Brian wanting to brain someone

At work a few weeks ago one of my coworkers came in, (he knows I run this blog) and started chatting about ISPs. He’s the same I deterred from signing up to Talk Talk a few weeks ago. However, he was too late to save his neighbor from being sucked into the bad service abyss. She, unlike many, received her welcome back and installation CD. She popped it in and now her system doesn’t work. My coworker is a nice and technical guy. After 3 hours he finally managed to strip it all and get her system working again.

Those CDs are a bad idea.

Now Brian is having the same problem:

Hi, having serious problems with Talk talk installation. After install, computer has been totally banjaxed, only goes to welcome screen and restarts continuously. Eventually it stopped and the computer would not boot up at all. If any of you guys have any ideas on what I should do, or if any of you have had any successful compensation claims….please please let me know~!! thanks

I don’t know anything about compensation claims (at least on my part) however, I can point you to XP running funny after installing Talk Talk’s software.

Anyone have anything else to add? Talk to Brian

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One response to “Brian wanting to brain someone

  1. Talktalk spontaneous reboots/crashes after a few seconds…

    Start in Safe Mode (hit F8 repeatedly before the Windows XP screen)
    Remove the Talktalk security software, or:
    Open Device Manager
    Select View/Hidden Devices
    Open the Non-Plug and Play devices
    Double-click each F-Secure device
    On the Driver tab, select Disabled.

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