Leonard lets you in on some e-mail secrets

We get a lot of complaints regarding e-mail ‘functionality’* and how to go about fixing it. Lots of potential solutions, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I’m always open to more.

As for Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook;

Go into Tools and then Accounts, delete whatever is in there then go to Add and make the account from scratch again. Choose the POP3 Server and enter you name and email address (make sure its the right case etc) the incoming server is mail.talktalk.net and the outgoing server is smtp.talktalk.net your user name is the whole of your email address and the password is your email password not your dialup password. should work. also check to see if it is set as your default in email accounts. click send and receive and cross your fingers. if it still doesn’t work then it may be a problem with outlook express, try it on microsoft outlook instead. all the details for setting it up is on http://www.talktalk.co.uk in help and support and then email set up. ringing broadband customer services generally doesn’t help much as it depends who you get and what training they’ve had regarding email. and technical support is just the same people as regular customer service. second line will generally only give you the above advice because as far as they’re concerned if the account is active then its not their problem.

Give it a shot, let me know how it goes!

Thanks Leonard!

*See: none.

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3 responses to “Leonard lets you in on some e-mail secrets

  1. Have you noticed how Dunstone has failed to update his blog since 1st September?

  2. Hey Maxine,

    I have.



  3. I have had problems with TT e-mail for the last few days. I use a Philips ADSL wireless router. (The Belkin one supplied by TT as a recomended unit would not work for more than a few days ata time. I sent it back in August and am still waiting for a refund.)

    Tonight I have reduced the MTU setting from 1500 ( which is default) to 1300, and suddenly I can get e-mail with no password issues.

    MTU is max transmission units without fragmentation, and the higher the better for speed, but too high a setting loses data.

    It is worth a try. This is in the page where you set up the modem part of the router like V/MUX settings and so on.

    At worst it will slow down a good conncetion, at best it could restore full operation.

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