Talk Talk isn’t so Neet.

Neet needs some basic sort of support help. 3 months later, lots of phone calls and no broadband. Anyone have a quick primer for the non technical they can share?

I don’t know if it is a good thing or bad that there are so many of us struggling with TT broadband. I have not had any internet connection now since 28th July so the statement of “Easy connection with no interuptions” makes me so mad.

I have managed to get a number of a person who is supposed to be looking at my problems her name is Zarinah but she never answers her phone and what kind of telecom company are they when the staff don’t even have voicemail to leave our complaints on.

I have reported TT to OFCOM and informed the High Level Complaints department of this, but they are so use to this now that it was like water off a ducks back.

I am not very technical and do not and don’t want to understand about drives and microfilters all I want is to connect to the blinking internet.

The best laugh was when the Technical Support guy asked me to carry my PC and monitor down stairs to the telephone socket to test the line….. He was not happy when I called him a TOSSER.

I have run the installation CD and changed the modem so many times now I am dizzy and still the ADSL light flashes away like a goodun.

Anybody got any new suggestions other than throwing the whole shibang out the window…..

I can say, just as a basic, that the setup should look something like this:

1. splitter
2. RJ-11 (telephone cable) into modem
3. Microfilter into socket for phone
4. Phone into microfilter

The filters filter out the ADSL signal.

Talk to Neet

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4 responses to “Talk Talk isn’t so Neet.

  1. TALKTALK admits Problems in the London Region. Finally. I am still waiting since 8 days. Can not get online anymore. Just dial the TT customer hotline and listen for about 1 minute
    0870 444 1820.

  2. If you call the guy on the end of the phone who is trying to help you a “tosser” then I have zero sympathy for you. Im sure you’d be outraged if he called you a tosser.

  3. Number 2 is wrong…. You need RJ11 cable. Specific for the ADSL signal. If you run your computer through an extension then you will probably suffer from a week signal or intermittent service, this can depend on how old the extension is, again you can now buy ADSL extension cables from the likes of comett, currys and maplin.

    1. splitter
    2. Rj-45 (telephone cable) into modem
    3. Microfilter into socket for phone
    4. Phone into microfilter

    The filters filter out the ADSL signal

  4. Hey, A Person. Thanks for that. It’s been corrected now 🙂

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