Lost DNS… mysterious issues

In writing this blog I’ve found that there are some rather consistent issues with Talk Talk.

1. The various Netgear issues with CHAP and MTU settings
2. Basic lack of customer service
3. Lack of connection
4. Billing screw ups
5. DNS problems

Sadly I can only document about 1/2 of those and hope that eventually CPW sorts themselves out. However, when it comes to some of the technical problems, I may be able to help.

Having exactly the same DNS issues as you are…. exactly the same sites as well, talktalk, egg and hmv.

What DNS Server Addresses are you using?

I switched to TalkTalk for BT Yahoo in August and it alls witched over without a problem… but I’m in Kent and am only getting a 512kbs connection!

The DNS addresses I’m using come from their DHCP servers. However, there is one thing you can do to prepare for the next DNS outage. Use other DNS servers!

Use these public DNS servers from various places. Remember to keep these offline somewhere.
OpenNIC list
List from Peter Cooper including ARPA

Talk to Peter G

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