me out. This time I spoke with an IT specialist, Indian chap, and with a very poor broken English accent which manifested in a difficult conversation, but he talked me through what I ‘should’ have on my screen, but which was in fact different to what I did have, and he was in the right and I was obviously wrong. “No, no, no sir. You should have at the top left corner a box…” But no, I did not, and he could not help me configure my e-mail settings, which were working before but not now for some reason, and he says he can’t help me further, goodbye!

    That was it, the straw that broke the camel’s back!

    I phoned Talk talk, determined that this was the last time I would ever call India again. I told them of what was going on and requested I cancel my order, I was at least still within the 14 days cooling off period from the switch over. I was put through to someone who spoke English this time, who appologised for the trouble I had been caused, and please accept our appologies, and so on.

    I then called BT, and told them of my foolish exploits with another company, and that I will never look at another phone company again for cheaper line rental and that if I ever do BT is entitled to slap my face like a married man looking at another woman. BT welcomed me back with open arms like the Prodigal Son. “We will have you back connected on the 17th of August sir”

    Safe in the knowledge that I was no longer obligated to Talk Talk, I set up my AOL modem again. I reinstalled my AOL software, but the damn thing would not work. I called AOL, and was told they would check my line. They found that Talk Talk had totally cleared the line of AOL when they took it over on the 24th July, and that they would have to re-order it with BT when they took over on the 17th of August. Despite being seething mad at Talk Talk, I had to sheepishly call Talk Talk IT again (India!) and ask them to run through the set up to use my old modem again. But it was a different person this time, who refused to help me. I told him of the nice Indian lady who last week set me up in the interim period with my old modem, so why can’t you. Voices were raised, mostly on my part, OK, totaly on my part, the poor chap on the other side of the planet took it in his stride, but capitulated and got me set up through their IP address.

    Fast forward to August 17th, BT are back in control of my line, and AOL is back up and running.

    My advice folks is simple ……. stay well clear of Talk Talk!

  2. Talk Talk are an absolute nightmare.

    I signed up for a landline/broadband package over three months ago and despite being given an initial start-up date of 6th July, I was later given one of 17th July.

    That date came and went – the landline was connected, but there was no sign of the modem, etc.

    I spent, in total over forty-seven hours on the phone, to Talk Talk, between 6th and 25th July and was given numerous excuses as to the cause of the delay in getting broadband up and running:

    1) “There has been a duplicate order with BT”
    2) “It’s BT’s fault”
    3) “We are using an outside company to service your contract”
    4) “BT have rejected your order”
    5) “We haven’t received an order from you”
    6) “You cancelled the order”
    7) “Broadband is not available in your area”
    8) “Your equipment must have gone missing in the post. We have sent it.”

    These are just a selection of the often hilarious and fanciful excuses.

    My advice to anyone, even remotely considering using Talk Talk is to stay well clear.

  3. As you may be all very aware, TalkTalk has taken over from tiscali who is currently my ISP.
    However, recently my connection speed went from an average download rate of 4mb to on average 420kb! This makes online gaming very difficult and almost unplayable! phone technical support to see why this was and was greeted by (I guess an Indian chap) who I could not understand his accent. However he apparently run a line test and told me “you are using you internet in a peak time” (wednesday 2.30pm), rubbish i thought. Any way still sat at my computer 6 hours later and no improvement on download rate! Time to find a BETTER ISP! Goodby TalkTalk, I hope your destruction of other good companys end soon!

  4. I bought a Tiscali broadband package advertised as up to 24 MB in December 2009. By the time the service had been provisioned Tiscali had been taken over by TalkTalk. I queried the connection speed as it was slower than I had expected. TalkTalk tell me my service has a 2 MB cap, in other words it impossible to get anywhere near 24 MB.

    I have all but given up trying to reason with TalkTalk – customer service is appalling. I don’t hold out much hope for my own chances, but find the idea that this message might forewarn some other poor, unsuspecting soul, somewhat therapeutic.

    If anyone reading this is considering a switch to TalkTalk, my advice is to avoid them like the plague.

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