Netgear and Talk Talk problems round up

Sometimes it’s a benefit to be so far behind that you must go through hundreds of comments at the same time. I’ve noticed a pattern with certain Netgear routers and CHAP just, well, falling over in an exhausted heap.

Have a read through Jayjay’s problem:

I hear where you’re coming from – just got broadband from TalkTalk. I can connect using the supplied USB Speedtouch 330 modem (when it eventually finds the line and stops flashing), but I bought a Netgear DG834G becaue I wanted to setup a wireless network. Can I get it to work? NOOOOOOO…

I’ve set-up routers before but this is driving me crazy. There is something very questionable going on. The TalkTalk settings are as follows:

Encapsulation mode: PPPoA VC-MUX



DNS Primary:

DNS Secondary:

Authentication: CHAP

However and despite the fact that I have tweaked and double checked everything – I must have checked my login and password hundreds of times – I still get an authentication error: “CHAP authentication failed”.

I’ve changed every setting in the Netgear Admin pages, I’ve ping’d every relevent IP address, I dont see how I can change to/from PAP or CHAP, I’ve selected “never connect” for the dial-up process for the Speedtouch, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed all software, I’ve experimented on three PCs and one laptop, downgraded the firmware, upgraded the firmware, rebooted, restarted, and the lights are lit and stable on the Netgear router, but it would seem no-one is still at home????

Anyone any ideas to help us?

Another one from Brian:

Hi, I’m having the same problem with my netgear DG834GT router. I used to be able to have wireless with Pipex and had no problem at all until I was conned into switching to Talk Talk. Since joining this company I cannot get wireless broadband at all and can only connect via their own modem which means plugging in. I’ve phoned their helpline which is clearly in India or somewhere such like and can only get through to someone reading off an obviously scripted answer with the end result being that they cannot help. They claim that the problem is with netgear when it clearly isn’t. I hate Talk Talk!!!!! They are horrendous! Can anyone please help me:)

From Ruth’s post detailing the same issue

One from frustrated mum Carol:

Philip, where are you??? You say you have DG834GT and have no problems with talktalk and offered to share settings. Please post them!!

I have no problem connecting to talktalk or with email but still cannot get other notebooks to connect to wireless router DG834GT despite having no problem with over-expensive BT Business Broadband.

When I phoned Talktlkk, they read out the following settings;

Manual ADSL

ADSL modulation Auto/G.DMT/ANSIT1.413


Settings: Encapsulation VC MUX

Authentication CHAP.

I can’t find out how to make these work and it’s starting to become an issue with my teenage children who are desparate to get back onto MSN. I’m a mum under pressure.

And Paul has a possible solution for the authentication problems:

We have recently switched from BT internet to Talk Talk. After an initial problem with not being able to access our hotmail and btinternet email accounts, I downloaded a firmware upgrade for my Netgear DG834GT wireless router, all is now fine. I can access both using Outlook Express.

I think some of the problems are a result of the CHAP encryption.

Hope this helps.

And the ever popular MTU change seems to help with basic connection issues:

There is an issue with some Netgear routers and the TalkTalk service.

Go into the router configuration page and find the MTU setting there. Set to 1492 or lower, but do not go below 1400. I found 1450 worked for me.

The symptoms: no messenger login, no hotmail, no talktalk website, can get google and some other sites, can’t get others.

One I changed the MTU, everything went back to normal.

I’ve e-mailed Paul directly regarding what firmware version he’s using. If anyone knows, drop me a line!

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167 responses to “Netgear and Talk Talk problems round up

  1. Same here…
    Sun, 2002-09-08 12:00:27 – Initialize LCP.
    Sun, 2002-09-08 12:00:27 – LCP is allowed to come up.
    Sun, 2002-09-08 12:00:31 – CHAP authentication failed
    Sun, 2002-09-08 12:00:31 – LCP down.

    I had been a talktalk 1MBit customer for a while, and these problems only started when I was switched over to the ‘free broadband’ 8MBit service. I understand that’s a technically completely different service, and that my DG834Gv2 might not be compatible any more. (the old USB modem still works)

    Would love to try beta firmware for the router – where do I get that? it’s not on the regular Netgear support page.

  2. I have a Netgear DG384G wireless router with the following settings that works with TalkTalk
    Encapsulation – PPP over ATM
    DNS -Get automatically from ISP
    MUltiplexing Method – VC-Based
    VPI 0
    VCI 38
    Does this help?

  3. Hi well ive had TalkTalk for about 4 months, the broadband was fine until i became LLU now its a shambles, I have a netgear 834G and also a Zyxel VOIP Router, since LLU the Zyxel refueses to work at all, while the Netgear works for a couple of hours buts gradually gets slower and slower until you end up having to reset the router. any ideas. the router is on TalkTalk recommended settings and the MTU is currently 1458

  4. Netgear DG834Gv2 – Has anyone got this router to work with talktalk new 8mb service (firmware, v3.01.25)

    I was upgraded to 8mb 23/20/06 and router keeps dropping, tried all the good stuff suggested on this site. Can anyone recommend a wireless router and version number that works with 8mb .

    talktalk speedtouch modem works, phone line doesn’t work (no dial tone) but the phone is the least of my worries.

  5. Just got through to talktalk helpdesk after 45mins to say my phone has no dial tone since yesterday mornings scheduled 8mb upgrade.

    They said that they were having major problems and three of the exchanges were down in the area, could be Erith, Crayford, Dartford. Fix ETA for tomorrow sometime (wed 25/10/06)

    Saying that my broadband works (5-6mb speeds) with speedtouch modem but not my netgear router, so not sure it’s a “major” exchange down problem as they said.

    I also asked the nice engineer if it was a problem with talktalkak’s LLU and he blamed it on BT exchange being down… Could be defamotary!

  6. quick question – is anyone running Netgear DG834Gv2 with v3.01.31.

    I have seen lots of posts on an Australian forum which says it fixed constant drop problems on ADSL2 lines

  7. Having the same problem with my DG834GT. Dropping the internet connection all the time and running very slow when running. Problem only started when upgraded to 8Mb. Have talk to Netgear Tech support they mess around with the setup tried MTU 1458 now changed to 1400 still no better. TalkTalk would not help as said they do not support any other router except Belkin. Has any one found a fix?

  8. I still had no phone after 3 days following LLU 8mb upgrade only broadband. I tried a friends newer Netgear DG834N ADSL2 router and that worked on new 8mb but my old netgear DG834Gv2 did not… was that just a coincidence?

    Anyway after lots of nagging to TalkTalk they have backed out of the 8mb upgrade (as it was apparently affecting loads of people) and am back down to 2mb and everything seems ok again on my old router.

    I guess I’m going to have the same problems when the try to upgrade to 8mb again!

  9. Finally had to pay someone to configure my Netgear for me. I wish I’d waited – I’ve just seen the talktalk wireless modem/router c/w ‘free’ wireless adaptor on talktalk’s website , already set up to make connection to talktalk broadband easier. Anyone tried this moden/router yet?
    Since Charlie’s taken over AOL UK and AOL were offering a free wireless modem/router in their package – I suppose it would be too much to expect the same from talktalk soon???
    Still , I’m saving my £17.99 Orange(Wanadoo) subscription and that’s the equivalent of 14 bottles of Innes & Gunn! My connection’s faster too.

  10. I have also had talk talk hell. I have resolved it by having the following settings..

    Encapsulation – PPP over ATM
    DNS -Get automatically from ISP
    MUltiplexing Method – VC-Based
    VPI 0
    VCI 38

    but crucially I have changed the MTU to 1400 from 1458. Not really sure what this is all about but it works!


  11. hi,
    i am with talktalk i use a belkin wireless router and i have the same problem,i have to keep changing my mtu settings to keep on mtu can be anywhere between 1400 and 1500 and the problem is getting worse i sometimes have to change my settings about 3 times a day and im only on 2mb so i think the problem is with the volume of people that are now with talktalk and they can not keep up with trafic on line with the gear they are useing,at this present moment my mtu is set at 1400 but by midday i may have to change my mtu to 1445 or there abouts to keep on line. hope this helps in some way.

  12. Very glad to see I’m not alone here!

    I am using a Netgear 834G v2, and had NO problems with BT Broadband – reliable, fast etc.

    Having switched to TalkTalk I got the thing working (even though they sent the wrong password – should all be UPPERCASE), but now have a major issue in that the connection is lost whenever the PC goes to sleep. The only remedy has been to re-boot the router, which I’m having to do 5 times a day. Even then there are major problems with lost connections, and the old LCP not allowed to come up, CHAP authentication etc.

    I was told by TT to use particular DNS numbers, not to set it to get them Dynamically – is this right?

    I changed the MTU to 1500 – from 1492, – with little effect.

    I’m using the latest Router firmware too.

    Any ideas? Is this teething problems at TT’s end? I have submitted a Help request to them, but find telephoning them SO agrivating I’ve just had to give up.

  13. Hi All,

    same problem, upgraded to TT 8MB and now my Netgear DG834GT keeps dropping and even getting slower – change MTU to 1450 then 1400 does not make anydifference – played with all the settings.

    One mentioned sticking DNS into TCP/IP which I have done – might work. What I am after is actual solution.

    Someone must have an answer out there somewhere? Where are all the Networking gurus? Someone must want a challenge.

  14. George Robinson

    For everybody out there struggling to get TalkTalk broadband to function “as it says on the tin” I give you the following ‘general’ tips – (learnt from a month of struggling).
    1. Make sure that you are using the main BT socket for your modem connection.
    2. Connect the modem as close as possible to the main BT socket.
    3. Go down the ethernet route. If your computer is too far from the BT socket for the supplied cabling buy a ready-made 10 metre ethernet cable – they work ok – I am using 2 x 10 metre with an inline connection.
    4. Chuck the TalkTalk filter/s and replace with BT branded filter/s.
    5. Connect BT branded filters to any additional sockets.
    5. If you still have problems try to talk to a second line Techy. The are far more clued up than the ones who answer the telephone.

  15. Have been running 834v2 with 3.0.31 firmware perfectly until the exchange was upgraded two weeks ago, since then very intermitent broadband, and when it does work, only for a few minutes before it dies. Rebooting router can help, but again, only for a few minutes. Am waiting callback from TT LLU department to see if they canhelp, otherwise I’ll be cancelling my contract in the morning, going back to BT and finding a new broadband provider!
    I’ll try changing the DNS to manual entry on the router side, but don’t hold out much hope!
    Will let you know if I have any luck with engineers!

  16. Please can someone help me as I have no idea about routers and networking. It all started when a friend recommended the Netgear DG834GT wirleless router. I purchased one and plugged it in instead of the speedtouch that TT supplied. I clicked on the setup wizard and hey presto the thing worked. In fact I remember saying to my wife that it was easier to setup than the supplied modem (how I now regret saying that!). Everything was fine and I managed to get past the router dropping out every five minutes by switching my screen saver off and setting the monitor to switch off instead. That was until about 10 days ago. While connected at 576Kbps, the internet light went off which I thought was a problem with the ADSL line/exchange. I waited 24hours and still nothing. Before spending an obscene amount of money on the TT support line I tried the supplied modem. To my suprise this worked fine and still is. I therefore thought the 834 was faulty. I took this to a friends house and plugged it in to his BT line running Wanadoo as the ISP. Withing 30 seconds the nternet light illuminated and stayed on and connected perfectly. Therefore encouraged that the DG was working properly I swiftly took it home and plugged it in. You have guessed it nothing, nadda to this day the internet light will not come on yet the speedtouch works? I have changed filters, phone sockets, cables but still nothing. As I said I have never used a router before now especially a wireless one and have no ides but this just seems really really strange! How come a cheap inferior USB modem works but the expensive well reviewed one struggles. Has anyone got any suggestions as I am baffled?

  17. I am a I.T Technician and as most of you say yes the problem has only come about since they upgraded from the 2mb. I have spoke to the tecnicians and they admit there is a problem but says they didn’t expect so many people to join the network but they didn’t have the sense to stop taking extra customers, instead they buy AOL UK. There is no point changing you mmu it shoul be 1458 and this is correct. The setting mentioned above are also correct. There is nothing you can do to resolve this issue it needs Talk Talk to get there lines working as they no longer rent the line from bt but instead have installed there own hence it’s not the upgrade to 8mbit that is the problem it’s the new lines they have installed.
    I had the service before talk talk ofered there free broadband and also had the Netgear 843Gv2 router and both worked just fine so obviously the router isn’t the issue. Having IT knowledge does give you a little extra when speaking to there idiots and eventually even if it does take an hour you get down to the real fault.

  18. Having the same problems as ll of the above with a netgear DG834G v3 router. Line constantly drops and when it is up works really slowly for about 5 mins. Netgear have tried to help (changing MTU etc) but they just ended up replacing my router with a new one. The problem still persists with the new one. If I use the modem talk talk provides there is no problems but I need a wireless network. Can anyone help -is it time to buy a different router or cancel talk talk?

  19. I have also used TalkTalk’s modem with no trouble. I tried to hook the Netgear in just as a router (using an Ethernet crossover), disabling as much of the modem stuff as I could; it worked great for a while, but then failed in the same way as the router somehow interfered. I’m in the midst of a set of emails with Netgear who are trying to work out the source of the problem – it clearly lies within the router, and not with TT.

    What I’ve just asked them is if there is a proper way to completely disable the modem aspects and just use it as a router, but had no response as yet. Any ideas appreciated.

  20. I too have had a week of pure hell trying to sort out TT Broadband after an upgrade last Monday. I have a NETGEAR DGB111G wireless router which was perfect until the upgrade. I see a lot of people try changing the MTU setting – can anyone tell me how to do that? As I can’t see any fields that look like that in the Router settings? Is it a PC registry change? BTW Talk Talk (when you eventually get through) now refuse to help me as I have a NETGEAR router!

  21. TT Broadband was perfect until “upgrade” last monday. Now they won’t support me because I have a NETGEAR DGB111G Wireless Router!
    I have had a week of hell trying to get through to Tech Support, Customer Servs – anyone who will listen really. Have been cut off more times that I care to remember. How do you change MTU? Is that a PC registry change as I can’t find it in the router settings. Is it worth changing it for aline that drops repeatedly but is very good when it’s up( not very often)!

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  23. Hi all. I have been fairly lucky so far. after 4 months im still yet to recieve a modem but to be fair i dont really want to use it anyway.
    I am currently using a wireless adsl router (NETGEAR DG834PN) which setup automatically with no problems. I was very worried after recieving the dreaded upgrade letter but all was ok up until yesterday.
    After a few weeks of no problems andspeeds of 4 or 5 meg my connection suddenly ground to a halt and some web pages would not open at all.
    I fixed this in the end by giving my router specific DNS addresses to use rather that relying on it getting them from talk talk automatically. Since then it has been flying.
    If any of you get this problem then try these DNS servers for your router:


    Hope this helps!

  24. Michael,
    Had the same problem as you,
    No light would not work but theirs worked fine.
    So I went out and looked for a cheapo.
    Found one,
    Done away with wireless, gone hard wire
    Yes it worked….. get it from E-Buyer 5 Port ADSL Modem Router SAFECOM SAMR-4114
    around £25.00 it is working for me now and I am 5 miles fr0m exchange and running other computers off it now.
    Good luck

  25. TT Customer service an absolute joke. As with most people broadband and Netgear 834 was fine until the upgrade via LLU. Lost phone line for 10 days and Netgear just won’t work anymore but TT Speedtouch works OK. Sent letter to TT High level complaints 2 weeks ago demanding explanation and compensation for complete loss of service but no reply so far. I wouldn’t even bother with”customer service”. I’m going back to BT and TT can stick their cancellation fee where the sun don’t shine!

  26. Yes there is an issue with Netgear 834G (v2 latest firmware) and talk talk. I have had LCP down issue from the moment the router was connected. I think this to do with transmission rates (I could get @ 3.2Mbps) on average but connectivity drops often and router reboots. I sold the 834g and got an 834n today. Download speed is down to about 2.4Mbps but all is well and connection stable.

  27. Oh by the way TalkTalk customer service is CRAP and do write to Ofcom, BBC watchdog and any other organisation who can help / monitor. I have had the line down for 5 days and been transferred from one support number to another – it is a JOKE. Discourage anyone signing up for TT.

    I can’t access to the bloody TalkTalk broadband with wireless router DG834GT and 1.02.04 firmware version from my Win XP laptop !!!!!
    I followed TalkTalk suggestions such as VPI,VCI,DNS Primary, DNSSecondary.

    BUT I CANT SET the settings as =manual ADSL
    ADSL modulation Auto/G.DMT/ANSIT1.413
    PPPoATTTP over ATM (PPPoARFC2364)
    Settings: Encapsulation VC MUX
    Authentication CHAP.
    I dint find how , where are I can set these settings in DG834GT User Interface ? What else I can do ?????
    Many thanksssss

  29. I understand I was on a 2MB connection up until the middle of November, and was surfing fine with my linksys wireless router.
    One of my phonecalls to support resulted in an indian support bloke telling me that i’ve been upgraded to 8MB, and so my router needs a firmware upgrade.
    Why wasn’t this info made clear to people prior to the upgrade?
    I will try to upgrade the firmware and see if i get any joy.
    Their support is a joke.
    But what do we expect for “free”?

  30. I work in IT and deal with around a dozen broadband installations a week. Talktalk is a bit of a problem router compatability wise. The Netgear routers are no worse than any body elses. So far the most reliable router for talktalk that I have found is the Zyxel 660. I always keep a couple in the boot.
    The only good thing about TT’s lousy support is that it keeps us techies in beer tokens!

  31. The problem is the 8Mb upgrade. I had this problem on a none TalkTalk connection. Once I had the connection fixed to 2Mb the Netgear router worked.

    The 8Mb connection is NOT a real 8Mb connection. It is a variable speed connection that the exchange tests and sets when it works out the best speed to run at. The problem is that this doesn’t appears to work with NetGear routers.

    The Product From BT is called ADSL Max an was introduced in May 2006. Our company broadband connections suffered for 4 weeks until I dicsovered that fixing the line speed to 2Mb solved the problem. I switched all the users, 6 of them, that had this error onto fixed spped connections and since there have not been any problems. This was not exclusive to NetGear Routers.

    Hoipe this helps.

  32. P_Gadget, how do you get the line speed fixed? This thread perfectly describes my problems with TT/Netgear combo – often drops/slows, rebooting router works for a while etc etc but can’t get proper stable connection for any length of time…

  33. Can someone confirm the settings for using a BELKIN wireless router? I haven’t been convinced by the Talk Talk Technical Support

  34. Word of warning, don’t change to settings on the 834PN to a static IP! Keep it dynamic. Mine freezed up when I tried to change this. And I couldn’t access the site to change it back. Took me almost a day to fix. Upgrading the firmware using the speedtouch modem finally solved the problem.

    The reason I was trying to change the settings is that although the internet is working fine, except the speed is around 512k rather than the quoted 3MB max for my area. I don’t get any dropouts, its just consistently around 384k to 550k downstream.

    Is there any way to speed up netgear & talktalk connection? I’m using the new DNS addresses of & as recommended by talktalk, but it hasn’t improved the speed.

    Have sent an email to them, lets see what they say. I’m paying £10pm for my broadband, its not free in my area. And to know they have lied to me about the speed is annoying to say the least.

  35. Andrew,
    To see how fast your line should be see
    Enter your phone number in the “See how fast you can go” box in the bottom right hand corner of the page.
    You might also find interesting as well as it gives detailed information about your exchange.

  36. I don’t know if anyone is aware but the TT 8M service is ADSL 2+ not ADSL 2 and if your router is not compatible then it won’t work. I’ve checked Netgear website for the DG834 series and it is ADSL2 compatible but requires a firmware upgrade for ADSL2+ this is the same with many products, the TT branded products come with the necessary firmware as standard. Hope this helps.

  37. So had LLU Talktalk for a couple of months now, does it get any better, err no. Tried a couple of Routers same with them all. Generally it works OK in the daytime so therefore dont think its really a router issue, but then in the evening at peak time it grind to a halt or drops the connection, so end up rebooting the Router usually about every hour in the evening. Given up bothering ringing Talktalk support, there last suggestion from the Indian call centre was to buy a talktalk router, I think my comments on that would be unprintable.

  38. Im still in talk talk hell!!! after getting the 8mb broadband 3 days ago, ive still to connect! there helpline is utterly usless. i have a netgear DG834G Router and im at my wits end on how to get it to work with talk talk it worked just fine with Orange 😦
    anyone got any advice? ive tried everything! and still cant get it to work.

  39. I really cannot believe that I fell for Talk-Talk. I eventually get a password and user named that worked and I have a connection using a Voyager 205 router. However, for some reason I cannot access any websites at all! I have checked the router settings and everything ties up to what everyone is saying, but still no joy.
    Can anyone help? I have stopped all firewalls etc but no joy.

  40. I have no idea what MTU is (I’m a techie, but not in networking), but changing it from 1500 to 1458 (I think) solved all my problems with my Safecom modem. TalkTalk support no help at all, suggested that I spend another £30 at Carphone warehouse to get a supported RJ45 modem before they would even talk about it. Thank you so very much, whoever posted that!

  41. I’m running a netgear Dg834 v3, with all the same problems as listed. we have just been upgraded and put on Talk talks own equipment. Was off the air for a week, waste of time phoning tech support, got service back today, with an email off Tech support saying the new Internet Explorer 7 will not work on their system, they are looking at the problem (surprise surprise) I have changed every setting on the Netgear with no luck at all, quite honest i dint think there is a solution except to dump Talk talk

  42. I must have done something bad in a past life to be in this kind of broadband hell! I had a Netgear DG834 which overnight gave up completely on TalkTalk. After several hours on the phone to them and my dad who is a bit of a techie, I gave up with the DG834. At the weekend I bought a D-Link DSL-G624T hoping it would resolve all my problems, but now I cant even get past the set up! I think there’s a problem with the TalkTalk DNS. Anyone got any ideas of a way round?

  43. I have a netgear dg834g and for the last 4 weeks I have been unable to connect between the hours of 4.30 and 1 a.m. continually disconnects, spent pounds on the phone to aol and talk talk since speaking to aol i think it is tt as i can connect perfectly during the weekdays but not evenings and weekends, aol say it is something to do with the amount of people using tt service, a bit of a pain as i am work most days and can only use it during the evening if it worked. This is now getting me down not very technical and thought it was the laptop which was 4 years old so went and bought new one and still having same problems, been told It will be sorted in 48 hours but wont hold my breath, thinking of cancelling tt does anyone know what the cancellation fee is, it will be well worth it for peace of mind to know i can connect with my new lappy.

  44. Hi Nick,

    Do you know if you’re part of the LLU upgrade?

  45. I have been in contact with Netgear support and had about as much luck with them as I have had with talk talk. I also tried every setting mentioned without any luck. Now admitted defeat and taken off the Netgear Dg834 and gone back to a hard wired modem (Voyager 105, no wireless) Can now get on the net without trouble. I will now have to look for another wireless router and will try a Belkin.

  46. Hi talktalkhell

    No not yet still with bt, but i had all the problems with my D-Link router new kept dropping line every 3min
    the safecom 4114 has been solid except for one power surge reset ok straight away
    running since nov so cheap it really is worth a try
    get back if you need help

  47. Is there a reason why I cannot receive emails (Netgear Dg834) on TT via my Apple mac 10.4 but my husband downstairs can on his PC? It does work on the web based email thing for TT but you have to keep logging in each time and it is not connected to my Mac address book etc.

    Would love help

  48. I have the talk Talk modem router. Previously I had the speed touch wired modem which worked fine, however I am having problems getting a wireless connection to work. I have tried everything I know. I have eventually got the modem router working but only usingbthe ethernet cable. The wireless network is there but it wont connect. Can anyone help.

  49. Hello All:
    Got the upgrade yesterday. My router stopped working; can’t even sync the DSL line. I went back to my sagem modem (supplied by TT) and it seem to work. Unfortunately the LLU upgrade seems to be the end of router networking, at least as long as we stay with TT.
    PS. TT tech support is a waste of time.

  50. Hey there ppl,

    TT have not rolled out their LLU program yet so most exchanges will not have TT LLU support.

    Your connections will be unstable also due to out of date or non supportive firmware.

    Stick with 1458 MTU (default) it won’t make much (if any) difference.

    Network Infrastructure Designer

  51. To Corinne Brindle // Dec 30th 2006 at 9:47 am

    Sounds like an MTU problem. MTU is maximum transmission unit – it’s the size of the individual bits of data your computer tries to send or receive across the internet. Set it too big, and it’s like trying to force a parcel through a letterbox – it will just get jammed.
    You need to set the MTU on all your computers as well as on your router to a lower setting – try 1458 or 1400 if still having problems.
    On windows, use DrTCP (find it on google if you need to change your MTU on the PC – but it sounds like it might be working ok)
    On the Mac, open System Preferences, select Network , Click “Show” and choose “Built In Ethernet”, click the “Ethernet” tab, then on the MTU set it to Custom: 1400 (eg)
    On your DG834 the setting is under “WAN” settings.

  52. On the more general topic … ever since AOL migrated me from BT DSLMax onto their LLU platform (by accident, I hasten to add – I was getting a much higher speed connection with their IPStream product than I am now with LLU! 😦 I’ve been getting disconnected every time I try to download a large amount of data. As I download game demos and so on from Usenet, I’m opening 10 high speed connections that download large amounts at once… and it seems the Netgear 834 didnt like this any more. It was just fine on the DSLMax system, just AOL’s LLU network that didnt like this.
    It disconnects and then immediately reconnects, however that re-authentication is enough to kill my downloads – and my News Server provider then doesnt let me reauthenticate for 15 mins, to prevent abuse. So – long and protracted downloads, that need to be monitored and restarted when they fail! And they were failing up to once every few minutes! Very annoying!
    I spent quite some time on the dog’n’bone to AOL’s tech support line today, and spoke first to a general Broadband tech rep in India, then a 1st level support guy in Ireland who deals with router problems, and then finally 2nd level support. When they heard I download stuff they immediately said “well we dont support Newsgroups downloads”. I said “Thats not the point – your network is failing, I’m trying to point this out, and you’re not going anthing about it!”. They refused to help. I guess the powers-that-be at Carphone Warehouse are making their voices heard already – these guys just werent interested, and ended up terminating the call, refusing to help me any further. According to their tests, there was nothing wrong with the noise levels on my line etc, and according to their records, as my line often stayed up for long periods of time successfully, there was no problem at all. I tried to point out that it disconnected twice in 15 minutes last night, with this “LCP Down” error, and they just didnt want to know.
    I’d love to see someone else try and use that kind of argument. Can you imagine British Airways saying “Yes, we hear you saying that two of our flights crashed last night within 15 minutes of each other, but other than that, most of our planes today have landed just fine – we dont have a problem!”

    Sorry for the rant – but here’s the science. I hope.

    After getting off the phone to them, I did some more googling, and found reference to this updated firmware – 3.01.31. I located this, again using google, downloaded and installed it.. and – touch wood – things seem to be working better thus far. I did some test downloading tonight, and managed to download over 2 gigs without a single disconnection. Of course, me posting this is likely to put a curse on it and it’ll barf for quite a while.. but I’d recommend the updated firmware, if you’re willing to risk it.
    You should of course backup your settings, and I’d recommend downloading an older version of the firmware from Netgear first, together with the emergency firmware restore program that’s located on their support website.
    Good luck!

  53. Well, no one seems to have my special problem. After the upgrade – one of my many problems was with the broadband connection. When I use the phone at the same time, it cuts off my broadband. I can even hear it trying to dial up as you get the screeching sounds and the dial up clicks. I have tried three different micro filters, no joy. Any suggestions?

  54. Hello people. Further to my post on Jan 9th; after much googling and researching I found out that the TT LLU upgrade meant that they are now working with what they call ADSL2+. As pointed by some of you most routers are not configured to run ADSL2+. However the good news is that for many of you – as it was for me- the answer is to download a firmware update from your router manufacturers’s website. This should make your router capable of handling TT’s new ADSLS system.
    Please note that after upgrading your fimware you may need to reset your router to manufacturer’s setting for it to work properly. If that is the case you will need to configure your router once again with TT’s parameters. Hope it helps. In my case it has solved the problem

  55. For what it’s worth, here’s how I get along with my Netgear DG834PN.
    Like most people, I was OK on the BT 2Mb line until the LLU upgrade last November. After that upgrade it was a nightmare, with dropouts lasting for days on end sometimes. Customer support is a waste of time, I won’t bore you with the details.
    Anyway – what I do now, when the link has slowed to a crawl (or stopped), is to pull the modem cable out of the back of the router for 30 seconds and then pop it back in. The modem cable is the one you connect to the phone line, in case you aren’t sure.
    The router takes 2 minutes or so to re-sync afterwards, but I usually find it’s enough to give me hours of reliable service afterwards.
    I am a techie and I appreciate this isn’t a very tech solution, but it’s the one that works best for me (I’ve even trained the kids to do it when I’m not around).
    Personally I have found that messing with the MTU is a waste of time, upgrading the Netgear firmware didn’t do anything noticable either. The DG834PN *is* rated for ADSL2+ and it *should* work, but I suspect the problem is probably an incompatibility in the line speed negotiation between the Netgear box and TalkTalk’s LLU equipment. Obviously it’s not possible for us punters to know which side is to blame, but it shouldn’t be beyond the abilities of TalkTalk to find out.
    I really hope this advice helps someone, because I know it can drive you mad.

  56. Last Friday, we went “live” with TalkTalk and all weekend, the Netgear DG834G was dropping the signal – both the wired and wireless PC’s would browse okay, but every ten/fifteen minutes it would just drop.

    Anyway, I downloaded the latest firmware, saved the settings and upgraded the router…

    Touch wood, it seems to have fixed it. The DG did drop once, but that was at least two hours ago…

  57. All you folks considering moving to Belkin to solve your TalkTalk 8mbps / Netgear woes – I wouldn’t bother, my Belkin F5D7632-4 router (previously worked like a dream) was clobbered by the line upgrade and like many of the other frustrated customers I have had to revert to the Speedtouch 330. Ho hum.

  58. Forgive me if you have already read this post under DNS settings.

    After months of rebooting and connection failures, I came across OpenDNS and once I changed the DNS settings (I am using a Netgear DG834G router) I have a constant, quick connection. It may not be the answer for everyone, but it has solved my problems. I hope it will help others.

    The primary and secondary DNS settings are as follows:


    For more details (including walkthrough setup) see:

  59. Hi

    I have had the problem of broadband connection dropping after about 5 minutes but think I have found the solution,which I have not seen published elsewhere.

    When I was previously with BT in the dim and distant past I downloaded firewall software from Zonealarm which was being promoted by BT. After a while I decided to change back to the windows firewall and thought I had removed all trace of the Zonealarm firewall from my system. My broadband at that point worked fine.

    Once upgraded to the LLU, and when TT eventually 2 months later got the ADSL light to work on the modem, the connection kept dropping after 5 minutes. I tried altering the MTU and TT checked their systems but to no avail.

    I then thought that perhaps it was an issue with my existing firewall arrangements and tried downloading the latest version of Zonealarm to try that. This would not load properly. It was then I discovered bits of the old Zonealarm firewall residing on my computor. I have removed these and since Wednesday night have not lost connection at all. I have continued with XP’s firewall. The insturctions I followed are detailed below:

    To remove ZoneAlarm completely from your computer in case normal uninstall can’t be run or doesn’t run properly, do the following:

    * Right click the ZoneAlarm systray icon and click Restore ZoneAlarm Control Center.

    Go to Overview > Preferences and uncheck Load ZoneAlarm at startup.

    Close Control Center, right click the icon again and then click Shutdown ZoneAlarm.

    Note: If you’re unable to carry out this step because the icon is missing, you can skip it and proceed with the next steps, but in this case do them all in safe mode!

    * REBOOT

    * Go to Start > Programs > ZoneLabs and click Uninstall, or uninstall ZA using Control Panel > Software > Add/Remove Programs.

    If a security check appears, click Yes and continue the uninstall procedure.

    * REBOOT

    * Make sure hidden files and folders are shown. To do so open Windows Explorer. Depending on your OS click Tools or View and then Folder Options > View.

    Choose Show hidden files and folders, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Windows 2000/XP/2003 only) and click OK.

    * Next go to Start > Search > Files and Folders. Make sure the location box is set to search your Local Hard Drive (usually C:\ ) or All Local Drives. Also make

    sure the Advanced Search Options are set to search subfolders and hidden files. Now copy the entire line below, paste it into the search box and click Search Now.

    Zonelabs; “zone labs”; “Internet logs”; vsconfig.xml; vsdata.dll; vsdata95.vxd; vsdatant.sys; vsmon.*; vsmonapi.dll; vsnetutils.dll;vspubapi.dll; zaplus.*; zapro.*; zllictbl.dat; zlparser.dll; zonealarm.exe; zoneband.dll; vsutil.dll; zlclient.*

    A list of files and folders belonging to ZoneAlarm will appear in the Search Results pane.

    Note: if you’re using McAfee software be sure to check the vsutil.dll if found: right click the file and choose Properties. Verify it belongs to ZoneLabs.

    If it does not do not remove it. Now proceed by deleting all ZoneLabs files and folders that were found.

    * Empty the Recycle Bin.

    * Now remove all ZoneLabs keys that may be left in the Windows registry. To do this copy the lines below and paste them into Notepad.

    Save the file as zabegone.reg, double click it and allow for the registry changes to be made.




    [-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Zone Labs]

    [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Zone Labs]

    [-HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Zone Labs]


    * REBOOT

    ZoneAlarm will now be completely removed from your computer. If you wish to install a new copy of ZA, be sure to do so under an administrator account

    with full rights and permissions.
    For ZoneAlarm help

  60. Ok to fix netgear problems or any router that is not adsl2+ you must get a firmware version upgrade to use 8Mg broadband as it is a different service to 2mg. To fix unable to access https sites you need to change the MTU setting to 1400 unless you are using zy’s or TT own modems, after this all is fixed

  61. Hi
    I had a problem with my Belkin router not connecting to the internet when I changed over to TalkTalk. After many e-mails to Belkin I was given a login number to thier download page for upgrading the routers firmware. I did this and it has worked perfectly I cannot understand why Belkin does not make this download more accessable Anybody needing this website address or firmware upgrade for the F5D7632-4 v6 please e-mail me and I will pass it on.

    • You mentioned in an old post 10feb 2007 that you have details for an update for F5D7632-4 v6 belkin router could you please pass them on

      many thnks

  62. Having exactly the same problems as others here with my NetgearDG834G v 1 router. All was fine on my 2meg service but since the upgrade to 8meg last week, the connection drops and restarts like nothing on earth. After many frustrating calls to TT we established that all is fine if I use the supplied modem. The only problem is I can now no longer use my XBox 360 Live service.

    It seems I have the most upto date firmware on too. The funny thing is today it successfully remained on for about 40mins before disconnecting.

    I have written to TT and request they put me back on the 2 meg service.

    I await with baited breath.


  63. Netgear and TalkTalk – sorted !!!

    Discovered the easy way by accident as I bought a used DG834GT from PCWorld.

    If you restore the factory defaults while plugged in (goto Maintenance, Backup Settings, Revert to Factory Defaults, it then runs a wizard which tries all the settings and miraculously locks in to Talk Talk.

    I had battled for days before this with Linksys, Belkin etc, but the wizard is the answer !!!

  64. DG834G mk 1 and mk2 wireless routers

    Having read the posts concerning Netgear Routers and having problems myself with a FG834G mk 1 router and talktalk with ADSL2 (they subcontract the ADSL2 service to NTL by the way) I looked on Netgears site and found a solution.

    The problem is that TalkTalk drops my connection, and it takes a reboot of the router and several minutes before the router reacquires the signal.

    The solution seems to be Firmware level V3.01.31 which is stated to apply to the V2 router, but looking at the specs of both, Netgear say that they are very similar and the V2 software will work on the V1 router. This firmware version was put on Netgears site in Jan this year, and it could be that later netgear products have similar probs and fixes.

    Putting the firmware on resulted in near instant line acquision, and an end to the dropouts. (well that may not be completely true, I have noticed one or two, but the line was pretty instantly re-acquired). I remember my previous ISP Pipex had this occasional drop.

    Seems to me that TT have gotten a somewhat undeserved bad reputation. Their customer service was certainly bad, but is now improving, their email is poor in terms of reliability, also the third world router they provide for £30 is rubbish, and they don.t support any other router apart from a TT badged device (Belkin I think).
    TT does cost £21 a month after all!

  65. TalkTalk – continuous loss of connection, slow performance etc. I have a NetGear 834Gv3 with latest code. I’ve found that during the day when I’m working at home this works fine, but come 5.30pm, when people return from work and start use there TalTalk the problem occurs. This is obviosuly nothing to do with NetGear, MTU or compatability….Its quite simply TalkTalk is OVERSUBSCRIBED…its dropping connections or providing dame poor service.

  66. “I’ve found that during the day when I’m working at home this works fine, but come 5.30pm, when people return from work and start use there TalTalk the problem occurs.”

    Yep, I’m finding that too. I’ve effectively given up trying to resolve it. I move house in 8 weeks and are going to get BB from elsehwere, I’m at the end of my tether with TT.

  67. I got the llu upgrade last wednesday, and same as everyone else, I am in TT hell. Using the netgear dg834gt, it syncs, but i get an lcp issue . I also tried a sagem 800, which also syncs but returns a 721 error, which I think is also an lcp issue.


    TT was perfect until the llu. Why the hell can’t they learn not to fix somehting that isn’t broken? I have spent hours and hours and hours with their crap technical support, reading their crap scripts.


  68. I to had problems with TalkTalk and a Netgear router after TalkTalk put their equipment in my local exchange.
    Tried all the fixes on this site,none were succesful,but so far this seems to have worked for me. I used the C.D. that came with TalkTalk’s modem using the option on the disc to set up my own modem,then followed the instructions.Two days on things seem to be o.k. although ADSL light on router still flickers about once a minute.

  69. I had TT connected at the end of Sept 2006. Using a Mac, Netgear DG834Gv3 connected amazingly easily and enjoyed wireless internet without a problem until the second week of January 2007 when I got an orange flashing light on the Netgear, and constant connection and disconnection (LCP down). I found this forum and tried everything going to get it working including 2 long calls to india. I was about to give up and just face the fact that FREE internet may not be worth my time trying to sort out when I heard that my neighbour was also having serious problems with BT broadband. They got an engineer out to fix and now my BB is back to normal : ) I don’t know what the problem was but may uptime is 54 hours since the last time I rebooted the Netgear.

    I thought I should share this with you and will let you know if the problems return.

  70. I have had talktalk since September and it all worked pretty well on my Netgear DG834 v2 until the end of Feb when the dreaded LLU letter arrived. Since then I’d not been able to connect to broadband consistently and the line dropped continuously. I read the post above about upgrading to the latest firmware (see and uploaded this last night. Since then the connection has been faultless and the router connects within about 1 minute. I haven’t had any improvement in upload or download speeds but at least it’s a stable and reliable connection now… Fingers crossed it stays that way!

  71. Hi am on aol, and a few months ago I upgraded from aol silver to gold which came as i quote from aol “free wireless router” which as far as i could see the only catch was you had to extend you contract by 12 months which in hinesite is not free, but I half the way through my first year with aol and had been with them before and I was happy with their service so went ahead with it, when the router arrived it was a netgear wireless one, I tried everything to install it btu nothing would work, aol even downloaded me settings and that wouldnt work, when i phoned up to complain i told them I would just stay with my bt voyager modem and would return the netgear modem a few months later i phoned and asked if i could cancel my contract and I was refused because I had talken out the offer with the wireless modem and no matter how much i argued it just fell on deaf hears.

  72. I use aol with my netgear router. It works fine, however one rather annoying problem is that it disconnects at exactly the same time every night (12:00am) It used to do this at 1am before the clocks were put back an hour. This obviously suggests something in the router configuration, though I just can not locate it. Any help would be much appreciated.

  73. After trying everything suggested, all my talktalk problems have now been resolved.
    This was done by dumping my netgear router and using a d-link one instead, simple!

  74. I too had no problems with TT till the upgrade, I was running a belkin wireless router and having pulled my hair out was offered a free replacement from belkin. They kindly gave me a Belkin ADSL2+ Modem with Wireless-G Router. Sadly, has made precious little difference, still need to re boot the router once or twice a day (always in the evenings) otherwise everything grinds to a halt. My theory is that, as said by others here, there is far too much traffic and problems for me at least don’t start till 6.00pm.

    To be fair in the last few weeks I have experienced fewer problems than before. However, why should we put up with inferior service, the solution I think is to find another provider. If it’s sounds too good to be true then it probably is and something which costs nothing is usually worth the same.

  75. Can anyone help a total blonde. Have just had talk talk broadband go live and have no idea what to do next. I have a new laptop and new netgear DG834PN modem but which to i deal with yet. I have had a read of all of the previous questions but its all totally foreign to me. Can anyone explain in all in blonde or should i just pay out for someone to come and do it all for me ???? Thanks

  76. Hi, my BB service started 2 days back. I can connect to the TalkTalk LLU network via the wired SmartAx modem but I donot get any joy with the TalkTalk wireless modem or the Netgear WGR 614 v6 modem router. I can connect my PC to the router but no connection to the internet. This is TT Hell. Customer service as usual no help.
    Can someone help please? 🙂

  77. I’ve had TalkTalk since last August and apart from a few startup issues, like no welcome letter, it all worked fine. While we were away on holiday in October, we received a letter to say our line had been upgraded to 8mb. All seemed well but we then started to have intermittent dropouts, usually resolved by powering off the router (Netgear dg834g v3) – but occasionally so bad as to make it unusable. I didn’t report it, as by the next day all was often well.

    Last Friday (13th!) the ADSL light on the router didn’t come on at all and we had no connection at all. In the last few days I have spent hours on the phone, often getting cut off after 25 minutes on hold without speaking to anyone. Then jumping through all the troubleshooting hoops (several times) to prove there was nothing wrong with my router, settings, etc. I eventually set up the TalkTalk supplied Sagem modem – again no ADSL light and “no dial tone” error. Finaly last night I got through to 2nd level support who suggested I take the face plate off the master BT socket and try the modem in there. Whilst on line, he resynchronised my line at 2mb and like magic, the light came on and it all started to work. My Netgear is now back working and all appears well (fingers crossed). He said I could phone and have the line upgraded at some later stage but to be honest, 2mb is fine, as long as it’s stable.

    I phoned the 0800 049 5050 line fault number, the web site says it’s for land lines only but they put you through to broadband anyway. I share everyone’s frustration with TalkTalk support and as someone with an IT background, can understand how the less technically minded must feel. I knew the problem wasn’t with my equipment or settings but proving that was extremely difficult.

  78. TalkTalk no longer sell the Philips SNA5630NS/05 wireless modem/router.

    They also no longer have the Belkin F5D7632 UK units in stock either.

    They had sold both for more than a year, but have now run out of stock.

    They now seem to have stacks of a new Netgear ADSL/2+ wireless modem/router, but their website unhelpfully declines to even mention which model it is.

  79. I have had continous problems with my netgear 834gt since October i have had 4 routers and have bought a linksys router as well. I work in IT so i have changed every single setting on my router.
    MTU 1400 min, 1468 for dhcp and 1500 max does not help. Master or slave socket does not work RIP none or both does not work, dynamic dns or static does not work, changing ip from to does not work, connection with or without connection does not work. I ping the server every 10 seconds and i constanly find loss of connection between 1-6pm. (no one in my house) i have used netstumbler to ascertain interfernce from other routers and wirless devices. I changed my channels from 11 to 1 and 6 and still i had an internet loss rate of 25%.
    I am a 2mb customer and talktalk support said i was getting unbundled and i had seen bt engineers outside my house. My line is fine my broadband worse since bt were round and i have had no notice of unbundling from talktalk. A talktalk senior technichian (friend) said that if you live more than 2km from the local exchange then you have to ask talktalk to reduce your speed in order to gain a stable connection. When my latest router returns from netgear i am going to ask for a reduction to 1mb BUT i do not know how far or where my local exchange is. I hope all this information helps. Owen

  80. i pinged using easyping free utility and i connect with and without a filter and i still got 25% loss rate.

  81. My previous fix recommending to use TTs installation disc did not work for long.I got in touch with TTs U.K. engineers and after several suggested fixes have found the only one that works for me is to have them lower the speed to 2megs. It seems my B.T.line has to much noise on it ( Like me ,to old ) to cope with higher speeds.
    Touch wood but I have had a good connection for two weeks and to be honest apart from big downloads do not notice the speed reduction.
    If anyone needs further info.please email me

  82. so you have a problem with talk talk..ok i can understand i used to work for carphone warehouse and i was working with talktalk high level complaints team and i have seen the worst of it all…but let me tell you something that not many peeps know…do you know about the LLU’s that is going on in the uk at the moment???…well did you know that all the IPS out there are being shaffted by BT on this? the have not done a single thing to make the network better for years and now that their is a real need for the BB(broadband) they had t make it all the telephone exchanges go through a up grade ( LLU local loop unbundle)…but here is the funny thing …BT made all the new stuff that needed to go in to the the exchanges next to peeps homes so they can deal with more traiffic… but they cocked it up something rotton…none of the stuff they had put in fitted nor did it work with the old softwear inside even though the stuff would not work the BT man has only been told to go in and fix the new stuff in and thats it!!!! so when you find that you can not get on line or make a phone call it coz BT have realy fluffed it up.. then you as a talk talk customer have to call the customer support line up and hope you get someone who knew what they are doing..if they do they will emaili the HLCteam…this is wher you have to keep the HLc team email a 2nd line team to see if it is a faul on the line ( now most time they will not see one as the sys is seening the exchange coz the new stuff is link to the main line not the homes) so after a few weeks of them rubbing there heads and you going bloody mad, thay will contact the 2nd line team again to get them to contact the opal team who are a go between to BT for most of the IPS, they will email BT and ask them to send a BT man out to the exchange to make sure it is working right ( by this i meen that they then refix the exchange and andput the wires backk in to the CPU(central processing unit) now once this is all done, and the BT gets the order, OFCOM has told them if they do not get it fixed in 48 hours they wil lbe fined, but here is the killer coz you are not a BT customer they will only go to fix it when they have a order to go and fix it from opal caz then they can charge the ISP for the work o n a service that you should get all the time bt as you rent the line from talktalk even though at the same price BT dont give a monkeys about you so if yo uare going through it the dreaded LLU make sure you take notes and names and make sure you find out the BT wholesale numer as thet will tell you weather a job order has been sent through opal from talktalk…other web site to look at is the this shows what your line should do and when and LLu upgrade wil happen nere you….well thats al for now…guess you can see why they call me jibbers..

  83. oh yer y the way never and i meen never chanage your set up to static as TT never use it unles your a biz user, they only run dynamic fyi

  84. netgear dg384G:
    I thought I was on the latest firmware: V3.01.25
    I see from chrs’s ftp link to the netgear downloads there’s a DG834(G)V3.v4.01.20_src.tar.bz2 listed. I wonder if it’s compable?

    And, concerning the 89 address: I got masses of DOS attacks. Seem to be calmer over the past few days.
    I did get past the 1st line of support (who were always very decent – but asked o check home setting.. one was over reliant on his training)..and i got an engineer to call me. We agreed to lower the 8MPS to 2, in order to check local line stability. That improved things a bit.
    BUt get this: My upgrade to 10.4.9 mac os x blew out my service. Only after two tries, did I settle back into 10.4.8 and its quite fine now!
    A netwrok engineer (not specifically on talk talk) who ran macs, experienced a similar puzzling problem with dhcp/asdl connection.


  85. BT engineers (supposedly -ex – now a ‘new seperate’ group of service technicians) were paid by talk talk to work on my local exchange and hand over a loopback system to talk talk. It went almost three months overdue, during which time I even lost my phone line for a few days. They didn’t seem to care and at first BT staff tried to blame talk talk. I called an engineer and he admitted it was the local exchange that was responsible, not talk talk. Also my password didn’t work, even though three requests were put forward to the exchange by talk talk. In the end they got a reply saying ‘oh we’ve discontinued communicating by forms’!! They’d just left them on the desk. They hadn’t bothered to inform Talk Talk.

  86. the bt engianeers that you say (johnny) work for TT, thats not the case BT have set a subsiduy comp call BT whole sale there are the responcble for ISP concerns on the exchanges, but they are still BT, as they will only let there own enginers go into the exchanges so if it gos wrong then Call BT whole sale if i was you and all the passwords and usernames are made are made by the ISP admin team that work for opal…again you must look deeper to see who has realy cocked all the BB things up is BT….

  87. yeah carntsay, that’s what I meant the BT wholesale. I ‘m glad to have heard you speak. it’s the whole sick thing i’m sick of, BT.

    p.s struggling to get this post in. up all bloody night. perhaps i should get a talk talk approved modem.

  88. by the way, i went to the netgear ftp site looking for a beta, but i don’t see a version labelled beta.
    what is the best version for asdl2+ (if any).
    i’m on V.3.01.31 firmware (DG3834GV.2).

    dropping to 140 mtu’s wasn’t appreciated by the modem here. it only likes automatic ethernet config (150 mtu) on a mac.

  89. tried the latest dg384Gv.2 asdl 2+ compatible UK firmware. Didn’t help. Tried the opensource DNS seemed to help for about 20 hours. After that became very bad. THe ftp transfers knocked things I noticed, whereas I could cruise a bit longer in a browser.
    I was supposed to have been lowered to 5oomb as a test, i think i was but noticed it was up again to 6MB the day afer, the day it was good. I rang up the midlands got Derek to like my lovely voice, he put me through to India, (2nd levl support – and why not have two levels?): a nice indain girl from bombay. I got her to like my pleasant resonant untroubled voice, Requested reducing to 2MB. and it’s working lovely (past 6 hours a miracle since 1 week). Uploads seem to be slow.

    Oh DOS attacks vanished two to three weeks ago.

  90. 28 hours later and flawless connection, with heavy web development through http, ftp, sftp and ssh for at least 12 of those hours. Ftp still connected after I slept (with the noop comand for technical users)..if it had been disconnected by the server whilst away the program would not be able to reconnect automatically.

    I’m very pleased.
    So you know what I recommend.

  91. I have been having similar problems. I had a 3com modem which worked fine. Then one day the ADSL light refused to come to life. I phone TT and they said from their end it was all fine. I believed them and got a new modem. That didn’t work, no ADSL light. I contacted the manufacturer who said it was a problem with the modem and gave me my money back. I got a Netgear. That didn’t work, no ADSL light. I rang up TT, they said from their end it was all fine. I said, that can’t be, don’t tell me that all my modems are faulty. He said hang on a minute … I hung on … my ADSL light came on. He said he had switched me over. Something about DPS 15 and DPS 6?. Anyway that worked for a while, but lots of hang ups, then it all went dead again. I rang up TT. They said all fine from their end, I said it wasn’t. They said it was and that i should contact the modem manufacturer. I said no. I said just switch me over again on the DPS thingy. They did and it works again; albeit with lots of hang ups.

    Does anyone know what this DPS thing is and why they are so coy about it?

    Must say, that i get through much quicker now.

  92. Great to see that this website is still here, and including some great postings. Thanx for letting me know and maybe you want to exchange links with me?

    With lovely greetings,

  93. Anyone living within the Wolverhampton area? I have been told that a major company within the Wolverhampton area uses internal ip addresses within the range of 89.x.x.x that might be causing knock-on problems for Talk Talk customers.

    They noticed because anyone with an 89.x.x.x address trying to see their site always saw nothing and employees within the company cannot see any external website that uses 89.x.x.x either.

  94. Have tried before without success. Can someone please tell me about “going live”. This should have happened at the end of February 2007 – still on 1mb, thought it was going up to 8. Help!

  95. I am having a nightmare, I have bought 2 modem routers now, this Netgear DG834GT is my second one. When I installed everything, the last step is to type in the IP address in Internet Explorer, but it doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!
    How could I get this to work. Please help, I need the internet ASAP.

  96. What really pisses me off is that TT do not reply to any queries by email. My skull is cracked with banging my head against a brick wall. I am not prepared to spend any money by calling them by telephone and just wonder what I have to do to get them to reply to emails? Well, I guess they have my account, I pay my bills – by direct debit and they are not in the slightest bit worried about any questions their customers have. God forbid that I ever entered into an agreement with TT.

  97. Martin Sanderson

    it’s not a router im having problems with it’s the damn modem it’self. can get yahoo’s page up after that the thing freezers i phoned talk talk and got a foreighner who i could not understand whatsoever, BT were more expensive but their service was a lot better than im getting now that’s for sure. I think talk talk should stick to selling dodgy phones, i say dodgy coz they must be with their internet service being the way it is it’s just like having a 386 pentium 400mb processor all over again slow slow stop. Make twenty cups of tea and the page still hasn’t arrived at it’s destination and i thiught those days were gone but they aint with talk talk. Definately have to go back to the more reliable BT sevice.

  98. The easiest thing to do is this:
    IF that tick light does not come on or even flash for a few seconds,try a hard reset.If it that tick mark still does not flash for at least 10 seconds before going dark,get a replacement router.Got 3 calls like this on friday and reprofiling the line didn’t help.Managed to get 2 out of 3 online using those silly speedtouch modems we used to send out.

  99. errmm…i forgot to mention that this is only after you’ve played with micro filters and done the master socket thingy…

  100. ditto. ditto. ditto.

    I have a NETGEAR DG834G v2. Everything WAS fine with the previous talk-talk package, then got ‘upgraded’ to the talk-talk unlimited 8mb package…

    Was OK for a while, then all went off for about three days. When my connection did come back, it was unstable, losing connection very frequently (intermittent, sometimes 2mins, sometimes 20mins or so). Only pulling the plug on the NETGEAR will bring it back (sometimes after long waits with flashing light). I have suffered the same appalling TT customer service and tech support – they are clueless – it has taken 14 days to get nowhere…. (round and round in circles)…

    What gets me here is that TT employees have not been briefed on this issue, despite it clearly being a common problem following the LLU upgrade (- judging from the many comments posted here)….

    Thought I would try the firmware upgrade option as mine was [V2.10.22]. Have now upgraded the firmware using [DG834v2_V3.01.31_UK.img], and am testing the outcome as I write this. Will post here again shortly to let you know the outcome – good or bad….

    If this does not resolve the problem, next I will try asking them to resynchronise my line back to 2mb as suggested above….

    Again, I will post here until this thing gets resolved, in case it helps another poor soul out there…

  101. Further to my previous post. I had high hopes for this but no luck, the firmware update on my NETGEAR DG834G v2 has not resolved the problem for me. Possibly it is a little quicker to pick up the signal after I pull the plug on the NETGEAR? – but have lost ADSL connection 4 times in a couple of hours.

    Will be calling TT and asking them to resynchronise my line back to 2mb as suggested above, will report back asap.

  102. OK, so further to the two previous post. I still the regular connection drops (we are now in the third week of me trying to sort this out with TT, I have spent so much time on the phone – I have learnt all of the words to ‘Something in the Air’).

    This update: TT asked me connect the little modem they sent to me into the master socket and leave it for three days while they do another line check. Today I called back and am now told that I have a ‘low signal-to-noise’ ratio on my line. They tell me that this is something that they can fix but are unable to do anything about it at the moment as “they are having network troubles” – lol.

    I have been promised that someone will call me back shortly once the sig-to-noise issue has been resolved.

    More to follow…

  103. wow – I did get a call back too! I’m told they have ‘changed my profile’ and now I should not have connection drops. Testing this for a few days from now.

  104. No need to test for a few days, I lost connection again 3 times already. Called TT again…

    (…. got cut off when being transferred to the Second Line Support team, called them back – was told all the second line support lines were busy but someone will call me back within 48hrs – told them that is not acceptable to me and, after a long debate 45 mins later eventually got put through to the second line team…)

    OK so this time I asked if I could simply be put back onto the 2mb, non LLU package I was on previously. I was told this is now not possible as my previous package is ‘legacy’.

    (…I started to talk about cancelling TT to go with another ISP. I was told that because I have not given TT enough time to resolve the issue that I would be charged a cancellation fee under the terms of my contract – actually I’m more that happy to take them to task on this if necessary – but for now I am going to go along with it….)

    I am now advised once again to just use the supplied SmartAX modem for a while to eliminate the the NETGEAR from the equation, this is a pain to me as my family runs more than one computer, but, as I have already seen the connection problem on the SmartAX once or twice I will try this. (The difference here is that when the SmartAX receives a connection drop is reconnects shortly after, the NETGEAR doesn’t, so it is easier for me to know about connection drops on the NETGEAR whereas I have have to be actually using the SmartAX at the time to know that the problem occurred). I am told however that TT does log connection drops so they will be able to know in any case.

    Have been told to ring them back on Tuesday…

  105. HAving the same issue with a Cisco 877 wireless router. After endless to’s and fro’s between their tech support, and I even got to talk to their LLU company, they still couldn’t give me good service. First the issue was that I had no DSL signal at all, then when that was resolved, I had connectivity at 8Mb, albeit for a random amount of time before the connection dropped. Suspecting it might be a problem with the wiring in the house (it was old, but I was still using the master socket), I had a rewire, and now although I get a consistent CD light (whereas it was pretty flaky before), now I can’t bloody authenticate! The BT engineer that did the rewire tested the circuit with a Speedtouch and logged on instantly.

    I’m switching back to Tiscali the moment my contracts up, this is a complete joke of a service.

  106. Post #6: … called them back on Tuesday (took about 40 mins to get through to the Second Line team) but apparently they had not got the results back as yet (from the engineers).

    Decided to also send an email directly to Charles Dunstone: (In short:)

    “….were experiencing a good level of service ….. upgraded to LLU package…… intermittent/unstable broadband connection ever since….. writing to you now because we have not been able to reach a satisfactory conclusion with any of your other customer or technical support mechanisms …. Should we not receive a resolve to our situation by the weekend …. we will be forced to look elsewhere…..”.

    I wrote this late at night, and by the morning I had a response to say someone would be looking into it and will get back to me shortly.

    I decided to re-connect my NETGEAR wireless router again, it lost the signal again several times – BUT, since yesterday it has now remained connected, that’s a day and a half now! (I really hope that I am not writing this too soon and that my efforts, inc. the letter to Charles Dunstone has paid off?) –

    I am getting less than 2mbps, but I can live with that if the connection is stable (I wonder if I have been moved off the LLU package?) – Anyway, I’ll post back in a few days with an update on if the connection issue has been resolved. (FINGERS CROSSED).

  107. Guy’s, I found this string by trying to research Netgear routing problems. I am experiancing PAP authentication issues with my new router. There is no issue with my ISP, and I have an older netgear router that I can plug in to test. The old one works fine, and the new one doesn’t – this leaves me the obvious conclusion that the new router must have a fault. I would suggest that you look to test your router. I changed my old router becouse it occassionally drops the connection, as soon as I put a new one on, up it came. This means that I have experianced both of the problems listed here and have resolved them by changing the router – I think Netgear could be your problem, not your ISP.

    Hope this helps.

  108. New Talk Talk customer

    I got my talktalk username and password today, entered it in to my router. but it wouldnt connect.
    I too had the “chap” problem on my dg834g
    Heres how I sorted it.
    After spending the last hour and a half reading every single word on this page (that I printed off), but not changing any settings or trying any suggestions, the house plug sockets fused. so my pc and router died. I then go sort the fuse problem (which I have to say is a lot easier these days). Years ago I remember messing about with fuse wires but now you just flick a switch.
    I then go back to me computer and turn it on wait 3 and a half seconds for my MACINTOSH to boot up and hey presto the internet worked. Looked over at the netgear and saw all lights buzzing away nicely.

    This is however my first day on talktalk, and after reading all these comments I think I might cancel it. Does anyone know if I can cancel within the first week or so? Which you can do with other things such as mobile phone contracts.

  109. Hi – A few weeks ago I received a letter from talktalk saying that they had now transfered the responsibility of my telephone number / line to talktalk from BT. Some time ago I decided to return to BT from the cable operator I was on (using BT’s phone line) but found that the telephone number I had for years was no longer available (BT were kind enough to return my cherished number). If I returned to BT’s service would BT issue me with a new number again? I insisted at the time of my contract that I would be able to retain my telephone number in the event of returning to BT. What experiences have TT customers had? Trevs

  110. I have had 12 months of intermittent TT BB. Using a robust Netgear DG834Gv2 and a Mac OS10.4 I got 400kbs average due to long distance and poor BT lines…and maybe TT. My neighbour got double that. I have now been upgraded to LLU for a month, less reliability and lower speeds. I have a story of poor TT service that runs to a novellette. Two weeks ago, without warning, Opal upgraded their software (I speculate) as no-one will confirm. Netgear became no-use. I buy new Netgear DG834Gv3. Both don’t work on my line, but do on a BT line next door. Other cheap modems do work on my line.

    Cut a story short, I re-install latest UK Netgear Firmware v 4.01.28 and reset the new V3 router. I set MTU ro 1432 (not sure if any difference) and set ADSL setting to G.DMT (not auto). VC mode. I then get TT 2nd line to reset exchange and put me on a higher profile: 1.5meg 6db. Also check the password by ringing their hotline…it is worth it as they are case dependent and with all this resetting you can get it wrong.

    2 hours later I have speeds 3-4 times more than I have ever had. Maybe its the new router, maybe its ADSL2, maybe it is getting the profile and firmware right…stay tuned.

  111. ok I have received my talktalk leaflet that gives me my username and password and the live date was 5th of June. I have a Netgear DG834Gv2 with firmware version V3.01.31 . I have tried to install version 4 but I can’t. When I try to replace my username and password form bt tot alktalk and click test it does not work. bt has not sent me a letter saying that we have been disconnected and moved to talktalk is this ok? and could somebody plzz tell me how to get this internet working plzzzzzz

  112. have various problems since being with talktalk, not at all reliable. Staff on helpline don’t speak English and DON’T carry out your instructions. Tried to get covered for spyware and firewall with assistance of helpline but they have not covered my computer. Troubles always seem to be the norm with talktalk. Can’t wait for the end of my 18 month initial contract. will never sign up again!

  113. I’ve been having all of the above problems..
    lost connections, slow speeds, DNS issues, etc etc, dont need to go on, you get the drift.

    The service and “Technical Support” from this company is absolutely atrocious. Charles Dunstone should hang his head in shame at how bad it is.

    I have been getting constantly disconnected for over 3 weeks, and when I can stay on long enough to run a speed test, it varies from 130K-900K on an 8MB (allegedly) connection.

    I’ve been through the hell of speaking with the Support people; now on a daily basis to request updates. Even when I get through, tickets that were raised weeks ago, dont show up on the system. They seem to have dispappeared 🙂 Promised calls to me don’t get made.
    Promise to fix the issues are broken.
    I am lied to.
    I get left on hold for ages while the 1st Line Support check “My Account”.
    1st Lien Support dont have access to all of the information.

    I was told 2 weeks ago that a fault had been identified on their network, by their 2nd line support. This was after two days of them talking me through troublshooting my PC and home LAN, even when I kept telling them the issues were with their network.
    “Yes sir we’ve identified there is a fault with our network and our Opal Telecomms engineer will have it fixed in three days, AND he’ll call you to confirm”.

    Yep, you guessed it.. no phone call, and still the problems exist and are getting worse.

    I know.. I can swap my provider. First of all I need to switch my phone line back to BT, and then get a true broadbandband connection with another provider. (Maybe not BT themselves, but someone else).
    Oh dear, this is just as painful. BT tell me there is a charge of £125 to swap the line back. Mm, let me think about that. I call BT back to confirm as it seems to confilict with postings on their web site.
    After speaking to 10 people in various BT Sales and Customer Sevices, and being left on hold for 30 minutes at a time, no one can actually confirm or deny if a charge is applicable. They just dont know!!

    I’ve submitted an email complaint to BT which will be responeded to “within 2 working days” Am I being sceptical now?

    If anyone is reading this thinking of considering TalkTalk, all I can say is NO NO NO. Its not worth the grief.

    There is something in the air, and it stinks.

  114. Jim, you sound like me, don’t worry your not alone. I have had the same problems you are experiencing, I have now given up and have about three months left to go and then I am off back to BT for a home hub, I don’t care if they charge a thousand pounds, no cost can subsitute the relief I feel when I get away from these morons of the highlest order.
    I concur with Jim, DON’T DO IT STEER CLEAR.

  115. I should have found this site BEFORE I moved to Talk Talk. I have 2 Netgear modems and a Speedtouch modem and as with all of the other postings, they will not work withn Talk Talk. I’m going back to BT. Thank. Richard

  116. I eventually got an email back from BT after nearly 3 WEEKS!!.

    Yes there is a charge to transfer, but I wil gladly pay this to get away from Talk Talk and onto a another provider.

    Just done another speedtest, and I’m now down to 74 kb/s.

    Is this an all time low for TT Broadband?

    I think I’l dig out an old modem and try dial up for a speed improvemnet

  117. The connections are getting worse.

    Its taking me over 1 Hour to download a 3.47 MB (Yes 3.47 MB ) file and Speedtest just gives up on its download test

    There are constant issues with TT DNS Servers.

    Surely someone at TT must know about all of this?

  118. TalkTalk are and continue to be the biggest bunch of shyster’s that have ever set foot into the ISP business.
    They misrepresented there way into me signing a 18 month contract based on the premise I would experience the same level of service as my previous provider, BT.
    I was lied to about my choice of date of direct debit costing me nearly £100 in charges, was sent a modem and software that refused to install.
    The insult was that they blamed my machine yet when I used the previous ADSL modem the connection hooked up, of sorts, leading me onto the speed issue.
    Lag was so bad internet gaming was largely unviable, download speeds were so low (again my machine was always being blamed) as to be comparable to dial-up, or even two tin cans with a piece of string between them.
    The end finally come when they refused shift the direct debit date to what was initially agreed in writing.
    BT welcomed me back in one 5 minute phone call and 2 hours later my DSL signal was active and running a treat.
    The final revenge came when I done a runner on them.
    Avoid TalkTalk there a shower of ….. best avoided.

  119. Hi The flitter,
    Did BT charge you for transferring back your telephone services to them?

    Also, what BT number did you call as I’ve been having great difficulty in getting someone at BT to assist with my transfer?



  120. I feel this becoming my Personal Blog of TT.

    On their web site, TT’s FUP states:
    “Our fair use policy is designed to ensure your service is fast and reliable 24 hours a day. A very small number of customers use file-sharing software (commonly known as “peer to peer” or P2P) or other applications, which constantly send and receive video and other very large files.
    This type of activity uses a huge amount of bandwidth and can significantly reduce the speed at which our other customers can access the Internet, especially at peak times
    Our fair use policy restricts this high bandwidth activity in peak hours to allow the majority of customers to use their broadband connection for normal residential usage (I.e: surfing, e-mail, online gaming etc). This allows us to give you a high quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”
    What intrigued me was “peak hours”.
    I am being restricted all day long and got clarification from TT Support that peak hours are Mon-Fri 9:00 am -4:00pm.

    I am leaving TT as soon as posible and have advised them I will not be payng any cancellation or penalty charges as I have been unfairly treated and they are in breach of their own T&C’s regarding resriction beyond “peak hours”.

    I post this observation for othes to take note of, as you make your descion to leave for other ISP’s.

  121. Hi Jim,

    No I did not get any kind of charge from going back to BT. We shifted the account back into my wifes name and the phone was connected before we could walk home from the payphone and the DSL connection was on within hours.

    They even called us back the next day to make sure we was 100% happy with getting back online.

    I cant remember which number we used to go back to BT but it was the 0800 promotional one that gives the free wireless home hub.

    That incidentally worked straight out of the box.

    Don’t go to TalkTalk unless you have some deep self loathing.

  122. Hi Flitter,

    How did you manage to get DSL on within hours?

    I’ve been quoted 5 – 7 working days AFTER my line has been transferred back to BT, which won’t happent yet for another couple of weeks!!

    Im stuck with TT for the time being and its getting worse believe it or not.

    My download speed is now 1.1 Kb/sec

    Yes thats right, 1.1

  123. Hi all,

    I’ve been reading down all of the posting re the problems with Netgear. Can anyone advise if the issues are with all Netgears, both wired and wireless? Personally am on VirginMedia cable but have been askedby my ex if I can set up a means of them connecting more than one pc so that the kids can get on more than one at a time. They are with TalkTalk and currently use the SpeedTouch 330 but I was looking at getting a Netgear DG834 and ethernet cabling.
    Am I still likely to run into problems?


    Terry :O)

  124. TalkTalk in there infinite majesty, completely severed the connection on our line.
    Speaking to BT they said that because of this, they didn’t need to wait for a new MAC and set us up with a new telephone number, they did say that the DSL ‘may’ take some time but I guess putting on the charm and speaking to the right people helps.
    Sorry to hear of your plight, don’t forget to cancel the DirectDebit!

  125. Frustrated of Reigate

    Just got a new Sony AR, fantastic bit of kit then find out that my Speedtouvh is not supported by Vista. Advised by TT to get a Netgear 8345Gv3, which I did. Well forget it. I jave even had the IT boys at work shaking there head. They set my system up at work and all was fine. Got home plugged into TT and nothing works. Called the muppet helpline and of course it was my machine and the router.
    Ashmed to say i accutually own carphone wharehouse shares. I SOLD them this morning and am now talking to BT. Surely TT and Carphone warehouse will go out of business……

  126. Hi,

    I don’t know if this solution to the 834g/talktalk setup has already been posted as I haven’t read through all the comments but I just thought I would share this as I have just got talktalk working with my Netgear DG834G!

    You need to change the modulation to G.DMT which is not in the normal configuration pages of the router. So you need to telnet into the router.
    Go here first:

    then: Start, run, cmd, telnet

    Once in, run # cat proc/avalanche/avsar_dsl_modulati� on_schemes

    Find ADSL_G.dmt, and its corresponding hex code (It should probably be 0x3)

    Then do echo 0x3 > /proc/sys/dev/dslmod (Where 0x3 is the hex code you found above)

    If you do: echo modulation GDMT > /proc/ticfg/env

    (You can check if it’s set by just running cat proc/ticfg/env and looking at the output)

    That will set the GDMT modulation, and should survive a reboot!

  127. Sorry that should be:

    Once in, run # cat proc/avalanche/avsar_dsl_modulation_schemes

    don’t type the space or ? in modulation.

  128. I’ve just connected to TT tonight and (so far) all working fine with a DG834GT with latest firmware (V1.02.09 ) to allow ADSL2+ to work. If it starts struggling, I’ll be back 😉

  129. Netgear have released a firmware upgrade to the DG834GT to address ADSL compatibility issues

  130. I have been with TalkTalk since October 2006. The phone WAS no problem (at first). Broadband was a total pain, when I eventually got it I might aswell been on dial-up. Since then, broadband speed has improved even getting 214Kbs! But this is a little spasmodic. NOW the phone has been playing up since July 2007. No dialing tone, weird dialing tone, no Caller Display, no ringing. I appreciate that a letter was sent in July to say there would be 6 weeks of technical changes, but thats long gone. I have phoned TalkTalk several times and each time they assure me an engineer has checked the exchange and everything is OK. It isn’t and I’m losing patience. Why do I stay? Because its cheaper than BT. I am so tempted to move to Sky Broadband. What do you think?


  131. I had initial problems configuring the modem they sent to me but with the help of 2nd line support got it working and haven’t had any problems. I’m wanting to connect my work laptop and although happy to just plug in the ethernet cable, can’t seem to run any of my work apps once I log in – Outlook, Intranet or see any of my network drives. IT Support at work have suggested I get a new router which I can change the DNS settings on, but I’m unsure as to what to get that will work! Any ideas?

  132. MTU settings worked for me! Had BT and all was well, with TalkTalk, some sites – esp YouTube were absolutely dire.

    Under Ubuntu ultimate – sudo ra1 mtu 1450 …… (or whatever interface you’re using) and everything is flying now.

    Many thanks!

  133. I fixed the my line dropping on my DG834GT by selecting Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port ( in WAN setup ) I did this since a port scan using ShieldsUP on the Talktalk router failed with ping enabled but the netgear has it off as default.

  134. Stressed&Confused

    Ok, We are with TT and until 3 days ago everything was ok, But my sister just got a computer too and as we both play Online games we decided it would cause alot less arguements if we both had net, All makes sense yeah?

    Ok, so we got out the Netgear DG834G router and Wired both computers up, And started to setup the net, But here is the problem

    Firstly, Where/What is this CHAP authentication thing? Where do i find it?

    I had upgraded the Firmware to a version talked about in this thread, ‘DG834_V3.01.29.img’

    We have tried both Setting the DNS to automatic and setting them ourselfs.

    And yet we still can’t connect to the internet properly, i say properly because everynow and then we are able to “Ping” Google or something, or maybe even load one site, but then it goes again and the ping just sends back “Request timed out” or its current fav “Reply from Destination net unreachable.”

    The Router can’t be the sole problem as we can Ping each computer, The computer we are ping’n from and the router, With no problems

    Also we did *while the net was working for one of the mini sessions* managed a
    ping -t
    Which showed the odd “Request timed out” like lil hiccups or something lol. I really don’t know what else to write, but if you need any more info ask and i’ll try and supply it.

    Thanks in advance

  135. Wow i’m a PC doctor and believe it or not when the phone rings I can almost every time stop them in their tracks and say Is it a problem with TalkTalk? I love the response I get.

    As for fixing all your problems, Its easy, move provider. Dont always go for the cheapest for this is what you get.

    Oh and another I would steer clear of is Orange.

    I’m with BT and havnt had any problems in 8 yrs. and I have never had a customer with BT ring asking for help.
    If you dont like BT then ask your neighbours who they are with and ask them if they get good support.

    Good luck to all.

  136. Hi im usually quite good with PCs and the internet as a whole , im at a friends house trying to sort out there internet , they are currently on TalkTalk , and can connect through a hard line to there main computer which is an apple
    (making it stupidly hard to configure settings)

    anyway… before the switched to TT they were using a Belkin 45g wireless router which is the ssame as i use so i didnt think it would be this hard , when i plug the whole thing talktalk wont connect through it even on the main computer which they use a hardline for , on the laptops which are all installed with modems which are swittched on they pic up the Belkin router but wont connect to it saying there is no dial tone

    What the Hell?! i have tried every way to reconfigure the settings and nothing seems to be working. Is it the Belkin? or is it talktalk which as iv read more and more seems to bee the issue , do i need to get a talktalk wireless router? its the 8mb talktalk btw

  137. In reply to pete whimster’s comment I have got the Talk Talk standard wireless router. It’s a Huawei Echolife HG520s and quite frankly it’s crap. It has done nothing but constantly drop the line and re intialise itself all the time to the point of being ludicrous! Talk Talk seem to know little about it bar what is in the very sparse manual. Seriously considering my options now about leaving Talk Talk, but have just discovered some nasty stories about BT charging £124.50 to re connect to their line and then not allowing you to have the same number but giving you a new one wether it is wanted or not!. What an earth has happened to the telecom industry in this country?. Seems to have gone completely to pot as a result of being run by companies who are either incompetant or simply don’t care. Sad.

  138. using a netgear dg34pn which will connect to using isp talktalk but every time you attempt to put an address of a web site if keeps reverting to Not very technical so not sure if this is talktalk or something wrong with the web browser (IE7) can anyone suggest a fix?

  139. I’m trying to block my internet wireless connection from outside users. I’ve called TalkTalk Help and they said I have to pay £25 to get ahelping for 5 days.
    On the TalkTalk website is written something about an address to write on the bar but the page is unavailable!!!
    Do someone knows how to block this EchoLife 520s? Please….

  140. Thanks to this web site I will not be joining TalkTalk thank god! just a bit worried that I gave sales person my details and I did wonder why he seemed a bit grieved when I said I would get back to him about joining. Thanks again.

  141. After 6 months of intermittent dropped ADSL Connections I am so glad I found this site… I just wanted to summarise my findings so far and have tried to capture much of what has already been said by the clever people posting above.

    I have Netgear DG834G v3 which I really like and had worked great with BT for a year, that is, until the day I moved to Talk Talk [TT]… immediately, the TT broadband connection started dropping with the “Loss of synchronization” and “LCP Down” errors as many as 30 times per day!!!! – often making the internet unusable.

    TT customer helpline is a complete and utter waste of time and effort… dont phone then unless you have patience of a saint… they can only read from scripts and I could not even get recognition of an official fault, or get to speak to any 2nd level support. 😦

    However – I think I have now fixed the dropped broadband problem…

    After making changes to MTU setting, (was 1458, now 1400) I have had 3 full days of totally uninterrupted service… something I have never had since moving to TT.

    The fix–>
    I read this page twice and listed all the hints & tips and created a plan (starting with simplest). I had success with step 3. so have stopped there for the moment…

    1. Check Hardware & Connections – it is really important to rule out bad cabling etc:
    – are the micro filters working correctly?
    – remove all other phonelines, extensions and filters.. try swapping to check filter works.
    – connect Router directly to Master BT socket… My PC is at other end of house, so I got long power extension cable and connected to the Master socket overnight, then moved the router back up stairs (Still powered on) and reconnected to computer so I could get the Log Files off. If you have Wirless or Laptop then even better!
    – try a different PC/Router/Modem combo to rule out compatability issues.
    – check wiring quaility – i.e. is the cable old or poor quality.
    Click on ‘Router Status’ and then ‘Show Statistics’ button to get stats like:

    System Up Time 102:27:51
    Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
    WAN PPPoA 718488 472809 0 2501 560 67:32:58
    LAN 10M/100M 474839 739232 0 429 1687 102:27:47
    WLAN 11M/54M 55107 41682 0 127 15 102:27:38

    ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
    Connection Speed 5382 kbps 446 kbps
    Line Attenuation 37 db 10 db
    Noise Margin 8 db 23 db
    From articles I’ve read Line Attenuation should be below 40db and Noise Margin more than 6db, but you need to make your own judgement… if possible compare these with direct connection to BT Master socket (which should give better results).

    2. Check basic TT Broadband configuration settings:
    – Encapsulation mode: PPPoA VC-MUX
    – VPI=0
    – VCI=38
    – DNS Primary:
    – DNS Secondary:
    – Authentication: CHAP

    3. MTU settings – try a few difference ones between 1400 (smallest) and the current value.

    4. Upgrade Router Frimware to most recent version ( currently V4.01.06, so should move up to V4.01.30 [Sept 2007]:

    5. Change DNS Settings as per SiMo (21 Jan 2007) above.

    6. Change the Modulation settings as per Mike J M (September 5, 2007):

    Mike said:

    “You need to change the modulation to G.DMT which is not in the normal configuration pages of the router. So you need to telnet into the router.
    Go here first:

    then: Start, run, cmd, telnet

    Once in, run # cat proc/avalanche/avsar_dsl_modulation_schemes

    Find ADSL_G.dmt, and its corresponding hex code (It should probably be 0×3)

    Then do echo 0×3 > /proc/sys/dev/dslmod (Where 0×3 is the hex code you found above)

    If you do: echo modulation GDMT > /proc/ticfg/env

    (You can check if it’s set by just running cat proc/ticfg/env and looking at the output)

    That will set the GDMT modulation, and should survive a reboot!”

    7. Do all the above at your own risk… it may work, but could also make things worse… (if that is possible). otherwise, step 8…

    8. Move back to BT or other provider.

    Some people have said it is not Talk Talks fault, but lets face it… their installation software is intended to do the work for customers (who should not need to be techy!), but it clearly is not intelligent enough to be able to configure (or suggest) the correct settings.

    Good Luck.!

  142. Bad news – someone in TalkTalk must have been listening – just had a couple of disconnects (but still seems LOADS better than before, when I had 20-30 per day!!!)…

    So, I’ve just upgraded my Firmware to from V4.01.6 to V4.01.30…

    Importantly, To avoid using Telnet in step 6 above I found new menu setting in the upgraded firmware:

    Goto ‘ADSL Settings’ on the Router menu and you will see the new ‘DSL Mode’ field which can be set to either Auto, DLS/G.DMT, and ADSL2+

    If you dont hear back from me, then the connection remains good. 🙂

    Netgear routers come with MTU settings of ‘1500’ as standard; please ensure you use the MTU settings of ‘1432’ for Netgear routers.
    Has anybody done this? Or are you all just to busy moaning to eachother????????
    Well good luck it still doesn’t work for me but it is a hell of alot better!!! THANKYOU TALKTALK!
    you guyz need to get lives 😦

  144. check the link
    specificaly for netgear users!
    Netgear routers come with MTU settings of ‘1500’ as standard; please ensure you use the MTU settings of ‘1432’ for Netgear routers.

  145. Dom: While I’m pleased to see Talk Talk added the MTU fix to their website, we published it first.

    This article is over a year old……

  146. Where did they add it to their website? I looked (but did not see) for help on talktalk website and I spoke with 5 useless techies.. of how I hate talktalk/Aol……….!!!!!!!

  147. Well what can I say. I switched to Talk Talk for cheap calls abroad. I read about their appauling reputation online for a BB provider.

    Alas, a sales women managed to lure me into joining them, saying they had spent billions of pounds improving their equipment and service. I was silly enough to fall for it, so heres my story.

    28th March 2008:

    Talk Talk BB became active. Using my Netgear DG384-v3 Router, I typed in my account details for Talk Talk and connected instantly. I was very impressed, no fuss at all.

    Then 20 minutes later, the router dropped connection then reconnected. Hmmm, teething problems I thought. It happend again – and again – and again. At peak hours in the evening I was lucky if I could load up a webpage before it disconnected.

    I did lots of online research (in the brief periods I was able to) and found this site. I have tried every different settings and suggestions listed here and on other sites with no avail.


    29th of March 08

    1st phone call to their helpline service. Surely they cant be as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

    Spoke to a 1st line support person who asked me very general questions then tried to referr me to 2nd line of support. He couldnt get through so instead gave me a direct telephone number. Wait 30 minutes he said…

    So I rang the number, waited and waited. Rang again and finally managed to get through to someone. He said he would transfer me to the most secure line possible and it should be fine, – ok, I probed him with a few questions which he reluctanly answered about MTU settings and what not and turned out with nothing helpful.

    Same problem still, so I rang again, and again, and again. Basically I spent my whole day listening to their cheesy tunes while on hold.

    Finally managed to get hold of another techy, she tried different profiles for my line and finally things seemed to be happening. Spent over 30 minutes on the phone with her trying things – nothing worked yet. Then she put me on hold;

    I was on hold for 25 minutes before the line went dead!

    She didn’t even have the common decency to ring me back. I filed a complaint against this mystery woman.

    Anyway, I was back to square one, rang 1st line support, questions, tried transferring me to 2nd line support, couldnt, so gave me the same number as before and it all turned into one depressing circle which lasted until it was dark outside.

    Can’t even ring BT tomorrow to transferr back because it is sunday, and when I do it will be at least a month to get back. BT are slow as hell but at least they can hold a stable line.

    So all in all,


    If you do transferr, I promise you, you will regret it! Trust me, Talk Talk really is this bad, even after 2 years (when this thread started!).

    Think yourself lucky if your considering transferring and read what I’m saying before you go ahead.

    BT / NTL are my recommendations. Talk Talk and Orange is a definate no no.

    (sorry about the length)

  148. I do not understand the talk talk suggestion of an MTU setting of 1432. Anything greater than 1400 simply produces a total loss of packets when doing a ping test. I had horrendous connection problems till I reduced to 1400, then rock solid! This value was suggested by an AOL help desk!

  149. PS I have also used suggestions 3,4,5 and 6 from captainD 23 feb 08 above to my netgear router. In addition, I have repeated these settings at another failed installation, with 100% results.

  150. I have had problems as above – but come up with solution that works for me.
    All was fine until I went to the Free broadband deal (good deal – didn’t want to go back to paying more – but wanted my stable connection back)
    Main PC I have wired to slave tel socket – so ran set up wizard CD & went back to talk talk router on USB to see if that was okay.
    It was so had a play and came up with this:
    Went into Talk talk icon on desktop – clicked properties – advanced tab – select to allow other users to access the internet through this pc’s connection.
    Left Netgear router plugged into LAN connection (Had thought I might need to mess about with Netgears settings – but no it just worked)
    So main PC is now connected and 100% stable again
    and laptop connects via Netgear wirelesss – into main PC on LAN and out through Talk Talks router.
    ps – Netgear router had been fine before when I was paying £20 per month for TalkTalk internet – then the local exchange was upgraded so I could get the ‘free b/band’ thats when problems started – but goingback to my old router (glad I saved it) sorted it – not ideal but means stability

  151. The point is, should you have to do all this and pay Talk Talk for bad service? What is the matter with us? Are we all barmy?

  152. Hi guys

    recently found an interview with one of their MD’s on this subject, might be worth a watch! or at least someone to direct you anger to????

  153. i just got the netgear wg834pnb wireless router with wpn111 usb.

    is it possible to connect the router to the phone jack, and use the USB on the PC. Or must the primary PC be cable connected with the router, hence secondary compters and laptop only can enjoy wireless connectivity. i tried so much but keep getting the redirect to talk talk passwordhelper. 2 days wasted, and no wireless connection.

  154. Hi all,

    I have a Netgear DG834PN and it all stopped working when I was upgraded to the TT “up to 8Mbps” service. It was driving me bonkers because the TT provided modem worked. I finally worked out that it was the G.DMT setting described above (i.e. telling the router to use G.DMT explicitly rather than trying to work it out for itself). I did find a better way of doing it though and thought I would share it (I think some of the other Netgear routers now have a setting in the GUI for this, but mine doesn’t):

    Open this link – (or replace the IP address with that of your own router if you changed it), give the login credentials for your router (i.e. admin and password unless you changed them) and you will see the words “debug enabled”. This enables telnet on the router to let you login via the command line interface.

    Click Start then Run in Windows and type “cmd” then hit return.

    In the new window, type “telnet”

    This will log you into the router via a command line. You will see a “#” prompt.

    Type “adslctl configure –mod d” and hit return. This will set the router to only try and connect using G.DMT. As soon as I did this, the router connected. If you want to undo this change, type “adslctl configure –mode a” and hit return which will tell the router to try all protocols. Type “exit” then return to close the telnet session and you are finished. If you reboot the router, it will disable telnet again (which is a good thing) and you will need to enable telnet again to access the router again if you need to.

    I know this repeats some of the comments from other people, but I think I would have found this “guide for dummies” useful when I was having the problem.


  155. Can’t |Talk, Can’t Help! This all sounds so depressingly familiar! I have been waiting 2 weeks not to have a BB connection. I have spent hours on the phone to 2nd Line support( – don’t mention India!) and dispite hours of re-setting settings and trying my DG 384 GT router; we have nothing. All worked fine with BT (big bills but good wervice!) until the very day TT took over. Having spent hours on the phone – all self-initiated, they don’t call back/ take ownership /assist when put through – even with a ‘warm handover’; I have got nowhere. I have lost my internet banking facility, my ability to work from home, my wife’s business from home, food shopping, the kid’s homework, PS3 ability – let alone the MSN facility I tried to cancel and return to BT. They threatened me with a £70 cancellation fee because I haven’t given them 30 days to fix the problem once I brought it to their attention! Result limbo…I am sat outside my mate’s house in my car on his broadband writing this and have nowhere to go with these jokers. I am off to report their awful service and confrontational attitude to BBC Watchdog whilest I wait for the next 2 weeks to pass before I move back to BT!

  156. Been with TalkTalk about a year now and their Broadband and Service is better than my previous provider, but the previous provider was appalling! When the Broadband is working, works well, but when you need service (at least it’s free phone call) expect delays and frustration, they have a poet instead of music now whilst on hold.

    I had a problem with Broadband over the last few days where it had appeared to connect to ADSL, but could not get any internet. Support proved to be a headache a a literal waste of time and so I started investigating. Found that if I disabled Zonelabs Zonealarm Firewall (made sure I switched on Windows Firewall first) that everything sprung back to life. Have since found out last night that TalkTalk are now aware of this and having the latest Zonelabs Firewall works, having downloaded and tested I can confirm this.

    So anyone suffering from a problem where their router says it is connected to ADSL, but they can’t access the internet even though can get a response to e.g. ping, they should check to see whether it is their Firewall that is blocking access. Don’t know what changed at TalkTalk or whether it was a buggy Zonelabs update, but would be interested to know if anyone hears anything.

  157. Is there anyway of finding out when talktalk broadband equipment will be installed in my local exchange.

  158. Hi fellow complainers!

    I’ve had TalkTalk broadband for the best part of two years and at first – with the use of a standard issue SpeedTouch modem – I had little trouble connecting and staying connected. Speed was a little slow, but it didn’t matter… one day they were gonna give me 8meg! One day….

    Local Loop Unbundling… sounds good, eh? Err… maybe not. Ever since I was transferred to the 8meg service my landline has been problematic and my internet has (altho on the whole not too bad) been a little temperamental. The upgrade to 8meg was coupled with my own decision to buy a router. I bought the Netgear DG834G, v2 or 3 (I forget).

    Anyway, to cut a long story short… TalkTalk suck, Netgear routers are perfectly fine.

    Try for LOTS of advice on speeding up your internet. Also consider setting up a static IP for each PC connected to the router, and reserving an IP for each computer using the router’s own DHCP server.

    As posted above, be sure to set your MTU value properly, although I would definitely lean towards finding the best MTU for your connection using Speedguide’s Broadband analyser and optimiser, rather than changing your MTU because TalkTalk said so.

  159. the echoliteHG520s router is a nightmare. im only just finding this out. can anybody out there help!! this site may be the last chance saloon for me. Now i switched to talk talk about 3 months ago, everything was fine. i have since subscribed to utorrent downloading program. now when i try and download it tells me my router is not letting in any connections, and this means downloading anything is taking days. apperently i need to do something called port fowarding and the portfoward website gives you a list of routers in which all have a support guide. this will then help set everything up you need to connect properly. unfortunatley this Echolite router is not even listed so basically im screwed!! unless anyone out there can come up with any awnsers. I have been intouch with talktalk direct and they have not even bothered to reply to my email! please if there is anyone reading this that can help!!

  160. Screaminweasles

    I have decided that I really hate Roger McGough… thanks TalkTalk.

  161. plz Help me, I have a netgear DG632 2+1 modem & router, modem settings, user name & password are exactly correct, but it can’t be work in properly.
    sometimes it will be work maximum of times, it will not be work.

    logs are in there

    00:01:52 pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0

    00:01:52 Got connection: fd29

    00:01:52 New PPP_ID: 0xfd29

    00:01:52 Saved Session ID: 0

    00:01:55 Connect: ppp0 {–} nas0

    00:01:55 MRU: 1500

    00:01:55 First get lcp

    00:01:55 CHAP authentication failed

    00:01:55 MRU: 1500

    00:01:55 Modem hangup

    00:01:55 Connection terminated.

    00:01:55 Doing disconnect

    00:01:55 PPPoE Exit Status = 16

    00:01:55 PPPoE Send a Interface Delete Event Below

    00:01:55 Terminated: Modem Hang-Up

    00:02:03 pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0

    00:02:03 Got connection: de01

    00:02:03 New PPP_ID: 0xde01

    00:02:03 Saved Session ID: 0

    00:02:06 Connect: ppp0 {–} nas0

    00:02:06 MRU: 1500

    00:02:06 First get lcp

    00:02:06 CHAP authentication failed

    00:02:06 MRU: 1500

    00:02:06 Modem hangup

    00:02:06 Connection terminated.

    00:02:06 Doing disconnect

    00:02:06 PPPoE Exit Status = 16

    00:02:06 PPPoE Send a Interface Delete Event Below

    00:02:06 Terminated: Modem Hang-Up

    00:02:06 Connection Attempt Backoff (PPPoE) for 300 seconds.

    Im always upgrade the fimware version, but it no use.

  162. I have been with Talk talk for over a year. I had problem with broadband on regular basis ontil recently. My broadband is working fine now but for last five days my landline isn’t working. I have called Talk talk every day for last five days. It takes minimum of twenty minutes to get through and its waste of time when you get through because they cant help you. My brother will be having words with me when he gets the bill.

  163. I forgot the password, send my password in my e-mail pls

  164. I have been with talktalk for a while now, and after finally getting an engineer to sort the line at the exchange out, the broardband was fine, now for some reason between 6pm and 11pm my ping goes from 37 to 250+ and I don’t know why, I have tried everything from a router re-boot to changing the regedit settings for the NetworkThrottleIndex and still no joy, I’m getting fed up with this now, can anyone help, I’m using a netgear WG111v3 with a D-link DSL-2640R router, I have had no problems connecting to the router at all just internet problems. Can anyone help?

  165. Hi All

    Been with talk talk for a couple of years and other than minor issues the service had been OK. That is until this Christmas when it seemed that the netgear router had died or was in the throes of dying. So a new belkin was bought and my did the trouble start. Initially connection dropped every now and then but gradually got worse and worse. I became aware that belkin routers had ‘issues’ but the connection was dropping in excess of 15 times a day far beyond the belkins brands known behaviour of 2 or 3 times a day. A call to talktalk resulted in nothing except there is a problem with your router get in touch with the maker…. A fair comment up to a point. Then I found you chaps. So I changed the MTU to 1400 on the belkin and hey presto only losing connection a couple of times a day =) Then I spotted the netgear reference for alternate DNS settings. Being a bit of a devil I changed the MTU and DNS on the presumed dead netgear and have had 24hours continuous broadband =D nice one chaps! It does beg the question what am I paying TT for??



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