Link staff bribed by Carphone Warehouse

Oh man. I have to say, as much as I love running this blog and despise CPW, I’d probably take the basket as well. My own company just gave me a bit of champagne last year. Nice champagne, mind, but just a bottle. I’d rather have the 20 pounds.

I’ve been reading a magazine called mobile news for years, in there they do an independent mystery shop on all the mobile retailers in the town they are in. The link always fell short, they seemed to come off as one of the cheaper independents, with the dixons group just throwing money into it, with very little profit coming back out – hence the sale I guess. I have a friend who works in one off the link stores however, he doesnt do to bad.

Anyway, if you comb the internet, you will find that carphone warehouse have bought numerous locations of link stores and indeed staff. They’ll be kitted out with CPW branded “stuff” and badges and payroll withen the next few months.

Carphone also last year, sent an extra few hundred christmas hampers (the kind their staff get every year as a thank you) to phones for you stores, attached were application forms for the staff. P4u Staff were asked to take said hampers back to their local carphone warehouse stores, but i cant see that happening, its a big box full of free goodies for petes sake! 🙂

Thanks Sean!

While looking for someone who received one of these gift baskets, I came across In defence of Carphone Warehouse. These people are NOT using their broadband service.

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